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Literature Mock feedback

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1 Literature Mock feedback
Unit 1 Section A Literature Mock feedback

2 How to move from a B to an A
Say a lot about a little – re-quote words for further examination. Do so with some imagination and originality. I will be calling this ‘developing your interpretation’ Be prepared to move from small details in individual quotes to big ideas. I will be calling this ‘linking to themes’. Remember you need to show you understand of the methods and devices used by the writer to present their ideas. I will be calling this ‘AO2.’ You will be set a h/w to practise this. I will now show you what I mean using a student’s answer. Which question did you do: Part (a) How is symbolism used? Part (a) option 2 : How is family life presented?

3 How does Baines use symbolism in Compass and Torch?
In the exposition (opening), Baines’ vivid description of the landscape ‘bruised here and there with heather and age-old spoils of purple granite’ is symbolic of how damaged the relationship is between father and son; the landscape is used to mirrors their hurt feelings. In pairs, discuss how you could develop the interpretation here in an imaginative and perceptive way? You could consider: Bruised? Here and there? age-old? spoils? definition ‘waste material brought up during the course of an excavation or a dredging or mining operation’ and then cross-reference to another quote to develop your idea ‘this is further shown when…’

4 One student’s response (this was one paragraph in a four paragraph answer)
In the exposition, Baines’ vivid description of the landscape ‘bruised here and there with heather and age-old spoils of purple granite’ is symbolic of how damaged the relationship is between father and son; the landscape is used to mirrors their hurt feelings. ‘age-old’ suggests that those wounds have been developing and worsening for years – the damage and bruising is not new, it is historic. This means that the boy and his father have been distant for a while. The further ‘The boy, though, is not looking at the way, ahead’ implies that the boy has given up and simply has run out of hope for a possible salvation of their relationship. The writer explores the theme of the dysfunctional paternal relationship through this depressing imagery.

5 The further three paragraphs were:
2. compass 3. torch 4. still black mirror of the lake Note: Explicit reference to theme ‘This link to the thee of change through the story, the boy seems more mature than the da in his pleas for attention’ Explicit reference to nvp in para 4‘Baines uses vivid descriptions of surroundings in 3rd person omniscient viewpoint to symbolise the damage to the father-son relationships to reveal o us that they both know how broken the relationship is’ 6 quotes used

6 Homework – due by Friday period 1. dhsbookbabes. wordpress
Homework – due by Friday period 1. How is symbolism used in one of the stories? A one paragraph answer. In your paragraph: Link to theme 2 quotes Write a lot about a little Show imagination in your interpretation Cross-reference to another quote to develop your point. This is a 25 minute homework – 10 minutes reviewing today’s learning, 10 minutes planning what you are going to say, 5 minutes writing. Due on the blog by Friday period 1. I recommend writing your paragraph on a word document and copy/paste onto the blog. The post is entitled ‘Year 11 SOTG power paragraphs’.

7 Part (b) How is symbolism used by another writer?
My Polish Teacher’s Tie – symbolism is used to accentuate the themes of prejudice, loneliness and identity Carla’s uniform – symbolic of inequality and her anonymity ‘I wear a uniform, blue overall and white cap with the school logo on it. That’s me.’ Divide between mealtime assistants and teaching staff symbolic of inequality and her character development ‘I lifted the counter flap…and walked across’ Steve’s poem – bird is symbolic of her Polish language ‘the bird flew down the main shaft and got lost in the tunnels underground, then it sang and sang until it died. Everyone heard it singing, but no one could find it.’ Steve’s tie is symbolic of self-confidence and national pride ‘His red tie with its bold green squiggles was much too wide and too bright. It was a flag from another country, a better country.’

8 When the Wasps Drowned? When the Wasps Drowned – symbolism is used to accentuate the themes of violence, abuse of power and a loss of innocence Wasps – symbolic of violence, foreshadowing the discovery of the body. Also used to symbolise a loss of innocence as we see the children pound them with a stone. Ring – symbolic of power (murderer’s power over his victim and Eveline’s power over her siblings) Garden - symbolic of childhood and its confinement Bikini – symbolic of her wishing to be more adult

9 Part (b) How is family life presented in When the Wasps Drowned
Part (b) How is family life presented in When the Wasps Drowned? Look how AO2 comments are integrated The absent mother suggests detachment and isolation in the family. The first person narrator’s resentment and perhaps anger at the mother’s withdrawal is shown in the short sentence ‘mum was at work all day’. This could be interpreted to suggest that Eveline resents being the surrogate parent – also evident in the detailed description of her chores ‘washing up the breakfast dishes’. The writer uses contrast to show Eveline’s premature responsibility by juxtaposing her work with the childhood games of her siblings ‘pushing a toy truck’s suggesting the theme of loss of innocence due to her mother’s absence. This is further shown in the description of the mother who ‘watched as we prepared the fish fingers’. The mother is the observer, who passively ‘watched’ her children look after themselves - evoking the reader’s sympathy.

10 This was paragraph two in a four paragraph response (nearly 2 sides of A4)
Paragraph 1 – AO1 maturity of Eveline, she is the surrogate parent (4 very short quotes) Paragraph 2 – (4 very short quotes) Paragraph 3 – contrast between sexualised behaviour , wish to grow up and her need for a mother and childlike qualities ( I wanted mum’s gentle shush’ 5 quotes) Paragraph 4 – heat imagery, oppressive – tense. Family under pressure, Eveline’s wish to escape (one quote)

11 How is family life presented in another story?
Anil Compass and Torch Something Old Something New For your allocated story, find three quotes you would use to discuss to answer the question. Each one should exemplify a different AO2 device such as : Setting Narrative viewpoint and style of storytelling Language

12 An A to A* Imaginative, detailed and perceptive reading of quotes
Ability to link to themes in a confident way – you can of course prepare this in advance – why haven’t you? Coverage of story : cross-referencing quotations, moving around the story with confidence. Language used to analyse which shows sophistication. For example: the detachment of Eveline’s mother, Eveline’s surrogacy, Eveline’s feelings of empowerment , mutual acceptance of the sinister circumstances, evasion of justice…. Strong understanding of the methods used by the writer – in addition to an understanding of the ideas. Pick quotes that you know (from your revision) you can say something about how they are written.

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