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Type 56-1 Crush Test and Review by Manaura! (in English) on: January 31, 2009, 07:21:21 am.

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1 Type 56-1 Crush Test and Review by Manaura! (in English) on: January 31, 2009, 07:21:21 am

2 Dear Airsofters, The idea of review came to me when I first heard about RS competition. I have already heard of RS great quality from Nikolai (Lis), so crazy idea of crush test came into my mind! I made an offer to X-FORCE and they agreed to sponser and help me out! And so we made video in 3 parts about Real Sword Type-56: Part 1: Inside box, first feeling, internals, chrono, shooting Part 2: Crush test, internals and parts after it Part 3 (BONUS): Interview with Nikolai (Lis) - owner of Type 56-1 (coming soon) First I will put videos out and after them you can check photos with good resolution - they can answer some questions about results of crush test. Please, watch them in High Quality.

3 Part 1.

4 Part 2 (crush test).

5 Hi everybody.

6 Inside the box.

7 Lets look inside.

8 Steel receiver is very strong and when you first touch this AEG, it feel just like the real gun. Crush test showed that you can do anything you want with it - it wount brake and it wount scratch! It is very easy to take care of it with RS oil.

9 RS Type 56 motor is quite strong. Nikolai has M130 spring inside and motor works just fine with it! (Nikolai loves to shoot a lot and he has drum mag for this). RS motor worked very fine in cold weather and this is very important for cold countries.

10 Here is the cylinder. Very fine quality.

11 Here is M120 spring and Piston. Check out two steel teeth - the piston quality is as good as MadBull or Prometheus! The story of Nikolai (Lis) Type-56: Sand got inside and after a while piston was broken. HE took his gun apart and saw three broken teeth. He cleaned the AEG and put it back together with broken piston. It was still shooting fine for next few games before new piston came. At the moment piston is replaced just because Nikolai wants to be 100% sure his AEG is ok and some broken teeth on piston (even if AEG works just fine with it) is not acceptable.

12 This is real sword Gear Box. You can see markings on it (very cool).

13 Steel gears. They are very and very strong. We didn't try, but we are quite sure, that gears will work fine with M150 spring. There is just enough grease on them. There is no need to dissasemle AEG just after you buy it, like some Low-End AEG. No need to replace grease. Everything is just like it should be for long life and great performance.

14 And now lets begin our CRUSH TEST. We wanted to test Type-56 in conditions that are much worse than in airsoft games. As you remmember, we shot 10 000 BB-s before tests. Just after it we went to Männiku (Tallinn, Estonia) to see how good is the quality of AEG!We wanted to see: will gear box and motor work after crushing AEG, will receiver and other steel and wooden parts survive our tests. First test: I have thrown AEG into the snow and I have waited for some time, so that low temperature can hit Type-56. This was very easy for AEG. No problem - It works! So next test was sand. I thought that if sand destroyed Nikolai's Type-56 piston, maybe it can destroy mine Type 56-1. As you can check out in the video, Type 56-1 shoots after sand aswell. This is already mistery for me. (Please remmember, it is a TOY. Not all real rifles can survive the sand test) So I decided to go on... In Estonia we use Achtung Grenades in games. Very strong grenades, but I didn't think that they are that strong! Achtung Grenade + Sand + Snow + RS Type 56-1 = Very Strong and beautiful explosion.

15 After this one, some small parts were lost (we couldn't find them in sand). But the main part is that AEG still works! At the moment of explosion King Arms Li-Po battery was inside (I forgot it there) and the Steel body of Type 56-1 protected battery so it didn't blow! this is very important! No matter if you are going to fall with AEG - it will shoot and battery will not explode! Type 56-1 still works. I didn't beleive my eyes. It was already quite late and crazy idea came into my mind: I decided to crush Type 56-1 with my car - Pajero Sport! Unbeliavable, after snow and sand, after very strong grenade and after my car - Type 56-1 still works! Ofcourse mag was broken long time ago and small parts of AEG are lost, stock is damaged, but rifle shoots!




19 With this result we came back to X-FORCE show room. As you can see, safety is a half-broken, but it still works!


21 Let's wash it! like previous time with car - I will do it twice! Specially for this we taped the safety. No words needed, it shoots.

22 The result of our tests: We have cleaned the AEG, repaired the stock. Broken: - gear box part, that holds charging handle guide. - safety (half-broken) - some scratches on wood - mag was destroyed by grenade - Plastic Hop-Up was broken and needs to be replaced









31 There was water and sand everywhere and it is incredible how nothing in gear box was broken. We have cleaned the rifle with Real Sword Oil, repaired some parts and now it looks just fine! For best result we need to find new charging handle spring guide, change hop-up and gear box shell (because we can't put charging handle spring guide otherwise). Rifle works and looks like it can still work for a long time! The only thing that didn't work quite well out of box was mag. Althought they are all full steel and very strong, they need to be siliconed and taken care more carefully. Watch my videos and comment! Special thanks to X-FORCE, Sushky Studio, Ducho, Lis, Secen, Gad, DaW, Nemaier for music and ofcourse Real Sword for making such great quality airsoft AEGs! If you are still thinking of buying Real Sword - stop thinking and act quickly: Real Sword is best one on the market!

32 P.S. I hope to see SVD model soon with PSO-1. This should be masterpiece! Kind regards, Maria The End

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