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The Journey toward Effective Instruction By Anne Warren.

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1 The Journey toward Effective Instruction By Anne Warren

2 A long time ago, in a land called North Penn…





7 Two Staff Developers led the way… Susan (Sinkinson) Elko & Rick Brasch worked with colleagues to promote the Elements of Effective Instruction (EEI) based upon the work of Madeline Hunter (1916-1994)

8 David Page and the Instructional Coaches continued to promote the message… Photos of Nancy Sherlock-Robson, Gloria Marsella, and Beth Sorgini were not available. Shirley BergmanToni Butz Jeff Macosko David Page Margaret McCarney Susan Delp Janet Crawford

9 Then 2 new Staff Developers were hired to create the NP Instructional Model Tying together the previous work of Rick & Susan and Dave & The Instructional Coaches, and based upon Charlotte Danielson’s four domains: – Planning & Preparation – Classroom Environment – Instruction & Assessment – Professionalism Mike McNerneyAnne Warren

10 After the Instructional Model was communicated to all teachers in North Penn, it was time to keep the conversation going and create a path toward curricular clarity…

11 Enter…Effective Instruction A long-term plan created by Isabel Resende and various instructional leaders, this plan was intended to promote dialogue and sharing about good instructional practices (formative assessment strategies, differentiated instruction, etc.)

12 And the torch has been passed… Amber and Anne (the newest Dynamic Duo ) are working to provide resources, examples, and time for elementary teachers to collaborate on their instructional techniques and to align Effective Instruction with the elementary implementation of RtII (Response to Instruction and Intervention)

13 But YOU are the most important character in our story! The best professional development occurs when peers work to create, model, and promote good practice We NEED you, we THANK you, and we CELEBRATE your role as an Instructional Leader

14 With your help, the journey will continue and our destination will be reached.

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