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Conferment Ceremony 2013 BRIEFING Promootiotoimikunta 2013

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1 Conferment Ceremony 2013 BRIEFING Promootiotoimikunta 2013

2 Events Rehearsals on Friday Sword whetting on Friday Rehearsals on Saturday Conferment ceremony of Saturday Procession and Service at the Cathedral on Saturday Conferment banquet and ball on Saturday Sailing trip on Sunday Promootiotoimikunta 2013

3 Rehearsals Fri at 13-15, Saalastihall Promootiotoimikunta 2013 Pe No hats or swords needed. It is obligatory to participate one rehearsal: either on Friday or on Saturday morning!  If you participate in the rehearsals on Friday, you don’t need to participate the rehearsals on Saturday morning. Remember to be at the Uni at am on Saturday morning if not participating the morning rehearsal.

4 Sword whetting Fri at 19, Lasaretti Promootiotoimikunta 2013 At cocktail for Honorary doctors At Sword whetting Swords needed (young doctors and honorary doctors). No hats –Welcoming words (at 19.10) –Speech for the sword (around 19.15) –Sword whetting (at 19.20) Aurora-hall Master of ceremonies with his companion Honorary doctors with their companions/escorts –Sword whetting continues and a light buffet dinner (20.00) At Merikoski-hall: Fac of Humanieties and Sciensce At Fac of Technology and Education At Yrjö-hall: Business school, fac of Medicine At Fac of Medicine Chief Marchall with her escort –Speech (at 22.10) –Dancing Aurora-hall

5 Rehearsals Sat at Promootiotoimikunta 2013 Saalasti hall, Linnanmaa (Entrance R-door) Bring your hat and sword with you –Put a name tag inside your hat (surname-first name- faculty) –Put a name tag on your sword –Use clear and big letters Give your hat and sword before the rehearsals to assistants in Saalasti hall. You can leave your hat also already on Friday ( and sword too if not participating the sword whetting) A light snack (sandwich) for young doctors will be served at in the Restaurant Discus (R-door) At All young odctors have to be at the Uni!!

6 Promootiotoimikunta 2013

7 Conferment ceremony Sat at Saalasti hall Young doctors for the procession outside Saalastihall Guests at their places (Saalasti hall and L-halls) Procession (young doctors) to Saalasti hall –no applause, filming or photography during the ceremony

8 Promootiotoimikunta 2013 Conferment ceremony Ceremony starts Prof. Matti Pietikäinen, Fac of Technology A small text in latin Short speech in Finnish Honorary doctors (1 min./doctor) Young doctors (20 sec./doctor) Fac of Medicine (Prof. Heikki Ruskoaho) Business school (Prof. Juha-Pekka Kallunki) Fac of Humanities (Prof. Jouko Vahtola) Fac of Education (Prof. Hannu Soini) Fac of Sciense (Prof. Kalervo Hiltunen) Speech Prof. Kalervo Hiltunen Speech for invited guests PhD Anu Kantola

9 Promootiotoimikunta National anthem -standing, hats off Procession from the Saalasti hall - First: Master of Ceremonies - Hats on - Sword in your left hand, diploma in your right Bus transportation from Linnanmaa to Mannerheim park

10 Promootiotoimikunta 2013 Saalasti hall Young doctors Escorts and companions Rector, Honorary doctors, guests of honours

11 Procession Sat Mannerheim park Procession to the Cathedral in the Cathedral –Hats off –Sword on your left hand, diploma on your right Home/Linnanmaa

12 Promootiotoimikunta 2013 Banquet and ball Sat At 19.00, Ritaharju school (address: Ritakierros 2, Oulu) at Cocktail at Dinner Speeches Dessert Speeches Dancing, music, photography… At Speech for the rising sun  home, sleeping

13 Promootiotoimikunta 2013 Sailing trip Sun at 12, Maikkula Estate Bus transportation from Torinranta market place (young doctors) and from Lasaretti (honorary doctors) to Maikkula Estate Lunch, playful rowing competition along Oulu river, dancing, music Bus transportation back to the city REMEMBER TO CHECK OUT THE CONFERMENT HOMEBAGE OFTEN ENOUGH!

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