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“O my sikhs, you know not, what great need I have for the heads of my sikhs, come on my sons, taste the cup of life giving death” Sri Gobind Singh Ji 1699.

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1 “O my sikhs, you know not, what great need I have for the heads of my sikhs, come on my sons, taste the cup of life giving death” Sri Gobind Singh Ji 1699

2 In the past Sikhs had not been distinguishable in appearance from Muslims and Hindus. The Khalsa uniform was a unique one, Lions and Princess’s to stand out in the crowds of Millions The main aim was to create a panth inwardly and outwardly pure Guru Ji’s vision - 1 family,khalsa panth Eradicate caste worship of stones, idols, rituals, gods and goddess’s

3 ‘The amazing Call of faith’ Is their any sikh among you all who is ready to lay down his life at a call from me? I need a head! 1 st call silence 2 nd call silence- agitation After the 3 rd call bhai daya ram stepped forward.

4 Bhai Daya Ram- “ Its yours in life and death” thou has taught us: If you desire to play this game of love with Me, then step onto My Path with your head in hand. When you place your feet on this Path, give Me your head, and do not pay any attention to public opinion. Sggs ji 1412

5 -The crowd here a loud thud -Guru Ji returns with his sword covered in blood -“I want another Head “ -The Crowd thought Guru Ji was Mad/crazy/ -Some Crowds starting fleeing, getting thinner -Some went to see Guru Ji’s mother saying he has gone insane -The Guru repeated his call, and Bhai Dharm Das stepped forward….. And gave his head

6 -The guru called for another head - Bhai Mohkam Chand stepped forward and gave his head - Again Guru Ji came out, Sword dripping with blood - Crowds became even thinner - Next the same stunning demand for another head as Guru Ji quoted: “o my sikhs, you know not, what great need I have for the heads of my sikhs, come on my sons, taste the cup of life giving death”

7 Bhai sahib Chand had stepped forward as the fourth blessed soul to give his head, he fell at the Gurus feet and said: “ O Master I have taken too long to make up my mind. But what could I do? You have tought us to lead a house holders life, the Household had captured my feeble heart. I struggle, Master but the grip proved too tight for a time. It is with your grace that it has been relaxed and I have shaken off the chains of false love that bound me. I confess it is a grave short-coming to have tarried so long, But you are Merciful and kind, pardon my past failings and accept this head. It is already yours, what shall I lose in rendering to what is yours already?”

8 - Another blow, another thud, the sword streaming with fresh blood - People in the crowd were praying to Waheguru to cure the Guru Still, Guru ji came out and called for a fifth head. The call was repeated, no response. On the 3 rd call Bhai Himmat Rai bowed his head before the guru and said: “ Strike master, and ferry me across this ocean of the deluding world. This body will not endure, it will fail and fall under the stroke of death. Take my head and ferry me across this ocean of the deluding world.” …. The crowd quietly uttered the guru has stayed longer in the tent? Has he returned to normal? No more heads? The blessed 5 returned from the tent behind the guru…….

9 ‘The 5 Beloved ones’ -Faces beaming with Joy -Aura of radiance -Dressed like the master? -Illuminating light glowing from their faces just like the gurus? -They came out looking like the guru? -THEY GAVE THERE HEADS, HE GAVE THEM HIMSELF Question for the Sangat: How could this be? they had been killed? Or had they been revived? The crowd was full of faces with regret and wonder. Everyone was sorry that they had not given there heads A follower of the guru I believe in the name of Ram said “ I failed in the trial of faith, the heads of my brothers I have accepted as my own. Throw this one in the Gutter, for it is unworthy to stand on these shoulders” Guru Ji Speaks…………….

10 “My dear sikhs, be of good cheer, the power to make a prompt response to the call of hour is not given to all, yet blessed are the ones who rise equal to the occasion. “When Guru Nanak dev ji tested his followers, only one sikh, Guru Angad dev ji stood the tall ordeal successfully. Now 5 sikhs have proved their devotion to their Guru, this is a matter of joy for us all. The true faith will flourish well and long, my sikhs will foremost be the protectors of the weak + oppressed.” “Some who thought I was Mad fled from my presence, this is the faith of a Manmukh who follows his own deluded mind. My sikhs who did not desert me but did not have courage to respond to my call are ‘Sanmukhs, they are dear to me, they did not turn their backs on there Guru. The 5 that resigned themselves to the Gurus will are Gurmukhs. This is yet the beginning, I shall need the heads of almost all of you in the course of time. So wait, be ready for that call, beware,you should fail again.”

11 - In the past Charan Pahul Amrit was given (Water which the guru had touched with his toe) - Guru Ji explained from “from Charan Pahul Amrit to Amrit which has been stirred with the double edged sword, the Amrit with my spirit dissolved in it” As great Nanak spoke ‘ amrit is one, without a second’ nwnk AMimRqu eyku hY dUjw AMimRqu nwih ] (sggs ji 1238) Khanda Batte Da Amrit and Charan Pahul Amrit in essence are exactly the same, just different technique

12 Day of Baisakhi 1699 -Sangat assembled same spot- 5 beloved ones reciting sacred verses - Guru Ji spoke “they who drink the amrit with the divine word and my spirit dissolved in it, they should shed weakness of body, mind and heart and become brake as lions” - I shall change Jackals into Lions- Sparrows into Hawks - All castes become one, A single brotherhood where the lowest is equal to the highest, one panth, Khalsa panth. Matah Sahib Kaur came with pataseh (Sugar crystals) “Sweet lady, thou has come at a very opportune moment when thy gift is needed the most. Power and courage without a ounce of nectar can infuse and become dangerous, sweetness of the soul is needed. Pour thy sweetness, so that our disciples may be blessed not only with power and courage, but also with grace of womanly sweetness”

13 “When my daughters drink amrit, they become kaurs - the Princesses. This was to make clear to the world that a daughter was as good as a son. “Why call her inferior who gives birth to kings and great men?” Guru Nanak Dev Ji SGGS JI “Consider women other than your wife, as your mothers, sisters and daughters.” To look lustfully at a women other than your wife, is like pork for a Muslim and beef for a Hindu” Guru Gobind Singh Ji Bhai Gurdas Ji Later on many Sikh women fought shoulder to shoulder with sikh men in the fight against oppression and intolerance of the Mughal Rulers. Sikh Women made heroic sacrificess to keep the flame of freedom burning.

14 After baptising the 5 beloved ones “from today you belong to Khlasa panth, from today you are born in Guru’s house, all your previous comings and goings are ended. From today you belong to one family, for you are my children in flesh and spirit, khalsa is your caste, a nation of saint soldiers” (all different castes- 5 beloved ones- play of god) Guru Ji spoke of our rehet the first rehet spoke of was “Initiation of a sikh is to drink the ambrosial necter of the double edged sword. Call yourself not a sikh without sikh rehet” The 5 beloved ones has then prepared to administer the Amrit to the sangat BEFORE ……… ???????

15 PROBABLY THE MOST HUMBLE ACT IN HISTORY HAD BEEN WITNESSED Guru ji kneeled before them with open hands and begged for Amrit

16 5 beloved ones hesitated Guru ji replied “ Why do you hesitate? I haven given you my form, my glory, and my appearance. I name you the khalsa, the pure, Almighty's own. The khalsa is the guru, and the guru is the khalsa. You and I are one forever. You are my Guru, I am now your disciple, therefore administer the Ambrosial necter without hesitation” Guru Ji received amrit, and like the names of the 5 beloved ones he also became from Gobind Rai to Gobind Singh- Sikh women were given the name of kaur, a princess -Thousands of Men and Women were baptised and were given the unique appearance - Old distinctions were vanished, caste, inequality, A unique appearance and a unique panth had been created. Guru Ji declared that any sikh who observed rehet and lived the true life could be competent to baptise others, all would be equal in all aspects and spheres of life.

17 Guru nanak dev ji’s mission had been completed. Guru Gobind singh Ji knew when he was going to leave his physical body. The ceremony of 1699 was paramount for the sikh faith, from creation of 5 beloved ones to creation of Guru granth sahib ji, formless shabad, this has enabled growth of khalsa in all lands, that’s why were here as sikhs today (This was gods will, 1699 was all in the pleasure of God)

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