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The Three Musketeers Play the game to see how much you remember.

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2 The Three Musketeers

3 Play the game to see how much you remember.

4 Click on the right word in the sentence.

5 Example England/ The story is set in England/ France/ Wales

6 Click on the picture for the next question.

7 1. When the King saw the twelve diamond pins, he was very happy / angry / sad. happy / angry / sad.happyangrysad.happyangrysad.

8 You’re correct

9 Try again

10 2. After the great dinner, the Queen gave D’Artagnan a horsehorse / diamond / sword. diamondsword.horsediamondsword.

11 You’re correct

12 Try again

13 3. When d’Artagnan met Aramis at the inn in Crevecoeur, he letterletter / permit gave him a letter / permitpermitletterpermit /handkerchief. /handkerchief.handkerchief

14 You’re correct

15 Try again

16 4. Athos will never fall in love again because his wife was a bad woman a bad woman /helped the Cardinal helped the Cardinala bad woman helped the Cardinal /loved d’Artagnan. /loved d’Artagnan.loved d’Artagnan.loved d’Artagnan.

17 You’re correct

18 Try again

19 5. The ‘friend’ in Athos’s story AramisAramis / Porthos /Athos. was Aramis / Porthos /Athos.Porthos AthosAramisPorthos Athos

20 You’re correct

21 Try again

22 6. D’Artagnan was in love with the Queenthe Queen/ Milady/ Constance. MiladyConstancethe QueenMiladyConstance

23 You’re correct

24 Try again

25 7. Milady went to England to take the diamond pins from the Duke of Buckinghamthe Duke of Buckingham/ the Duke of Buckingham the King of England/ Aramis. the King of England/ Aramis.the King of EnglandAramisthe King of EnglandAramis

26 You’re correct

27 Try again

28 8. Constance Bonacieux worked the Queenthe Queen/ the Cardinal for the Queen/ the Cardinalthe Cardinalthe Queenthe Cardinal /the King. /the King.the Kingthe King

29 You’re correct

30 Try again

31 9. De Tréville gave d’Artagnan and the three musketeers permits/ presents/ money. permits/ presents/ money.permitspresentsmoneypermitspresentsmoney

32 You’re correct

33 Try again

34 10. D’Artagnan found someone in Dover who could speak FrenchFrench/ Italian/ Welsh. ItalianWelshFrenchItalianWelsh

35 You’re correct

36 Try again

37 The End

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