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Open Access Repositories Calum Land BioMed Central Ltd CODIST-II 2 nd May 2011.

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1 Open Access Repositories Calum Land BioMed Central Ltd CODIST-II 2 nd May 2011

2 Why Open Access? Enhances scholarly communication Research has more impact Increases the institute’s and author’s profile Readers get better access to funded research Improves visibility and impact of an institutions research No subscription barriers

3 Routes Towards Open Access Gold Open Access Publishing in an open access journal  Full and Optional Open Access journals Green Open Access Depositing articles in an Open Access repository Subject repositories –PubMed Central –ArXiV Institutional repositories –E.g. UNECA Institutional Repository

4 Benefits of an Open Access Repository Centralised solution for an institute’s research output Showcases this research output to a wider, global audience Increased citations for authors Potential collaboration tool Enhanced funding opportunities Maximizes the dissemination of research Provides new ways for permanently archiving and preserving valuable work

5 Open Repository Hosted digital repository service, operated by BioMed Central Built on the DSpace open-source platform Dramatically reduces time and costs involved in setting up, maintaining and developing a repository Hosting in UK ensures maximum international exposure

6 Open Repository

7 Case Study


9 Why did MSF want a repository? To showcase operational research Needed to be freely available, particularly for healthcare workers and policy makers in developing countries To strengthen reputation as a medical organisation by showcasing scientific output Due to a high staff turnover, a repository was needed to maintain MSF’s “institutional memory”


11 How has it helped MSF? Achieved goal of highlighting scientific output of an organisation better known for its humanitarian work Enhanced scientific reputation Improved research collaboration opportunities with outside organisations, such as the TB Union Helped to recruit medical workers Improved support of fund-raising campaigns

12 How can OA publishers work with Institutional Repositories? Many institutions now have OA repositories in place Populating the repositories is often a challenge Open Access journals provide a stream of immediately available OA content for the repository BioMed Central is automating this via feeds using the SWORD protocol

13 Connecting open access journals and open access repositories

14 Institutional Repository (DSpace/Eprints etc.) Publisher Manuscript Author final version 1 2 Manual deposit to IR

15 Institutional Repository (DSpace/Eprints etc.) Manuscript SWORD Import SWORD Export Published articles from institution’s authors Published article Automated deposit to IR via SWORD

16 University of Stellenbosch

17 BioMed Central Open Access Package Making Open Repository available to developing countries

18 For whom BioMed Central’s Open Access Package is aimed at any institution that is in a country classified by the World Bank as a low-income economy or lower-middle- income economy

19 Package details BioMed Central Foundation Membership (as detailed above) Open Repository Automated Article-Deposit (SWORD) Repository PR Cost of £2,500 per annum

20 Benefits of the Package The BioMed Central Open Access Package will enable institutions to show their commitment and support for open access publishing and provide them with the tools to support open access publishing and self-archiving at their institution

21 Thank you

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