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A. A canyon B. A river C. A valley I Sam 17:1-3 - What was between the camps of the Philistines and the Israelites? # 17-1.

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1 A. A canyon B. A river C. A valley I Sam 17:1-3 - What was between the camps of the Philistines and the Israelites? # 17-1

2 I Sam 17:4 – Where was the Philistine champion from ? # 17-2 A.Ephraim B. Judah C. Gath

3 I Sam 17:4 – What was Goliath’s height? # 17-3 A. Five cubits and a span B. Six cubits and a span C. Seven cubits and a span

4 I Sam 17:5 – What was the weight of Goliath’s coat? # 17-4 A. Five thousand shekels of bronze B. Five thousand shekels of silver C. Five thousand shekels of gold

5 I Sam 17:7 – The staff of Goliath's spear was like ______ ? # 17-5 A. A wooden rail B. A beam of wood C. A weaver’s beam

6 I Sam 17:10 – Goliath said, “I ____ this day; give me a man, that we may fight together.” ? # 17-6 A. “will defeat the armies of Israel” B. “defy the armies of Israel” C. “defy the God of Israel”

7 I Sam 17:11 – How did Saul and Israel respond to Goliath’s words? # 17-7 A. With dismay and fear B. With anger and pride C. With sadness and regret

8 I Sam 17:12 – How many sons did Jesse have? # 17-8 A.Six B.Seven C. Eight

9 I Sam 17:13 – How many of Jesse’s sons followed Saul to battle? # 17-9 A. Two B. Three C. Four

10 I Sam 17:15 – Why would David occasionally go to Bethlehem? # 17-10 A. To visit his brothers B. To feed his father’s sheep C. To visit his father

11 I Sam 17:16 – How many times did the Philistine present himself? # 17-11 A. Twenty mornings & evenings B. Thirty mornings & evenings C. Forty mornings & evenings

12 I Sam 17:17 – What did Jesse tell David to take his brothers at camp? # 17-12 A.An ephah of grain & ten loaves B. Ten cakes of cheese C. Ten ephahs of grain

13 I Sam 17:20 – Who did David leave the sheep with when he went to see his brothers? # 17-13 A. The shepherds of Bethlehem B. His other brothers C. A keeper

14 I Sam 17:22 – Who did David give his supplies to when he arrived at camp? # 17-14 A. The supply keeper B. His brothers C. The captain of the thousands

15 I Sam 17:23 – Who started to speak when David was talking with his brothers? # 17-15 A. The captain of the thousand B. Saul, the king C. Goliath, from Gath

16 I Sam 17:25 – What would the king give the man that killed Goliath? # 17-16 A. A year’s worth of wages B. The king’s daughter C. A thousand shekels of gold

17 I Sam 17:26 – What did David call Goliath? # 17-17 A. An uncircumcised Philistine B. A reproach before God C. An abomination to Israel

18 I Sam 17:28 – Who’s anger was aroused against David? # 17-18 A. Eliab’s B. Abinadab’s C. Shammah ‘s

19 I Sam 17:28 – Why did Eliab think David had came to the camp? # 17-19 A. To visit his brothers B. To become a solider C. To see the battle

20 I Sam 17:32 – What did David tell Saul he would do? # 17-20 A. Comfort his brothers B. Play the harp for Saul C. Go fight the Philistine

21 A. David had no armor B. David had never been in battle C. David was a youth I Sam 17:33 – Saul told David he could not fight the Philistine because _______? # 17-21

22 I Sam 17:33 – What had Goliath been from his youth? # 17-22 A. Bigger than everyone else B. Tall in stature C.A man of war

23 I Sam 17:36 – David told Saul killing Goliath would be like _____? # 17-23 A. Killing an angry wolf B.Killing the lion and bear C. Killing a sly fox

24 I Sam 17:36 – David believed it would be easy to kill Goliath because he ______? # 17-24 A. Had defiled the armies of God B. Had spoken against the armies of God C.Had angered the living God

25 I Sam 17:39 – Why did David take off Saul’s armor? # 17-25 A. It was to heavy B. He did not like wearing it C. He could not walk in it

26 I Sam 17:40 – How many stones did David chose from the brook? # 17-26 A. Three B. Five C.Seven

27 I Sam 17:42 – Why did the Philistine disdain David? # 17-27 A. David was only a youth B. David was not wearing armor C. David did not have a sword

28 I Sam 17:43 – The Philistine said, “Am I a dog, that _________”? # 17-28 A. “you fight against me with a youth” B. “you throw rocks at me” C. “you come to me with sticks”

29 I Sam 17:44 – The Philistine told David he would give his flesh to _______? # 17-29 A. The scavengers of the land B. The birds of the air & beasts of the field C. The wild beast of the desert

30 I Sam 17:45 – Instead of carrying a spear, sword, or javelin, David came ________? # 17-30 A. With a sling and stones B. In the name of the Lord of hosts C. To restore the name of Israel

31 I Sam 17:46 – David said he would strike the Philistine and _________? # 17-31 A. Take victory from the Philistines B. Take his sword from him C. Take his head from him

32 I Sam 17:48 – When the Philistine arose and came near David, ________? # 17-32 A. David ran to meet him B. David ran around behind him C. David stopped and waited for him

33 I Sam 17:49 – When David slung a stone, the stone ________? # 17-33 A. Hit the Philistine in the back of the head B. Sank into the Philistine’s temple C. Sank into the Philistine's forehead

34 I Sam 17:49 – When hit with the stone, the Philistine fell _______? # 17-34 A. Face down to the earth B.Backwards to the earth C. Fell down to his knees

35 I Sam 17:51 – David cut off the head of the Philistine with _______? # 17-35 A.Saul’s sword B. David’s sword C. The Philistine’s sword

36 I Sam 17:51 – What did the Philistines do when they saw their champion was dead? # 17-36 A. They surrendered B. They fled C. They stood and fought

37 I Sam 17:52 – The wounded Philistines fell along the ______? # 17-37 A. Road to Shaaraim B. The road to Gath C. The valley of Ekron

38 I Sam 17:54 – What happened to the head of the Philistine? # 17-38 A. David took it to Jerusalem B. Saul took it to Jerusalem C. The birds of the air ate it

39 I Sam 17:57 – Who took David before Saul after he returned from the slaughter of the Philistine? # 17-39 A. Abinadab B. Eliab C. Abner

40 I Sam 17:57 – What did David have with him when he appeared before Saul? # 17-40 A. The armor of the Philistine B. The sword of the Philistine C. The head of the Philistine

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