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Ten Tors A MOOR DETAILED TOR (of the event). The start of the 2007 Ten Tors event.

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1 Ten Tors A MOOR DETAILED TOR (of the event). The start of the 2007 Ten Tors event

2 The Challenge The Ten Tors challenge is all about mental fitness and the ability to work within a team to support others and to finish as a team. The key to success is a strong, close team with the ability to navigate and survive the brutal conditions which can be experienced on Dartmoor.

3 The Aim The aim of the event is to complete a set route which includes Ten Tors. You must complete these in the order given and there is 3 set distances 35, 45 and 55 miles. The aim is to complete this within 36 hours.

4 The Keys to success Ten Tors main aims are to make individuals pull together as a team. This is the way to success as without the team spirit it is hard to complete the event. Also having extremely good knowledge of the moors means that you are capable of navigating in the worst possible conditions. The old motto ‘train hard, fight easy’ applies to the Ten Tors as well, the harder you train the easier the event becomes allowing more time to be spent navigating.

5 The Moors Dartmoor as a whole offers a wide variety of sites and attractions. Its constant varying terrain and its extreme weather means that teams have no idea what to expect when they are out on the moor. This therefore means that they have to be trained so that they can navigate and cope with these hardships and carry on as if it was just training. A successful team will work together and will be able to navigate and know where they are going even if visibility is down to less than 5 metres!!

6 The Equipment Each member has to carry a set amount of personal equipment which is vital to there survival on the Ten Tors. Also along with this team items are carried by selected members of the team. For example a set number of compasses and first aid kits must be carried by each team. On average bergans weigh around 35 pounds.

7 The Equipment continued… Team Equipment- This includes Tent X 2/3 First Aid Kits X 2 Food X 2 lunches X 2 main meals Torch X 2/3 This is the minimum equipment that should be carried between the team members for the team equipment.

8 Personal Equipment This is the minimum personal equipment: Rucksack x 1 Waterproofs x1jacket 1trousers Warm Headgear x 1 Footwear x 1 pair Gloves x 1 pair Sleeping Bag+Mat x 1 Water Bottle x 1 Water sterilisation tablets 48 hrs supply Survival Bag x 1 Reserve food pack x 1

9 The Ten Tors Prayer O God who has made the Earth of great beauty, and who has give to us the spirit of adventure, we thank you for the beauty and vigour of young people, for companionship and for the opportunity to enjoy all these gifts. We pray that you will keep them safe on this great venture and grant that they may meet each challenge and difficulty with unselfish courage and so find the true spirit of comradeship as shown to us by Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

10 The Ten Tors Teams’ Charity sponsorship 2005 - The MV Freedom – adapted boat to enable disabled youngsters access to the thrill of a sea adventure. £1000. 2006 – Breast Cancer Breakthrough. £1000. 2007 – Julia’s House – Dorset’s own children’s hospice. £1000.

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