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Events & Promotions - A presentation by Abhishek

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1 Events & Promotions - A presentation by Abhishek
Marketing MKCL Brands Events & Promotions - A presentation by Abhishek

2 Introduction In order to market our products/services under our different brands, we need to harness our network partners to reach masses. Our flagship program being MS-CIT and its major customer base is students of class 9 to 12; we must promote this brand in schools from time to time to create awareness. Another major customer base is of higher age-group involving house wives, retired/age old people with who fear to use computers.

3 Contd… We can also reach such masses with the help of programs/events at local levels, which attract more and more people from the masses as per the topic of event. Apart from MS-CIT; since many of our programs are interlinked in one way or the other, we can also promote or create awareness about our other programs at the same time. e.g., for NET, Hobby-Homes, Wave, etc.

4 Events & Activities

5 Identifying Events (Jan to Mar’10)
In order to cover masses at local levels with the help of our partners, we identify certain events of importance, which can be celebrated so as to attract masses at large and convey our message. This seems to be one of the best idea, which attracts very less expenditure and covers more no. of people. Conversion through such events is also huge and hence, it is justified.

6 January 2010 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
New Year Celebrations 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 National Youth Day 13 Lohri 14 Makar Sankranti Pongal 15 Army Day 16 17 18 19 20 Vasant Panchami 21 22 23 24 25 26 Republic Day 27 28 29 30 31

7 January Events Jan 01 – New Year Celebrations
Calendar/planner distribution with highlighting dates of MS-CIT/other important dates Allow students/children to visit centers and guide them to design and print customized new year greetings for friends and family Showcase new technology/future tech solutions to improve life style to parents/mature generation so that they should understand the benefits of Computers/IT education Jan 12 – National Youth Day Youth rallies to promote IT Education or Computer Literacy Badge distibution Debate Competitions Jan 13 – Lohri Arrange Bon-fire in evening Distribute packets of Til-Gud/Chikki with small information cards/calenders Jan 14 – Makar Sankrati/Pongal Khichdi/til-gud distribution (same as Lohri) Kite-Flying Competition

8 January Events Jan 15 – Army Day Jan 22 – Vasant Panchami
ALCs near to Army Schools/Army/Airforce bases should celebrate this event Showcase IT literacy and future technology to Army wards and attract computer education in that region Arrange for some Army Men/Airforce authority for speech on importance of IT We can also attract people from coaching institutes who are keen to join forces, and educate them of importance of IT education in the whole process Jan 22 – Vasant Panchami ??? Jan 26 – Republic Day Republic Day celebrations in Centers Proper Flag hosting and Oath ceremony to all invitees to be IT literate this year in the benefit of Country Design a “NEW FLAG of FUTURE INDIA” contest (if possible, using computers)

9 February 2010 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Mahashivratri 13 14 Valentine’s Day 15 16 17 18 19 Shivaji Jayanti 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Milad-ul-Nabi 28 National Science Day

10 February Events Feb 12 – Mahashivratri Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day
Kiosks/brochure distribution near Shiv Temples Feb 14 – Valentine’s Day “A PC can be your Valentine for life” We can promote this by informing various uses of PCs in day-to-day life It helps us to connect to our loved ones through s, e-greetings, chats, networking sites etc Playing with Photo/video lets a virtual way to be close to distant ones A Computer is your Best Friend ! “Computer hai sada k liye !” Feb 19 – Shivaji Jayanti Celebrate Shivaji Jayanti and promote “Carry an IT sword !”, “PC – A new age sword to rule the world !”

11 February Events Feb 27 – Milad-Ul-Nabi Feb 28 – National Science Day
Celebrate this event specially in ALC regions which are either promoted or are represented in Muslim Community Engage Madarsa’s/Masjid’s and Maulana’s to spread IT awareness among this community Feb 28 – National Science Day Showcase Technologiucal improvements and Future technology with the use of video’s/presentations Spread IT awareness and also promote NET Give free access to kids to explore virtual world of knowledge through Internet & ERA Organize Science/IT quiz in schools

12 March 2010 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1
Holi 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Women’s Day 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 World Disabled Day 16 Hindu New Year 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Ram Navami 25 26 27 28 29 30 Hanuman Jayanti 31

13 March Events Mar 01 – Holi Mar 08 – Women’s Day
Virtual Holi : Ask children to bring photo’s of near and dear ones and ask them to play holi using tools available on internet or paintbrush etc. Wall Painting/Road Painting Competition to celebrating festival of colors with a theme of promoting IT Mar 08 – Women’s Day Educate Women, organize Women camps with help of Women facilitators to spread IT awareness Announce a ‘All Women’ batch for MS-CIT Educate them to use internet for browsing new recepies, fashion trends, new designs of clothes, embroidery, painting etc. Spread the message of “Empowering Women through IT” or “PC – always their to help you” Contact Women NGOs to take bulk courses for Women

14 March Events Mar 15 – World Disabled Day Mar 16 – Hindu New Year
Spread awareness among people with special abilities to use IT as a tool which can give them infinite possibilities to evolve Contact special NGOs/Institutions to take bulk courses at their end using Satellite Centers Mar 16 – Hindu New Year Ask children to design greetings in their own language for their parents/relatives Mar 24 – Ram Navmi Kiosks near Ram Mandir’s to promote IT education Engage ‘Pandits’ to educate masses about the use of IT Mar 30 – Hanuman Jayanti Kiosks near Hanuman Mandir’s to promote IT education Display the use of PCs to create animations like Hanuman Movie and engage creative students for WAVE courses

15 Other Events/Activities
Drawing/Poster/Slogan writing competitions at ALCs using Computers ! Supply images/clipart gallery and demonstrate usage of MsPaint/Powerpoint and ask students to create new stuff during competition on specific themes related to IT & event Target events could be : Republic Day, Independence Day, World Environment Day Design a greeting card : For relatives/friends/parents on the target occasions of Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Birthday’s etc.

16 Other Events/Activities
Rangoli/Wall Painting/Road Painting Competitions at local levels on IT specific themes : On occasions of Holi/Rday/Iday/Diwali etc. Creatively demonstrating MKCL promotion material/logo’s to create an everlasting image General events can also be targeted and students/different age-groups can be called to appear for this kind of an event Ideation of using IT peripherals as accessories Rings/Earrings/lockets made up of keys/PCB parts etc. Pen stands/Wall-hangings etc using other IT peripherals MKCL/ALCs can provide such dismantled stuff from old/retired systems Once the generation accepts the IT stuff in their day to day life, they will not resist to be an IT illiterate Others will also get promoted to know about the IT usage of such items, thus creating awareness

17 Other Events/Activities
“Plan Your Travel” or “Plan your Holidays” : Promote use of Internet/allow people to experience the use by finding places of interest, making reservations and getting useful information ALCs can also tie-up with Travel Agents/IRCTC/MSRTC to supply information and services to local level Summer Vacations/Winter/Autumn Vacations can be used as major event period Customized gifts on birthdays/anniversaries etc. Tie-up with such shops and give local people a chance to customize gifts for their loved ones Customized Mugs, Photo-frames, photo-collages, T-Shirts etc. on all possible merchandise can be provided to them through a 7-15 day courior

18 Other Events/Activities
ALCs can also provide “Click it !” facility to capture photos using Digital Camera’s and allow people to play with their photo’s before developing An extra channel of income through such activities is with ALCs Scanning can also be used for providing additional services ALCs can further expand their business using such activities which not only helps them, but if positively transformed, can also help build a strong relation with local people and creating brand image !

19 A Last word…

20 IT surely helps ! : Events are essential
The point behind identifying so many activities and so many events is to give flexibility to ALCs to celebrate at least a few events every month. This not only gives ALCs a flexibility; it also helps to actually celebrate every event now and then, at large; in any given region. We have tried to cover local masses at large irrespective of their age/gender/religion. This also brings a bonding relationship, which helps in uniting people and binding them with their cultural roots. And on the top, we get an occasion to showcase our products to many people at large.

21 Together we can… and we will, make a difference !
Thank Y u

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