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“Heroes on a Journey” Discovering what Harry Potter, Neo, Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, and Perseus share.

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1 “Heroes on a Journey” Discovering what Harry Potter, Neo, Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, and Perseus share.

2 The Hero’s Journey The Quote: “All stories consist of a few common structural elements found universally in myths, fairy tales, dreams and movies". The Premise: Characters frequently pass through 12 stages as they transform into heroes. The Primary Source: The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler The Application/Extension: Heroes live around us and within us.

3 1. The Ordinary World The normal, ordinary, predictable world of the hero; everyday life. Could be a place of security, calm, peace, or a place of suffering, boredom, anguish. (Often the hero’s birth or ancestry are mysterious or noble.)

4 The Ordinary World Perseus grows up on quiet, little island. Luke grows up on a quiet, little moisture farm. Harry lives in a closet on Privet Drive. Neo works in a mundane, dull office building. Frodo lives a life of ease in the Shire.

5 2. The Call to Adventure Something happens to move the character out of his comfort zone. A challenge, problem, temptation, earth- shattering revelation, or traumatic event.

6 The Call To Adventure Perseus is challenged to kill Medusa by Polydectes. Artoo reveals part of Leia’s message to Luke; Ben urges him to join the rebellion. Harry is invited to attend Hogwart’s School. Neo is given a message to “follow the White Rabbit.” Gandalf reveals the secrets of Bilbo’s ring to Frodo.

7 3. Refusal of the Call The Reluctant Hero. “I can’t,’ “Leave me out of it,” “Not me,” “Not now.” The character is reluctant, disbelieving, fearful.

8 Refusal of the Call Perseus distresses over where to go and how to get there. Owen plays on Luke’s guilt to keep him on the farm. Uncle Vernon prevents Harry from leaving. Neo resists accepting the truth about reality and his destiny. Frodo wishes someone else would deal with the Ring, offers it to Gandalf.

9 4. Meeting the Mentor Someone helps; a supportive relationship is established; counsel is given. A helper, a guide, a wise old man, or even supernatural aid.

10 Meeting the Mentor Athena & Hermes aid Perseus. Merlin aids Arthur. Ben Kenobi aids Luke. Dumbledore aids Harry. Morpheus aids Neo. Gandalf aids Frodo

11 5. Crossing the First Threshold The character commits; he steps into the adventure, the story begins; he leaves the ordinary world and enters the special world. The hero usually fails and struggles, but inevitably proves himself, at least shows his promise.

12 Crossing the First Threshold Perseus dons the sandals, helmet, sword and shield and leaves Sephiros to find Medusa. Luke leaves his farm (recently destroyed) and Tatooine. Harry boards the Hogwart’s Express. Neo chooses the red pill (not the blue one). Frodo leaves the Shire; volunteers to take the Ring to Mordor.

13 6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies The character investigates the new world, learns, meets friends, encounters enemies, develops strength, courage, and other honorable traits through tests and trials.

14 Tests, Allies, and Enemies Perseus outsmarts the gray sisters. Luke encounters rascals in the Mos Eisley cantina and trains with Ben aboard the Falcon. Harry meets friends and foes at Hogwart’s. Neo trains with Morpheus aboard the Nebuchanezzar. Frodo travels east, evading Ringwraiths, Orcs, and other bogies and baddies.

15 7. Approach to the Innermost Cave Danger approaches, caution is needed, tension builds: clarity blurs between friend and foe, duty and desire, good and evil.

16 Approach to the Innermost Cave Perseus lands on Medusa’s isle. Luke enters the Death Star. Harry enters the Forbidden Forest. Neo re-enters the Matrix. Frodo enters Shelob’s Lair.

17 8. The Supreme Ordeal All hope is lost. A moment of loss, such as everything of value or even life itself. A time of darkness and uncertainty.

18 The Supreme Ordeal Medusa awakens! Luke is trapped in the trash compactor. His scar burning, Harry collapses in agony before Valdemort. Neo is betrayed by Cipher and “trapped” in the Matrix. Frodo collapses having been betrayed by Gollum and poisoned by Shelob.

19 9. Reward: Seizing the Sword The character survives and is rewarded; problems are solved; insight is gained, realizations adopted, boons received; all seems right.

20 Reward: Seizing the Sword Perseus slays Medusa. Luke rescues Leia, finds the secret plans, and escapes from the Death Star. Harry solves the puzzles surrounding the Sorceror’s Stone. Neo rescues Morpheus. Frodo destroys the Ring at Mt. Doom.

21 10. The Road Back Oh no! The character got comfortable too soon. Final - perhaps fatal - stumbling blocks and obstacles arise to challenge the character.

22 The Road Back The Kraken threatens Andromeda’s life. Darth Vader kills Ben Kenobi. Ron is disabled, Hermione leaves… Harry confronts Voldemort alone. Neo tries to escape from Agent Smith but is killed. Frodo discovers the Shire is in ruins and ruled by Saruman.

23 11. Resurrection The second, ultimate, now-or-never, do-or- die confrontation; the character’s last chance to overcome the odds.

24 Resurrection Perseus defeats the Kraken, saving Andromeda. Luke destroys the Death Star. The magic of his scar protecting him, Harry defeats Valdemort and recovers the Sorceror’s Stone. Neo, after being reborn with a kiss from Trinity, defeats Agent Smith. Frodo expels Saruman, liberating and restoring the Shire.

25 12. Return with the Elixir Ahhh! Good triumphs over evil, love saves the day, the hero returns home in triumph (and/or is often reconciled with his father), and all live happily ever after.

26 Return with the Elixir Perseus gains a kingdom and a queen. Luke (and Han and Chewbacca) is given awards and accolades. Harry’s “house” wins the House Cup and he returns to Privet Drive wiser and stronger. Neo accepts and relishes his role as the Chosen One. Frodo gains a legendary reputation; later he sails west with the Elves.

27 Other “Classic” Hero Stories Tomb Raider The Star Wars Trilogy Bible stories (Moses) Greek myths (Hercules) The Patriot, Braveheart The Lion King And many more…

28 Want to know more? Look into works by these philosophers-thinkers-writers: Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Christopher Vogler. Questions, comments, feedback? Paul Reiff Vernon Hills High School

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