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CUBIC MILE Barbora J á nska Veronika Halvelandov á Katarína Mar č ekov á tercia Secondary Grammar School Párovská street 1, Nitra Slovakia.

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1 CUBIC MILE Barbora J á nska Veronika Halvelandov á Katarína Mar č ekov á tercia Secondary Grammar School Párovská street 1, Nitra Slovakia


3 Introduction Architecture of Nitra is very rich. It mostly consists of historical buildings but there are also modern buildings. Nitra can be proud of super modern shopping centre – Mlyny but Nitra castle is still the most famous landmark.



6 NITRA CASTLE The castle was built on a place of an older Slavic strong- hold from 9th century. After the fire in 1271 its fortifications were repaired. It was rebuilt in Gothic style in the first third of 15th century in Renessaince style in 16th century and in Baroque style in 18th century. Today there is a residence of the Institute of Archeology of Slovak Academy of Sciences and a bishop residence. Nitra castle by Lukas Schnitzer drawn in 1664...... and today

7 CHURCHES It was built in 10th century and received its final Baroque modifications in early 18th century. Parts of Romanesque frescoes can be seen inside. There are a lot of historical churches in Nitra. The church of St. Stephen is one of the oldest churches in Slovakia.

8 THE CHURCH OF DRÁŽOVCE This church of St. Michael the Archangel was built in 12th century. It is one of the oldest and the nicest churches of Slovakia. It is typical Romanesque nave building. A special mass is usually celebrated here on September 29.

9 THE OLDEST BUILDINGS St. Ladislav`s Piarist church and Monastery – a protected cultural site. In the 1698, the Piarist order came to Nitra with the aim of educating poor children. The foundation of church and monastery were laid in 1701. In 1716 the almost completed church was destroyed by fire. The temple ` s most valuable part is the richly decorated main altar by Martin Vogerle, an Austrian sculptor. The vaults supporting the roof are covered by three magnificient frescoes depicting the history of Slavic Nitra by Edmunt Massanyi, a native of the town. The small square in front of the temple includes statues of the 12 Apostles and Baroque Calvary by A. Brandl.

10 THE OLDEST BUILDINGS The Grand Seminary (Samova street 14) – a protected cultural site. It was buit in 1764 – 1770. In 1876 – 1878 bishop Roškováni had added another wing to the Baroque building, giving it its present appearance. This Neo- Classicist building is regarded as one of Nitra`s architectural treasures. A view from Pribina square A view from Svätopluk square

11 It is now housing the valuable Diocesian Library, protected as a national cultural monument. It consists of 66 OOO volumes, 78 of which are rare 15-th century prints. THE OLDEST BUILDINGS

12 Region House – a protected cultural site. Originally a late Baroque structure completed in 1777. It was rebuilt as a representative building for Nitra Region`s administration. THE OLDEST BUILDINGS In 1923-1927 Janko Jesenský, an important Slovak writer served here as head of regional administration. Since 1965 it has been home of the Nitra Gallery.

13 THE OLDEST BUILDINGS The Monastery (Mission House on the Calvary) was built in 1765 for the Nazarena Order. Today the building is used by a Roman Catholic order and by the Mission Museum, a permanent exhibition of artefacts collected by Roman Catholic missionaries across the world.

14 St. Michael Archangel Chapel – a protected cultural site. It was mentioned in the documents written by the king Bela IV. in 1248. The Chapel is decorated by stone carvings depicting the Passion of Christ by J. Mezsaros, an sculptor and artist smith native of Nitra. THE OLDEST BUILDINGS

15 Nitra now and in the past

16 Svätopluk square This part of our town has changed a lot. In the past there was a bus station, but now it‘s a part of the pedestrian zone. It is surrounded by the buiding of the theatre, the post office, Town hall, hotel, some shops, a small park.

17 Svätopluk square A big fountain was built in the middle of the square. Historical names of Nitra and important years from its history are engraved on the stones around the fountain. During many cultural events the square becomes a small market place where you can buy amazing things from tradesmen.

18 Theatre Nitra theatre‘s name is Divadlo Andreja Bagara. It was established in 1950. It is named after a famous Slovak actor Andrej Bagar. It celebrates its 60th birthday this year. In the past our theatre had not its own building and it had to move. Nowadays, this theatre is very popular in Slovakia, a lot of famous actors and actresses play here. The biggest and one of the most important international non-governmental events in Slovakia International Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra takes place annually by the end of September. Theatre in the past Theatre today

19 Townsman`s House The building at the corner is the oldest one of the Down town. It was built in 17th century. The Renaissance Style building received a new Baroque frontage in the 19th century. The building housed the fist secondary grammar school in Nitra in 1698 -1701. In 1703 it was damaged by a big fire.

20 Region house and square Today, there is an art gallery and also the traffic has changed a lot.

21 Pedestrian zone It has been reconstructed in 1996. It is a place where young people can meet hanging around. It is full of historical buildings, banks, restaurants, small shops, boutiques. In summer you can sit on the benches enjoying the view of passers-by.

22 Hotel Slavia This hotel was built in year 1887 and it used to be a famous and prestige hotel for many years. Its reconstruction was finished in 2009.


24 THE PEDESTRIAN ZONE In the pedestrian zone you can see these historical artefacts: A sword as a symbol of peace Bronze well pump Granite fountain Music clock Corner fountain

25 A SWORD AS SYMBOL OF PEACE The bronze sword is an enlarged copy of a sword found in a nobleman’s tomb from 9 th century. The bronze handle is covered by geometrical ornaments and marks. The sword’s blade is buried in the ground as a symbol of peace.

26 The bronze well pump is a stone and bronze piece surrounded by a bronze grid, a Great Moravian symbol. The pump’s slender column ends in a breast shaped top- a symbol of persistence and secrets of life. THE BRONZE WELL PUMP

27 THE GRANITE FOUNTAIN It is accessible by several stairs which gradually disappear in the pavement. The ground around the fountain is covered by fine granite mosaic. Columns covered with climbing plants surround the object. The fountain itself is made of a single block of granite.

28 THE MUSIC CLOCK Every full hour, a short tune is played. In the morning you can hear a hen and a rooster, then a series of Slovak folk instruments, the violin, fujara, cimbal and bagpipes. At noon, a children choir sings “Nitra, dear Nitra“. During the afternoon, the musical style changes from folk, modern to classical. It is an almost five meters tall, made of stone and bronze. The bronze engraving on the column’s lower part represents the River Nitra. The double clock face, 90 centimeters in radius, is designed to recall the early 20 th century.

29 The fountain is made of one natural stone, travertine, with a bronze nozzle divided into two branches shaped like horse heads. The potable water falls onto a shell-like table and flows down into a bronze grid ornamented in Great Moravian style. THE CORNER FOUNTAIN The Great Moravian seats, made of silicate trachyte and the bronze cross silhouette are an artistic interpretation of archaeological artefacts found in the area of the “Great Nitra”.

30 THE CORNER FOUNTAIN A stone plate with the fragments of the poem Pribina by Ivan Krasko, famous Slovak modernist poet, is on the wall above the fountain.

31 THE YOUNGEST BUILDINGS Today there are a lot of new modern buildings in Nitra. Super modern shopping cente „Mlyny Nitra“ belong to the most attractive one. This centre was built last year and now it´s very popular. It `s the largest shopping area in our town. Many cultural events take place in the halls of this department store.

32 THE YOUNGEST BUILDINGS “Cheese house“ is another very interesting building. It is „gappy“ not only outside but inside too! Cheese house is an administration buildnig and it was nominated to CE.ZA.AR price in 2009 in category Civil and industrial buildings.

33 THE YOUNGEST BUILDINGS TRIANGOLO is a block of 13 flats in a shape of triangle. Its roof resembles a sea wave. It was designed by Ivan Matušík and Sebastian Nagy and it won the price of Dušan Jurkovič in 2008.


35 How will Nitra look like in the future? The future plans are:  to build a new neighborhood with many blocks of flats  to finish the south by-pass road  to build a sports-recreational complex  to build new biketracks,  to rebuild a bridge over the River Nitra.

36 1 – Industrial Park Norht (partly buit), 2 – Industrial park South (planned), 3 – planned housing estate Párovské Lúky, 4 – planned highway R1

37 New housing estates?

38 Planned housing estate Párovské lúky This is the plan of a new housing estate. It will be built near the town park.

39 Planned housing estate (former Brewery)

40 South bypass road

41 This bridge now serves just for people to cross the is going to be rebuit for traffic purposes. It is supposed to be finished at the end of the year. Suspension BRIDGE

42 Will our school be reconstructed ? The building of our school is going to be reconstructed soon. We are really looking forward to it.

43 Will all the historical buildings remain? Nitra is a growing town. Many new buildings and housing estates are planned to be built but we hope and also our municipality agrees that most of the historical buildings will remain.


45 THE POEM Nitra is very old Its castle is Nitra gold Nitra is guarded by Zobor mountain In pedestrian zone is granaite fountain There is also Svätopluk sword, Sword of Great Moravian lord We have also buildings new, Mlyny, Centro, stadium Placed on park avenue Nitra is modern city too.

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