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Social Media Conference 30 th March 2015 #emlaSoMe.

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1 Social Media Conference 30 th March 2015 #emlaSoMe

2 Paul O’Neill Director, East Midlands Leadership Academy #emlaSoMe

3 Agenda:- 10.00Introduction & Overview of the day 10.15Breaking down the Barriers – Teresa Chinn MBE 11.15Coffee and Networking Break 11.30Social Media in the NHS – Joe McCrea 12.30Lunch and Networking 13.30Session 1 Workshop 14.15Change over time 14.30Session 2 Workshop 15.15Coffee and Networking Break 15.30Influencing Care via Social Media – Dr Umesh Prahbu 16.30Close #emlaSoMe

4 twitter Join the EMLA team on twitter to: Raise and respond to questions Provide feedback on speakers comments Comment on key topics Collaborate & network Please use the following hash tag #emlaSoMe Follow @nhsEMLA to keep up to date with what’s going on in our region

5 DISCLAIMER If you are using one of the provided iPads remember to keep your passwords hidden and log yourself out of any of the apps. Please remember that the Apps being used today are a public forum so please take care when deciding on the comment you want to share. #emlaSoMe

6 Workshop Selections Session One - 1.30pm to 2.15pm #emlaSoMe

7 Workshop Selections Session Two - 2.30pm to 3.15pm

8 Teresa Chinn, MBE Founder @wenurses #emlaSoMe




















28 Coffee & Networking Break Served in the Babbage Area

29 #emlaSoMe Joe McCrea Managing Director J B McCrea

30 Workshop Selections Session One - 1.30pm to 2.15pm #emlaSoMe

31 Workshop Selections Session Two - 2.30pm to 3.15pm

32 Lunch Served in the Babbage Area Afternoon Session at 13:30 – Workshop Sessions #emlaSoMe

33 Workshop Session George Hopkin Head Honcho, Special Noise #emlaSoMe

34 Coffee & Networking Break Served in the Babbage Area

35 #emlaSoMe Dr Umesh Prahbu Medical Director Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

36 Influencing Care Via Social Media Dr P Umesh Prabhu FRCPCH Consultant Paediatrician (1992-2010) Lead Clinician (1992-1998) Medical Director of Bury (1998-2003) Non-Executive of NPSA (2001-2003) Clinical Adviser to the Healthcare Commission (2003-2006) National Adviser – NCAS Since 2003 Medical Director of Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Foundation Trust.

37 Please Don’t Shoot the Messenger

38 My Apology If You Don’t Have Sense of Humour

39 NHS I am (was) very proud of our NHS It is a great Institution Vast majority care is of high quality Vast majority doctors and other staff work hard providing the best care Each year 360 Million patients are seen by 1.3 Million staff working in the NHS

40 But……………. Each year 20,000 patients die 55,000 patients suffer more than 6 months or permanently disabled due to medical errors! In 2013 - 12,000 doctors were referred to GMC 1000 Doctors are referred to NCAS Vast majority of these tragedies are preventable!

41 My Proudest Moment Provider Trust of the Year 2014

42 Introduction Thanks for your kind invitation How many of you use social media – Facebook – Twitter – Linked – You Tube Those who use twitter why do you use? Those who don’t use any when are you going to wake up?

43 Twitter Please follow me in Twitter @DrUmeshPrabhu

44 Social Media

45 The World in your hand

46 Social Media

47 Twitter Transformed my life No one listened to me Now many love me Many respect me Many are scared of me! I tweet everything I got 6000 followers and get 50 a week Got many patient support group! I love challenging – GMC, NMC, DOH, HEE, NHS Employers, NHS Leadership Academy

48 Social Media Best way to reach so many people Free, free and free You can do anything, say anything But be careful what you say and how you say DO NOT HURT OTHER FEELINGS (Be cheeky) Got followers all over the world Some of my followers have got 1 Million followers! Met many wonderful people Get many invitations






54 Why did I decide to Tweet? My Background My Experience and expertise To Share my Knowledge, experience and expertise My passion for NHS, Patient Safety and Staff To tell the world about Our Trust Success, challenges No one invited me until I started tweeting Twitter has transformed my life

55 My Confession I am a twitter fanatic I am a twitter addict I am enjoying being a part of tweeting community My life has been transformed Many recognise me in many events

56 What Did I learn Twitter is double edged sword Many good messages about our Trust Write a lot about patient safety, leadership, culture, duty of candor and our Trust leadership, consultants and staff Praise our staff often and thank them regularly on twitter I tweet about our mistakes as well

57 Some Simple Tips Be careful what you say and how you say it Note there are always some who criticize you Do not get in ‘Twitter fight’ DO NOT HESITATE TO BLOCK Do not make personal derogatory comments Unwittingly you will upset some – apologise Sometimes – Silence is golden

58 My Final View on Twitter It is simply brilliant to spread the message People will make judgement about you I have made mistakes and learnt from it DO NOT EXPECT EVERYONE TO AGREE WITH YOU THERE ARE MANY OPINIONATED PEOPLE OUT THERE IT IS FANTASTIC TOOL TO LEARN HUMAN PSYCHOLGY – Just watch what they re-tweet or favour! Some never praise you for any good tweet but will jump moment you make any mistakes

59 One Important Warning Beware – Trust can take it as conduct issue Anyone can sue you – There have been few cases You can be referred to GMC or NMC

60 Wrightington Wigan And Leigh FT I joined as MD in 2010 Today we are the 2 nd best Trust in the North-West 5 th best in the whole of North 450 less patients die each year All 22 Quality measurements have improved

61 90% reduction in harm – MRSA, C. Dif, Pressure Ulcers, Serious Falls Got 220 patient safety champions Got 15 Awards Staff feedback – Top 20% (from bottom 20%) Get many invitations to speak and share Love my life Feel there is a purpose in my life Wrightington Wigan And Leigh FT

62 Performance Results A&E Performance – 95.1%Top 20% 18 Weeks RTT – 97.2%Top 10% Cancer Wait – 98.4%Top 10% Monitor Risk Rating – 4Top 20% Monitor compliance score – 0 Top 10% PLACE – Score - 97.39%Top 5% Safety Thermometer – 96.1%Top 10% Staff Engagement Score – 14/141Top 10%

63 Quality and Safety Results 2007-082013-14% Change HSMR (not rebased) 12660-52% Deaths in Hospital15611092-30% MRSA391-97% C. Dif37326-93% Pressure Ulcers (Grade >2) 266-77% Serious Falls5819-67% Total Harm51683-84%

64 How Did We Do That?

65 Success Success is rarely due to one or two individuals but success is when the whole team works towards a common purpose Our Values

66 The Reason for our Success 1.Our Values 2.Value Based Leaders 3.Our Culture 4.Our Governance 5.Excellent Staff Engagement 6. Patient Engagement 7. Patient Safety Champions 8.Our Wonderful Staff 9.Our Excellent Relation with CCG, GPs and Social Services 10. Positive Energy


68 Patient Safety Patient safety should matter to us Quality of care should matter to us I become a doctor to make fellow human beings better I have seen too many tragedies and for me nothing else matters.

69 Value Based Leadership By defining our values By appointing right leaders By creating right culture By having robust governance By having excellent staff and patient engagement We have transformed one small Trust Together we can make NHS a great Institution

70 “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it” - Michelangelo


72 To Tweet or Not to Tweet?

73 Not to Tweet

74 There is no right or wrong answer

75 #emlaSoMe Conference Round-up and close Paul O’Neill, Director, East Midlands Leadership Academy

76 #emlaSoMe Goodbye Have a safe journey!

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