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Next. On a bright, Sunday morning George Barnicle woke up to the sound of his mother calling him for his breakfast. “Yum, sausage and bacon cobs; my favourite,”

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2 On a bright, Sunday morning George Barnicle woke up to the sound of his mother calling him for his breakfast. “Yum, sausage and bacon cobs; my favourite,” George said. He quickly pulled on his favourite jeans, his black top and black hoodie. After getting dressed he sprinted out of his room and down the stairs. Next Previous

3 In the kitchen 2 crusty, mouth-watering cobs were waiting for his oozing with red sauce. At the table George saw his dad hidden behind the ‘Mail On Sunday’, also he saw his mother feeding fruit to his 2 year old sister named Daisy whilst listening to a new release from the Sugarbabes on radio 2. “Going out today George?” asked his mother. “Yeah,” George said with his mouth full. Next Previous

4 10 minutes after eating his breakfast and brushing his teeth, George went to put on his high top converse. As George left the house his mother called after him, “Don’t be silly and keep safe!” Of course George didn’t pay any attention to this advice and he briskly walked down Queens street and onto Harry Fold Lane. Next Previous

5 When he reached Brook Close he turned left down a dark, gloomy alleyway; at the end there was only a black, steel gate dressed with barbed wire along the top. George stood there alone hunched up inside his hoodie. He waited there, staring as far as he could past the gigantic gates. George knew these peculiar gates very well. Next Previous

6 It all started 6 weeks ago, George and his friends Tom and Harry were walking to the orphanage, where Tom and Harry lived, from school on the Friday just before the summer holidays and Tom decided to run down the alleyway left of Brook close along side Harry. George had tried to keep up however he was not as fast as them; when he had reached the gates Tom and Harry had vanished. Next Previous

7 George had a sudden shiver from remembering this event; then he made a final decision. He was going to enter the gates. George did not hesitate and he walked straight through the huge gates and when he reached around 5 meters from where he was originally standing, a magical sparkle took place. When the sparkle finished George disappeared. Next Previous

8 When George reappeared he was in a completely different world; across the horizon he could see lots of mountains coated in soot, also in the distance he see a magnificently bright light in the shape of an arch. George felt very uncomfortable in these surroundings and he reassured himself that he would be ok. Next Previous

9 Finally when he decided to move on small gremlin feel from the pitch black sky and stopped him. “Welcome to Doom mountain!” the gremlin cheerfully said “And we are going to cause you lots of misery! Mwahahaha!” Does George punch the gremlin and run away? Or Does George plead the gremlin to let him go home?

10 “Please let me go home!” cried George. “I’m afraid that is not possible, young man” said the gremlin whilst smirking happily. “ You have got to find your own way out of here; if there is a way though. Mwahahaha!” “NOOOO!” screamed George. “Enjoy” said the gremlin. The gremlin vanished. Next

11 George punched the gremlin in between the eyes and he then ran towards the bright light; George was now really regretting punching the gremlin and after running for around 4 minutes a George noticed the light was getting further and further away. George was now furious, “ I hate my life!” he screamed. Next

12 George was now kicking the everything which he saw but as he did this a rock close by grew taller. George went to explore. When George got to the rock he found it was now double the height it was originally; George discovered that every step he took taller the rock grew. George was very amused by this and he chose to jump on the spot for around 3 minutes. Next

13 After getting worn out George took a step back and looked up. He was amazed to see that the former rock was now a mountain! George took a gigantic pause and his eyes widened; “Now this is spooky” he said whilst be extremely terrified. George thought to him self ‘do I really dare to?’ “Yes! I do!” shouted George “I came to find Tom and Harry so I will proceed!” Next Previous

14 George quickly but steadily climbed the huge mountain, he was making great progress but he was stopped with only a quarter of the mountain left until he reached the summit; he was stopped by two large stones with a sword resting neatly between them. George pondered for a couple of seconds whether he should take the sword or just leave it alone. Suddenly a voice spoke, “Take the sword, you will need it”. Next Previous

15 He didn’t want an argument so he took it. George picked up the sword and surprisingly it was extremely light. The sword was shiny and silver and made from steel; the handle was made from a light piece of metal, possibly bronze? He gave it a smooth swing and then George smiled. He got carried away with swinging the sword and he didn’t notice a pack of Angry, green zombie wolves had approached him. Next Previous

16 George was still swinging the sword and he only realised that the wolves had come closer when he slashed one across the throat using the sharp side. It fell to the ground and George realised he had killed the zombie, then he noticed the rest of the pack were growing even closer. He was panicking because the wolves were bearing there teeth at him. George closed his eyes tightly and span around holding out his sword. Next Previous

17 Next After spinning around for a couple of minutes George slowed his pace and he steadily opened his eyes; once they were opened completely George was pleased to discover that all of the zombie wolves were lying on the on the floor completely lifeless. George leaped over the bodies which were now absolutely covered in giant ants. He felt a cold shiver run down his back when he saw the ants eating the wolves’ blood covered flesh. Previous

18 Next He carried on up the mountain and when he finally reached the summit he saw Tom and Harry however there was a problem; they were in a giant, metal reinforced cage. The cage was guarded by a gigantic red beast it had pure black horns and eyes. George was thinking of running away from this foul beast but then he heard Tom and Harry’s voices cheering him on to slay the beast. Previous

19 Next George took a deep breath and thought to himself, ‘Why am I being an idiot? Why am I risking my life?’ Then he remembered the answer to both of his questions, Tom and Harry. He took a gulp and started to move. Suddenly George drew his sword and ran wildly towards the mighty beast; he stabbed the monster in the back and it let out a monstrously, loud roar. Previous

20 Next It turned around and its gigantic eyes stared deeply at George; it started to growl and suddenly it blew out a large breathe of fire and it narrowly missed George. He could feel the hairs on his back stand on end responding to the immense heat. George could still hear Tom and Harry cheering him on. George decided to take another mighty swing at the beast; this time it hit the beast in it’s side. Previous

21 Next The beast started to wobble and it let out a soft wine. Then it fell to the floor with a massive thud. George had defeated the mighty beast. He felt a strange feeling inside his body and then he realised it was a marvellous feel. He ran over to the cage where Tom and Harry were imprisoned; he found the key to the lock hanging around the beast’s neck. He cautiously took the key and unlocked the cage. Previous

22 Next As soon as he did this Tom and Harry ran out and hugged him so tightly he felt as if he was going to faint. Luckily they let go and George lead them down the tall mountain, when they reached the foot of the mountain George asked the question, “Where now then?” Tom shrugged his shoulders and Harry pointed towards the light as if he knew his way around this weird atmosphere. Previous

23 Next They walked towards the bright light. When they reached the light they saw a circle drawn on the floor George reckoned this was a portal so he decided to step inside it, however before he was inside the circle a gremlin with a bandage around it’s eye appeared. “Ahhh! Not you again,” shouted the gremlin. “I’m not going to argue with you; feel free to leave.” Previous

24 Next George, Tom and Harry stepped into the now glowing circle, as they went they heard a strange, modern tune. Suddenly they found themselves standing in the middle of Brook close and they heard shouting, “George; dinner time! They said their good byes and then Tom said “You’re a real mate you know.” “Ditto,” replied George “see you tomorrow?” Previous

25 Next George heard those words ringing around his head as he snapped out of his instant flashback, he didn’t want to go through all of this again so he turned around and walked back into Brook close. He began to walk back home until he heard a high pitch scream coming from the direction of the old, abandoned church. Previous

26 Does George: Go home for lunch? Or Go and investigate the high pitch scream? Previous

27 Next He walked towards the old, crooked church and saw an old women looking up towards the highest window, in the top window was her beloved cat. The cat looked as if it was about to jump but it didn’t. it quietly lay down on the wide window sill. George wandered over to the old women and spoke in a soft and caring voice. “Do you want me to help?” Previous

28 Next “ You help me?” She questioned “ How could a small puny boy like you help me? I don’t need you” she finished mockingly. “ Fine, I will go home instead.” George walked home at a steady pace not looking back at the cruel, mocking women who was still located in the church garden. Previous

29 George ran back home and when he opened the door the delicious smell of Lasagne wafted across his face. “Yummy, my favourite!” He walked into the kitchen. And straight away his mother questioned him, “So… what did you do today? Anything exciting?” “Not really just the usual” lied George.

30 When he got home he opened the door the delicious smell of Lasagne wafted across his face. “Yummy, my favourite!” He walked into the kitchen. And straight away his mother questioned him, “So… what did you do today? Anything exciting?” “Not really just the usual” lied George. Previous

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