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Perficient ECM Group featuring EGRC Solutions Perficient Enterprise Content Management Presented by: Robert Elefante & Amy Shavor.

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1 Perficient ECM Group featuring EGRC Solutions Perficient Enterprise Content Management Presented by: Robert Elefante & Amy Shavor

2 EGRC Solutions Strategy  About Perficient  Perficient ECM Practice  Our ECM Capabilities  What is Enterprise GRC?  How does eGRC help our clients  Solution Introduction  Sample Sword Achiever Portals  Questions

3 About Perficient  Leading Technology Consulting & Solutions Firm  Founded in 1997  $240MM+ in annualized Revenue  Over 1,200 highly-experienced Consultants  19 Locations across North America  Software Solutions Expertise, including:  Enterprise Portals & Content Management  SOA, EAI and BPM  e-Commerce and Product Information Mgmt  Business Intelligence/ETL  Customer Relationship Management/CDI  User Experience/UCD  Key Differentiators  Focused expertise, lower cost, faster time-to- value  IT Solutions with Business Focus  National consultants overlay Local delivery model  Mature, proven Project Methodology  Global Development Centers in China & Europe

4 Perficient National ECM Practice Why is Perficient the best choice for Enterprise Content Management?  35 + ECM Consultants  Experience with the EMC software stack i.e.: xCP Certifications, SourceOne, Captiva, Records Manager, Web Publisher, Documentum, XML Authoring  Deep industry and technical expertise  Perficient colleagues have been a part of successful ECM projects for over 10 years providing clients with significant implementation experience to leverage  Proven methodology to ensure a disciplined approach to ECM implementations  Portal and ECM solution integration expertise – a true market differentiator  Offer Offshore Capabilities - blended rate structures offer a lower cost option Perficient’s ECM Capabilities  ECM Assessment, Strategy, Road Map, Governance, Compliance  Integrated, Full Lifecycle Solution Development  Holistic Records Management  Performance Reviews  Portal Integration Framework  ECM Migration Solution and Framework  Enterprise Search

5 New Logo's ALLIANCES CUSTOMER ISSUES SOLUTION & CUSTOMER BENEFITS TECHNOLOGY EMC/ECM Solution Capabilities Compliance with industry regulations and standards Challenges around operational efficiency and customer service from inadequate information access and inefficient processes Difficulties in information sharing across projects and systems Challenges in meeting Information archiving or retention requirements Reducing TCO and risk associated with corporate information Data Capture (eg paper, forms, documents, data streams) Electronic Document & Records Management Business Process Management XML Authoring Benefits Realisation and Change Management Consultancy SharePoint in today’s environment Leverage a local presence in the area Assessment and Strategy work Customer Benefits Ability to adhere to regulatory compliance in accordance with standards Reduced paper volumes (cost) and automated processes (efficiency) Increased ability to manage and control access to corporate information Preservation and exploitation of information Enablement of knowledge sharing and collaborative working Scanning and forms capture Process mapping & management, integration XML, Java,.NET etc Advanced search Repository services Consultancy and integrated solutions to business problems where organisations need to create, exploit, process and retain unstructured information

6 What is Enterprise GRC  Governance: The process by which policies are set and decision- making is executed.  Risk Management: The process for addressing risk with  A balance of mitigation through the application of controls  Transfer through insurance  Acceptance through governance mechanisms  Compliance: The process of adherence to policies and decisions. Policies can be derived from internal directives, procedures and requirements, or external laws, regulations, standards and agreements.  The primary purpose of a eGRC solution is to improve and automate much of the work associated with documentation and reporting of the risk management and compliance activities that are most closely associated with corporate governance.

7 How Does eGRC Help Our Clients  Internal Challenges  Managing compliance to external standards (ISO, API, SCADA, HSPD, etc)  Adhering to government regulations – EPA/OSHA/SEC/FDA  Ensuring product quality and brand protection  Identifying and mitigating risks  Working to client specifications  Ensuring that everyone is continually trained on all SOP & Work Instructions  Compelling Events  Failed government audit – EPA/OSHA fines  Product recall – damage to brand reputation  New government regulations  Bodily injury/death

8 Need for Integrated EGRC Platform Source: Open Compliance & Ethics Group Proactive risk and compliance management Why? Two front ROI: 1.Compliance simplification 2.Operational efficiencies Benefits? 1.Eliminate Silos 2.Enable Consistency 3.Improve Quality 4.Reduce Enterprise Risk 5.Increase Return on Investment / Benefits

9 Solution Introduction  Perficient’s enterprise GRC solution delivers an integrated governance, risk and compliance management platform based on leading solution components from Sword Achiever and EMC Documentum  Perficient’s GRC solution delivery services enable expansion of the enterprise GRC platform into broader ECM solution components including eDiscovery, Records Management and eMail Management

10 Solution Screenshots Outstanding actions specific to the user from any configured source Embedded Custom Graphical Reporting Portlets Real Time visible progress of Compliance Level within the business. Navigable progress of Top Audit Status Executive Requirement Single View of all compliance matters across the whole business Graphical indication of highest priority risks are around severity, root cause or cost.

11 Solution Screenshot Folder Tree allows browsing to all Departmental GRC Content Personal Action Queues Departmental Task Schedules Departmental Task Status Compliance User Portal Personal and Departmental Queues Scheduler Audits, Reviews and Approvals

12 Solution Screenshot Outstanding actions specific to the user from any configured source Training Requirements Status Real Time visible progress of Compliance Level for Individual Employee Google ® Style Document Search Operational User Portal Intuitive and simple to use Clear and concise Plug-in for corporate portal

13 Audit / Risk Management Legal Finance Information Technology Human Resources Perficient/EMC Compliance Platform Business Process Management Templates – Best Practices - Modeling – Simulation – Forms – Execution - Activity Monitoring - Queue Management Regulated Content Services Change Control Relation Management XML Management Renditions eSignaturesWorkflowEncryptionTransformations Link Management Access Control Publishing SAFE Credentialing Audit Trails Library ServicesClassificationLifecycles Repository Services Records ManagementRetention PoliciesIntelligent Storage Mgmt. Authoring Tool Integration Enterprise Search Trusted Content Services Regulatory Publishing Enterprise App. Integration Compliance Interface Business and IT Governance Dashboards Compliance Offering Portfolio

14 Client Value Proposition BeforeAfter Standards compliance tends to be primarily paper-based Single-view of all activity across the business relevant to particular standards Numerous “silos” across the business to manage various areas of compliance Single solution to manage all areas of compliance Difficult for senior level managers to get enterprise-wide reports around GRC Real-time reporting combining information from disparate business groups Obsolete/out-dated SOPs and work instructions Up-to-date documentation enabled by verifiable audit-trail monitoring Large amounts of resources and time dedicated to auditing Auditors use the GRC system with focused view to activity supporting each standard Disparate GRC and ECM tools and processes creating information and compliance gaps Common enterprise-wide integrated GRC/ECM platform reducing significant time and effort  Metrics Comparison


16 Question Time  Any Questions?  We can arrange demos designed to address you particular business need Contact Details Amy Shavor Perficient ECM Group Compliance Business Development P: 210-845-9297 E:

17 2010- From a Customer Perspective  $30B will be spent with no clear dominant provider  The largest market segment - $24B – is underserved using silo’d Microsoft solutions (Excel, Office and/or SharePoint)  Most current GRC solutions are either a combination of hard copy/shared drives or niche IT solutions such as HSE, SOX, QA systems  9/10 CIO’s view their GRC systems as “soiled” and plan to do something about it over the next three years  Primary Drivers for 2010  Increased gov’t regulatory environment will require businesses to investment more in GRC solutions.  Current risk management systems tend to be absent of the qualitative data needed to effectively identify, mitigate and report on risks within the business  Business Ethics Compliance  SR Level Mgmt Reporting is poor and needs to be changed

18 eGRC in Life Sciences  FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Signatures on Electronic Documents)  BIMO- on site inspections and data audits designed to monitor all aspects of the conduct and reporting of FDA regulated research  Application Integrity Policies  External accreditations such as ISO  Internal/External Audits  Issues Management within the research labs  Equipment calibration and maintenance  Policy controls, SOPs, work instructions  Training and Skills against the policies  Operational & Financial Risk Analytics and Reporting  Enterprise reporting across all elements  Ad-hoc BOM

19 eGRC in Manufacturing  Government Regs- OSHA, EPA, SEC, HIPPA, SOX  External Accreditations- ISOs, API, BRC  Internal/External Auditing  Policy, SOP, Work Instructions across the manufacturing process  Training & Skills against those polices  Accident & Incident Reporting on the production floor  Operational & Financial Risk Assessments  Issues Management  Supplier Management  Equipment Management & Maintenance  Ad-hoc BPM  Enterprise Reporting across all elements

20  The enterprise GRC market was approx. $30B in 2008; across all industry verticals  $9B spent on technology  45 out of 50 IT execs polled expected to increase spending in GRC in 2010*  Over 50% of respondents view their current GRC approach as “soiled”*  9/10 respondents expected to move to an integrated GRC approach within 3 years  Each industry vertical has unique and identifiable GRC requirements Market Analysis * Business Finance Magazine – September, 2009

21 Market Analysis Industries  Logistics  Agribusiness  Food & Bev  Healthcare  Manufacturing Degrees of Regulation  SEC  OSHA  EPA  Suppliers  Customers  Industry Associations  ISO & Best Practices

22 Market Analysis  Can be enterprise or departmental  Compliance Officer  EHS Director/Manager  Quality Director/Manager  Audit Director  Legal Department  IT Department  Accounting/Finance Department  Buying Roles

23 Market Analysis  Internal Challenges  Managing compliance to external standards (ISO, API, SCADA, HSPD, etc …)  Adhering to increasing government regulations (EPA, OSHA, SEC, FDA)  Ensuring product quality and brand protection  Identifying and mitigating risks  Working to client specifications  Employee training and communications of SOPs and Work Instruction  Compelling Events  Failed government audit – EPA/OHSA fines  Product recall and damage to brand reputation  New government regulation  Bodily injury/death  Customer Profile and Business Challenges

24 Competitive Differentiator  True integrated enterprise GRC/ECM platform  Cross-industry solution supports any and all internal/external standards or regulations  Easily configurable framework  Enterprise-wide real-time reporting  Can be deployed in phased approach  Exclusive agreement between Perficient and Sword-Achiever for North American market  Why Perficient Can Succeed

25  Microsoft (MS Office, SharePoint)  Thomson Reuters (Paisley)  OpenPages  BWise  Oracle Competitive Analysis  Major Competitors

26 Perficient Services Strategy  Client Value Proposition  Solution Definition  Sales Strategies and Execution  Partnerships  Delivery  Consider

27 Client Value Proposition  50% reduction in time to gain certifications  80% reduction staff resources required for audits  20% reduction in business risk-related insurance premiums supported by quantifiable and accurate risk assessment matrices  Reduction in non-compliance assessment fines due a complete and verifiable audit trail against all process and infrastructure compliance management  Reduction in compliance monitoring and reporting cost  Reduction in GRC/ECM systems support and maintenance costs  Contributors to Solution ROI

28 EGRC Solution  Perficient delivers an integrated governance, risk and compliance management platform based on leading GRC and ECM solution components ensuring clients have a controlled and consistent approach to managing regulatory, legislative and best-practice requirements  Installing an integrated GRC and ECM solution will result in better quantitative data and resolution of gaps within clients’ current GRC solutions leading to quicker time to certification and compliance to government standards. This will minimize government fines as well as potentially lower insurance premiums  Value Proposition and Business Benefit Summary

29 EGRC Solution FeatureBenefit Configurable FrameworkAbility to easily add/modify fields within all modules to align with business process needs Standards ReferencingClients can manage every single standard across the business in a single system Unlimited User DashboardsCustomizable dashboards which show information, actions and reporting relevant to specific job roles Enterprise reporting capabilitiesAbility to pull information from across the business into a single report Integration with ECM PlatformSingle, common and comprehensive source for enterprise information Key Features and Benefits

30 Enterprise GRC Conceptual Solution Architecture Policy and Controls Management Document Management Training & Skills Policy and Controls Management Document Management Training & Skills Risk Analytics & Reporting Risk Analytics Graphical Reporting Risk Analytics & Reporting Risk Analytics Graphical Reporting Investigative Management Meetings Incident Reporting Investigative Management Meetings Incident Reporting Risk & Control Assessment Risk Assessment Audit & CARS Risk & Control Assessment Risk Assessment Audit & CARS GRC Web Services Listening Layer EJB Layer ECM Platform Engines (e.g. content, process, etc …) DCTM Content Server

31 Solution Demonstration  Government regulation inspection/audit  Financial risk/audit management  IT audit/compliance management  External/third-party compliance audits  Demo Options  Link to pre-recorded demo  Link to live demo Scenarios

32 Technical Overview  Solution Architecture  Technical Components  Technical Requirements Consider

33 Solution Architecture Primary and secondary integration points to ECM system Document I/O (incl. insert, update, check- in/check-out, versioning, etc …).

34 Technical Components Representative ECM/GRC System Integration Achiever and FileNet P8

35 Technical Requirements  Development of software integration components  Platform requirements such as hardware, operating system, database, security, etc … typically leverage existing ECM and Active Directory platform infrastructure  Additional hardware components may be required to address enterprise capacity or performance requirements High-level req’ts supporting an enterprise GRC/ECM

36 Sales Strategies and Execution  Key client contacts  Solution positioning  Qualifying questions  Objection handling  Product pricing  Customer success stories  Sales and marketing resources Consider

37 Key Client Contacts Industry Segment Key ContactsLines of Business What Are Their Issues Compliance Director/VP Overall compliance across their business EHS DirectorOperation H&S on sites as well as compliance to environmental standards US Gov’t. now sees OSHA/EPA as a source of revenue Ethics OfficerLegalBusiness ethics, SOX, supplier ethics, foreign markets VP of QualityOperationsAdherence to internal/external stds within operational processes New certifications (e.g. ISO) HR Employee certifications, training and skills development Risk OfficerChallenges with accurate and quantitative data Single Solution For All These Areas

38 Qualifying Questions  Are identifying and mitigating risks in a climate of increasing regulations a concern?  What solutions are currently in-place to address this?  Are current solutions consistently utilized across the enterprise or exist mainly in pockets?  Can you pass a government or legal/audit inspection?  If not, what would be the impact to our business?  Is your enterprise GRC information relevant, accurate, timely and easily accessible across all areas of the business?

39 Objection Handling  We already have systems that address this  We’re currently developing a solution using SharePoint  Sounds great but we have no budget  We have no issues around compliance What to do if potential clients say …

40 Product Pricing/Packaging  Typical GRC cost options include:  Core suite includes: document control, audits and CA, issues and CAPA  Server License:  Additional Module Licenses:  Additional Costs - User Licenses (concurrent users): Read-Only Users: Full-Use Users:  Maintenance of approx. 25% of licensing costs  Licenses costs decrease with more servers and/or users  Achiever GRC Solution  Can stand-alone or integrated with ECM systems  Modularized implementation/investment options  Typical ECM cost options vary based on numerous factors including solution vendor, modules, users, etc … Modular Approach to Pricing

41 Product Pricing/Packaging  EGRC Assessment – Health Check/“Art of the Possible”  Achiever Only - GRC  Achiever and ECM – Enterprise-Wide GRC Perficient EGRC Solution Packages

42 Product Pricing/Packaging  Encompass Sword Achiever, ECM modules and supporting integration as well as support and maintenance services  Delivery/implementation services scope and cost are based on a client’s system maturity level and IT/business infrastructure  All major languages and geographies are supported as well as double- base Cyrillic languages  Perficient provides full implementation, integration, enterprise content migration and 24/7 support services Solution Packages Info

43 GRC Success Story Challenge Solution Business Benefits Need for audit and information management responsibilities to comply operational guidelines within the Gas & Oil industry and to supply reliable and accurate supply management information Sword Achiever GRC Policy Control Audit and CARS Management Issues Management “Achiever gave us the style and consistency to define our core processes across the organization with high visibility and user acceptance”- Stewart Robotham- Corporate Control  Consistent format and access to Information across the business  Eliminated unnecessary work  Ensured consistency in SOPs and WIs through out the organisation  Audit trails that identify adherence to Corporate process and procedures

44 Marketing and Sales Resources  Dedicated ECM NBU EGRC Sales and BD Lead  Leverage BD Resources Across Perficient LBU’s  Leverage partnerships with Sword and ECM solution providers (e.g. IBM, EMC)  Develop strong solution sales collateral  Develop strong sales incentives (internal BD’s, partners) National ECM NBU EGRC Solutions

45 Marketing and Sales Resources   Functional and technical publications available on Sword-Achiever GRC solution at  Key ECM NBU resources/contacts:  Ed Rawson …  Sean Roy …  Amy Shavor … Publications, Training, Etc …

46 Partnerships

47 Delivery

48 Business Plan

49 Financial Plan



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