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Objective: Dethrone Competition 2-3K Market: 3Mn/month units Dethrone Competition: Target 35% MS 3x4 M/Shares (2-3K Segment) 2-3K Segment Status Target:

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2 Objective: Dethrone Competition 2-3K Market: 3Mn/month units Dethrone Competition: Target 35% MS 3x4 M/Shares (2-3K Segment) 2-3K Segment Status Target: Grow E2232 by 30% + Replace E2152 with twice of its Vol.

3 Demographics Age : Early 20’s ~ 30 Gender: Predominantly Male(70/30) ratio Personal Profile User Profile Occupation: Small Business owner/Non- Executive Office worker/Supervisor/Student Usage Requirements Dual SIM for economic tariff plans Multimedia consumption – pictures, videos, music File Sharing – Bluetooth & Expandable memory Design & Finish that looks expensive Powerful Battery Target Consumers

4 Smart Dual SIM: Receive calls on both SIMs 24x7 32GB Expandable Memory Torch /3.5mm Ear jack Long 11.8hrs talk time KILLER Design Slim & Sleek @ 13.9mm Largest 2” screen in class Elegant Curved design Premium metallic finish KILLER Messaging Smart ChatON Messenger Unmatched Features – Image sharing, Group chat, Message all contacts, KILLER Social Networking Easy Email setup. Native Facebook & Twitter apps All Messengers– Yahoo, MSN, GTalk KILLER Hardware KILLER Offers Unlimited FREE MUSIC Unlimited FREE GAMES SMS METRO to 56886 2” Overview: Metro 2252- The ‘KILLER’

5 Miles Ahead of Competition Advanced ChatON Messenger The new way to communicate – share images over chat, chat in groups or send your message to all your contacts in one go (C2-00: NA) Larger 2” Display & Slimmer 13.9mm body deliver a better multimedia experience and a sleek & premium design (C2-00: 1.8” display & 14.65mm) Smart Dual SIM Technology ensures that a call is never missed (C2-00: Dual SIM Standby, SIM 2 misses calls when SIM 1 is on call) Preloaded Facebook & Twitter Apps keep you updated with friends (C2-00: NA) Powerful Battery with up to 11.8hrs talktime lets you talk without worries (C2-00: Up to 5.75hrs) Powerful Torch lights your way in the dark (C2-00: NA) Smart Homescreen lets you organise shortcuts, best friend contacts & daily schedule on the home screen. (C2-00: NA) 2”

6 Marketing Support TV Campaign VAS Bundle POSM Operator Offer Online FREE Data Offer FREE Games and Music download 6 week high density campaign. 2 Elements, 60K outlet coverage Search marketing, Owned media, Facebook 360°Campaign DUMMIES 60k Outlet coverage.


8 Smart Dual SIM Work/life balance with two numbers. Two separate numbers for work and personal accounts maintain privacy and help organize busy lifestyles Smart Dual SIM allows you to receive calls* from the second SIM while on call on the first SIM Easy swapping via SIM switching key gives immediate access to other number. *Call divert charges applicable. Dependent on Network Conditions

9 Slim & Refined Design Contemporary style meets simplicity Slim (113x46x13.9mm) & stylish design enhances style & status. Wide 2.0”QQVGA TFT LCD display helps in easy navigation & enjoying multimedia. Intuitive Paragon Lite UX is easy to use- With smart idle for missed calls & schedule, 3 themes & shortcut icons. Sturdy & resilient keypad is easy to use and keep clean.

10 Enhanced Social Life Media-rich communication has never been easier ChatON global communication service for easy sharing, group chat & personalized messaging. Native SNS applications including Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo! Fast, efficient download and sharing of games & applications through Samsung Apps or Bluetooth v.2.1

11 Music Experience Music lovers choice Built-in MP3 player to enjoy tunes on the go with 3.5mm ear jack to fit headphones of your choice. Never run our of space with 32GB expandable memory that accommodates up to 8000 songs. FM radio helps tune into dozens of stations & provide choice of music ranging from newest hits to classics.

12 Extra Features Ample extras that boost functionality & usability Strong 1000 mAh battery provides Long 669 hrs standby & 11 hrs talk time. VGA camera supports high quality video recording for capturing your precious moments. Speakerphone, voice memo & SOS messenger for calling provide flexibility for personal management and security USB v.2.1 offers high speed data downloads for faster content delivery. Torchlight works like a mini-flashlight, a useful tool for night.

13 Dual SIM Support Explain how customer can use two different phone numbers with separate accounts & monthly plans, to distinguish between work and personal life Reiterate that two SIM cards are always on and active, enabling user to receive/send messages, emails, calls from both accounts at all times Indicate the SIM switching button (# key) that allows user to easily and instantly change from one line to the other Slim & Refined Design Admire its simply stylish design and contemporary dimensions (113x46x13.9mm), combining functionality, comfort and portability Emphasize how wide the 2.0 TFT LCD display is, large enough to fully enjoy multimedia contents and check updates effortlessly Allow customer to try out the Paragon Lite UX’s intuitive interface and touch the resilient, always immaculate keypad Enhanced Social Life Talk up ChatON as Samsung’s free multiplatform global communication service and survey its numerous features including animation messaging, media sharing, group chat and unique Buddy Interaction, Buddies Say, Trunk, etc. Ask customer about favorite SNS and inform how native applications (Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, etc.) trigger faster access to contacts, status updates, messaging Boast of the wealth of games & applications available through Samsung Apps and ease of device-to-device transfers via Bluetooth v.2.1 Music Experience Launch the MP3 music player, extolling the pleasures of mobile music, and show the 3.5mm ear jack which fits standard headphones for better sound quality Point out the microSD card slot (32GB) and mention its extended memory capacity, up to 8000 songs per card Tune into FM radio, surveying a few music stations and eclectic song offerings, every genre to suit all musical tastes


15 After-Market Items Earphone 3.5mm Main Set (GT-E2252)Standard Battery (1000mAh) Travel Adaptor Standard In-Box Items Car Charger Micro USB / GSM Data Cable USB, Micro-USB Earphone


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