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Decentralised & Democratised Innovation Simon

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1 Decentralised & Democratised Innovation Simon Hill @mrsihill / @wazokuhq

2 The Next 40 (ish) minutes of your life…. A bit about me –My background and experience –My view on the innovation landscape; Decentralisation & Democratisation of our work places –drawing upon exchange of ideas and specialisation to deliver profitability, progress and innovation; –how well we collaborate is what drives progress (not how smart we are); Tasmania vs. Tierra del Fuego; Examples from the shop floor Questions (and hopefully some answers)

3 Simon Hill…. (ex-)Consultant Tech Founder CEO Wazoku Innovation Leader Ideas Person

4 What is Wazoku? Swahili for ‘Great Idea’ Leading Innovation Software Company Powers innovation and engagement within networks at some of the world’s leading organisations Award winning software, recognised by leading analyst organisations

5 A quick quiz

6 Who should make our weapons?! (a) Oz should make both the axe and the sword (b) Oz should make the sword and Adam the axe (c) Adam should make the sword and Oz the axe

7 A quick quiz Who should make our weapons?! (a) Oz should make both the axe and the sword (b) Oz should make the sword and Adam the axe (c) Adam should make the sword and Oz the axe

8 We live in highly innovative times…??

9 The Pace of Change

10 Yes, but…

11 Change is NOT (necessarily) innovation

12 Many innovation structures are flawed

13 A world of incremental innovation? X386 $287bn $325bn

14 Bloated Hierarchies

15 Risk Aversion and Short-termism

16 Decentralising the Organisation structures, processes & procedures

17 Business is more social than ever… …but what does that have to do with innovation?

18 Let us explore this a little The Enterprise is getting ever more social……

19 Let us explore this a little Enabling us to more easily share knowledge, expertise, opinion and pictures of cats doing funny things…

20 Where next? The next evolution of this is seeing us asking salient questions around data, IP, workflow, productivity, KPIs, privacy etc…and of course innovation Create and share ideas, discuss and vote on them. Encourage participants to improve ideas. Evaluate ideas against specific criteria. Develop and elaborate a short list of ideas. Choose the best ideas to implement to achieve desired outcomes.

21 How do we build the Innovative Organisation?

22 In the innovative enterprise….

23 In the innovative organisation, where does innovation reside?


25 In the democratic innovative organisation….

26 Creativity and Innovation are part of everyone’s job


28 In this high performing culture we communicate openly

29 Embrace diversity, exchange and specialisation vs. Tasmania vs. Tierra del Fuego

30 From our morning workshop

31 The Results

32 Innovation at Samsung (over 3.5 yrs)




36 “Good programming ideas need development, feedback and discussion. Employee engagement is a key part of how the BBC operates and we believe there is a wealth of untapped creative talent which, using Wazoku’s platform customised to our specific needs, can be used to generate some fantastic TV shows.” Pat Younge, Chief Creative Officer, BBC Production




40 Parting Thought – It’s a matter of perspective and context!


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