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Module Two Session 1 The Karst Landform in Yunnan.

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1 Module Two Session 1 The Karst Landform in Yunnan

2 Lead-in questions: 1. Have you been to the Karst scenic area in China? 2. What is your impression of Karst landform? 3. Do you know some famous Karst areas in Yunnan?

3 Vocabulary lime stone, Karst, coral, collision, tableland, erosion, seabed, geology, heritage, miracle, fossil, fossilize, seashell, trace, collapse, pinnacles, seeping water, erode, sword-like, carbon dioxide,dissolve

4 Useful expressions Look like … be exactly like … resemble … take the shape of … be in the shape of … be similar to … be compared to … Various, different, diversified

5 I. Formation of Karst landform (video)

6 Three Stages (Key words) : to be continued 1. Ocean Stage Time: 270 million years ago Happenings: ancient sea, shallow, corals, oceanic living beings, sea shells, die, corpse, sink, effect of sunshine and water, fossils, fossilize, thick lime stones layer,

7 mark and trace of corals

8 2. Tableland Stage movements / shifts of earth crust, tableland, plateau, be raised up / rise up, earthquake, collapse, be broken

9 the collision of Eurasian Plate and Indian Plate produced Karst region

10 erode, rainfall, seeping water, erosion of water and earth, eat away at the surface of …, pinnacles, deepen, widen to be continued 3. Erosion Stage

11 Attention (BK): Lime stones can be dissolved by water with carbon dioxide ( CO 2 ) Measures to protect Stone Forest : Make efforts to reduce CO2 to slow down the erosion of lime stones.

12 Key words: typical / classic limestone landform, initially, first, border, former Yugoslavia and Italy, Karst plateau, synonym II. Origin of Karst: to be continued


14 III. Case Study: Stone Forest in KM

15 The major shapes of lime stones in Stone Forest : Sword-like lime stone Column-shaped lime stone Mushroom-shaped lime stone Pagoda-shaped lime stone



18 a forest of Karst lime stones to be continued

19 spectacle, enjoy the equal reputation with … Three Gorges of Yangzi River, the Snow- covered Pines in Jilin, and the Landscapes in Guilin (the four most fantastic natural miracles in China) to be continued ---Famous in China:

20 Four places of interest in China: the Stone Forest in KM, the Landscapes in Guilin, the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi’an, the Great Wall in Beijing.

21 --the “ National Key Scenic Spot ” --the “ National 5A-level Tourist Attraction ” by China Tourism Bureau Scenic Status in China:

22 Criteria: tour facilities, value, scale, preservation

23 --the “ World Geological Park ” by UNESCO (February13th 2004), to be continued Famous in the world: --World Natural Heritage (2007)

24 Stone Forest as World Natural Heritage (BK) June 27th, 2007 Time: Place: 31st Session of World Heritage Conference in New Zealand Program Title: Karst Landform in South China ( Stone Forest in Kunming, Libo( 荔波 ) in Guizgou and Wulong( 武隆 ) in Chongqing) to be continued

25 The emblem of World Heritage (BK): Meaning: Circle: the earth and the nature Square: civilization Connection: harmony

26 1. Location (Keywords): southeast, Stone Forest Yi Autonomous County, 78 km, How to get there? to be continued

27 2. Size: well-developed area: 12.9 square km ( includes 7 tour sections P91) 350 square kilometers The main scenic region for visitors:

28 IV. Highlights in SF ---SF lake (P94): former Prime Minister 周, in 1955, be accompanied by, scenery aesthetic value, artificial, reflection, companion, Goddess of Mercy …


30 Lion Pavilion



33 a wide square, two Chinese characters ( SF), Chairman of YN 龙云, 1931, be carved/ inscribed … representative and famous

34 ---Hair-trigger Danger: P95


36 earthquakes, broke, be a breath-taking view, dangerous, singing, test, brave enough … stability, be tested for 3 million years

37 ---The Sword Mountain:P95-96


39 typical sword-like limestone, sharp tops, deep grooves, resulted from the co- erosion of water and earth More earth contained more water which caused more erosion/ corrosion.

40 ---Sword Peak Pond: P96

41 the lowest, natural pond, be surrounded by, bunches of swords, broken sword, 1833, earthquake in 嵩明 county... tranquil and mysterious, underground, remain clear and calm

42 ---the narrowest pass in SF: P96-97

43 P 96: only 30 centimeters, go through, peaceful paradise, be polished, smooth surface, Your fortune will be made if …

44 Two Kissing Birds ( feeding) Elephant on Platform ---other wonders:

45 10,000-Year Tortoise

46 Bell Stone

47 masterpiece, natural carving, it ranks No. One in its size, age, typical formation and good preservation. ---Conclusion:

48 Case 2: Puzhehei Scenic Region I. General introduction: ---location: P279 & P280 Para. 1 ---status: 3A state-level tourist attraction ---size: 165 square kilometers ---meaning: a pond full of fish and shrimps in Yi language

49 II. Dock : lake group, mountain peaks and features

50 ----Immortal lake: P281, Para. 1

51 ---Karst caves: General introduction, Immortal Cave ( P281, Para. 2---P282, Para. 3), to brief the legend,

52 Questions 1. If visitors intend to visit Naigu (Black) Stone Forest when they finish visiting in Big Stone Forest and Small Stone Forest, what will the tour guide do?

53 It depends on the time. Naigu Stone Forest is 8 kilometers to the east of the Big Stone Forest. A round trip requires 2 hours ( including the time on the way) at least. Enough time: If possible, please contact travel service (group operator). Tour guide need to clarify the fee for extra visiting and explain why visitor have to pay the extra fee. Impossible : If time is limited, please give a patient and detailed explanation. (to offer a substitute…)

54 2. How long will it take us to finish travel in Stone Forest Scenic Area? It will take us about 3 hours ( including the lunch time, the Big Stone Forest and the Small Stone Forest)

55 Home Assignment: Please write your own tour guiding speech of Stone Forest according to the outline, the keywords and useful terms we learned today. Serious warning: No Plagiarism ! Thank you !

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