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English learning 1. Oral English Oral English 2. Grammar and New words.

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1 English learning 1. Oral English Oral English 2. Grammar and New words

2 How do they escape from the unexplored planet? There are three doors, You can choose one, go and see it! Gate 1 Gate 2 Gate 3

3 After his supper of kangaroo soup, Gork lay down on his bed and almost immediately fell asleep. He was snoring. The noise shook the cave. ‘Listen, everyone,’ I said. ‘Here’s my plan.’ From my pocket, I took my small, powerful laser torch. Because it was in a plastic case, the magnet could not attract it. ’We will use the torch to escape from the cage,’ I said. ‘First I’ll melt the bars and then……’ Peters interrupted me. ‘I know, Captain. Then you’ll use the Torch to kill Gork. ‘ Use your brains, I said. ‘If we kill Gork, how will we escape? We’re too weak to open the door.Here’s what we’ll do! We’ll..? Answer: Gork falls sleep, King plans to use his laser torch to escape. P1-4

4 Moments later, we were all out of the cage. The crew was biding among the kangaroos, and I was standing on the bed, beside Gork’s head. I said loudly, ‘Gork, this is Nobody. ‘ Gork woke up. I aimed the torch at his eye and pressed the button. The laser beam hit the eye. The eye went out. Answer: The crew escape from the cage and hides among the kangaroos. King blinds Gork with his laser torch and tell him, ’ This is Nobody.’ P5

5 Gork roared,’ I can’t see! My eye!’ The noise brought his neighbours running to his door. ‘What’s wrong, Gork?’ they shouted from outside. Gork shouted back, ’It is Nobody damaged my eye.’ The neighbours laughed and said, ‘Nobody attacked him Gork’s having a bad dream. Let's go back to bed. Good night! Answer: Gork’s noise brought his neighbours to his door, he said Nobody attack him, but they think Gork had a bad dream and leave. P6-9

6 By this time, I had joined my crew among the kangaroos. Gork said, ‘Nobody, I know you’re hiding among my kangaroos. I’ll get you. You’re finished. All of you. He opened the cave door a little and called his kangaroos to come out. As they hopped through the narrow opening, one at a time, he felt their backs with his hands to make sure we were not on them. Answer: Gork open the door and let the kangaroos hop out one by one and feel their backs to search for the aliens. P10-11

7 ‘What do we do now?’ Peters whispered. ‘We can’t get out on the Kangaroos. We’re done for.’ ‘Don’t panic, Peters,’ I said. ‘We can’t get out on the kangaroos but we can get out in them. Here, get inside this one.’ Peters climbed Into the giant kangaroo’s pocket. A few moments later, he hopped Through the door to freedom. ‘That’s how we all got free,’ said Captain King, ’and back to our Ship and,eventually,back to the safety of the earth.’ Answer: They hide in the kangaroos’ pocket and get free safely, they return to earth. P12-14

8 ‘ What happened to Gork?’ asked someone. ‘Gork? I don’t know. Maybe he’s still in his cave----looking For Nobody.’ Everyone laughed except a figure in the captain’s garden. It Was moving silently towards the house. It was a huge figure, And in its face was a single, red, glowing eye. Answer: they return, maybe Gork is still looking for Nobody, but a mysterious figure starts moving towards them. P15-17

9 P1-4 Fall asleep, escape, Laser torch, P5 hide, blind, tell P6-9 Roar, neighbour, Attack, dream, leave P10-11 Search, open, Hop out, back P12-14 Kangaroo, pocket Get free, return P15-17 Gork, look for, Mysterious figure

10 If….. If 语句的 用法 too…toattract aim

11 Homework When king and his companies are in the garden, a mysterious figure starts moving towards them. What will happen? Please use your imagination and write the following story.

12 Bye bye

13 Aliens are controlled. My tooth! Who can help me?? This is Gork Nobody, dentist Take this,your tooth will be all right. My tooth, good! I will go to thank aliens for their help! You are so great ! We are friends! alien The earth is so interesting! This is Gork’s waiter. They are invited to visit the earth.

14 Gork’s waiter Alien tells the waiter some interesting things on the earth. How interesting it is !! Aliens give him this plastic toy. He want to give aliens freedom. Waiter open the door,and the aliens can leave here and return to earth. (Gork is sleeping now. ) We are back!!

15 They are think how to escape from here?? They have some medicine which can make people sleep. Gork and his waiter are faint after smelling aliens’ medicine, soon they will fall asleep. Aliens get the key from Gork’s waiter, And then they escape and return to their home. Gork and his waiter wake up and only to find that aliens have already left.

16 Review: 1.I will visit my uncle_____ (when, if, after ) it’s fine tomorrow. 2.You____________(improve) your English, if you practice more. if will improve

17 too….to… Review: 1.The box is so heavy that he can’t lift if.( 同意句转换 ) The box is ____heavy for him_____ lift it. 2.Li Ming was too excited to say a word. Li Ming was ____excited ____he can’t say a word. too to so that

18 Attract: 吸引,引起 ….. 的注意 1.The Oriental Pearl TV Tower_____ tens of thousands of visitors since 1995. A.attracted B. attracts B. has attracted D. will attract 2. A magnet _________ steel. 3. He shouted loudly to ______ attention. Answer: C attracts attract

19 aim: 目标,目的 1.He ______his gun___ the lion, fired and missed. 2. Harry ________ becoming a doctor. 3. What do you want to be?( 同意句转换 ) What is your _____ in life? aimed at aims aim

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