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Hatim - LifeOK.

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1 Hatim - LifeOK

2 The Brief Launch of a new show “Hatim”, which is Channel’s P1 property. Markets : Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat (1Mn+ towns), UP (0.1Mn+ towns) Show time & launch date : 8-9 pm, 28th December 2013. TG: CS4+ MF Primary TG – Kids & their parents Secondary TG – Mass

3 Campaign Background Life OK wanted to launch their big ticket thriller, Indian Action and Drama TV show- The Adventures of Hatim. Adventures of Hatim is based on the popular folk tales of Hatim. With a larger than life overview of Hatim’s adventure and use of high end computer graphics it proves to be one of a kind project on Indian Tv. The show is produced by makers of the ‘Mahadev’ which has been a tremendous success on the channel. The show was launched with the objective of targeting the youth and Females not only in Metro’s and Large Towns but also in smaller towns.

4 Objective Create talk ability Maximize reach
To drive initial viewership Translate aesthetic proposition of the show to OOH We had to ensure that the grandeur of the show can be translated in OOH, and bring out the character’s physical strength, wisdom and generosity through the platform of adventure and register the launch of the new show and generate high level of awareness amongst the TG.

5 Idea & Role of OOH Cues from the show & promo: Translating to OOH
Content and treatment is very strong – visual cues for imagery are available Translating to OOH Play on scale and impact to drive initial viewership To ensure that the grandeur of the show to be translated to OOH To bring out the character’s physical strength, wisdom and generosity through the platform of adventure – “Adventures of Hatim”

6 Outdoor – Specific creative strategy(ies) by market and / or demography :-
Since the primary objective was to ensure that Adventures of Hatim is registered well with the audience thus all creative’s for OOH were done in a way that ‘Hatim’ was the real hero and stood out in all creative renditions. There were various media formats used in the campaign like unipoles, mobile vans, and billboards. The creative were rendered to use create a larger than life cut out depicting the strength of Hatim. The creative were also rendered to the extent where Hatim is lifting the Billboard on his shoulders and also the billboard is cut into pieces by Hatim using his sword. The key thought process was to envisage the adventures and strength of Hatim through the Out of Home media. The brief was to create a high visibility and cutter breaking campaign. The campaign was planned in such a way that it had very high impact translating in to High OTS and Innovation as a impact/buzz multiplier.

7 Brief translated to Visual
Action Billboards 3D billboards Hatim breaking out of the Billboard Hanging on the Pole kiosks

8 Brief translated to Visual
Hatim Lifting Mobile Van Hatim fighting dragons

9 Media strategy:- The Strategy was to create aura of large format media inventory only. For Mumbai and Delhi which are the key markets for trade we used normal print depicting a 3D image view on all the hoardings. Apart from using the large format hoarding our attempt was to leave no stones unturned to attract the eyeballs in the form of various cutouts with 3D effects and LED lights. Various innovations in Mumbai and Delhi were executed -Hatim lifting the billboard on his shoulder, Hatim tearing the billboard with his sword, Larger than life cut out. The campaign also showcased an innovation in the form of creating a 3 dimensional Hatim on billboard. We created a larger than life 3d body of Hatim. Hatim is showcased as he jumps from the top tearing and smashing the billboard into pieces. This depicted the strength and adventures of Hatim . IMPLEMENTATION DETAILS :- The campaign was for duration of 10 days and was implemented across Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat 1mn+, UP.1mn+ cities. Only large format hoardings, gantries were used to create impact and Scale.

10 Solution For most innovations executed – Hatim’s pose / placement, etc. designed by Bates To execute the designs proposed, one day of special shoot was organised for Hatim No sites were taken for coverage of the city. Rather, best sites of the city / higher impactful sites were considered. The idea was to take fewer number of medias, creating higher impact.

11 Challenges The show had various elements which could have been made available to create the story highlighting Hatim’s adventure- like 7 quest 7 answers but we had restricted not to use it until the 3 week. To show the strength and adventure with the available creative was the biggest challenge. The timelines for fabricating the 3D sculptor, large cutout was a challenge as well. The turnaround time for the fabrication work and installation at the venue for the innovations was just 3 days. The entire campaign had more than 150 media touch points. The campaign was installed in just 2 days across markets.

12 Effectiveness The campaign achieved the desired objective of initial opening nos. The Reach achieved was 5.5, while the TVR Ratings achieved were 2.2. Shows like Jhalak Dikhlaja having known celebrities achieved an opening TVR of 2.5 and Mahadev the lead show of the channel achieved the TVR of 2.7 after 10 months of its existence. This formed a successful instance of a television channel using extensive and innovative outdoor advertising in order to promote its “Big ticket P1” show.

13 execution

14 3D billboard – Hatim breaking the billboard Turn around time – 4 days,
3D sculpture made out of Polypropylene

15 Chirag Delhi – 20x8

16 Chirag Delhi – 20x8

17 Hatim Lifting billboard

18 Munirka – 20x8

19 Hatim battling dragons
Turn around time – 3 days Chain created out of plastic, by twisting and turning it with LED on to attract more eye balls (Star Trek effect)

20 Mahim causeway MT 40x20

21 Action billboard – sword cut the hoarding

22 Hatim Cut-out

23 Hatim lifting Van board
Mahim causeway ET 20x10 Hatim lifting Van board

24 Thank you

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