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Motivating pupils in Science at Primary School.

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1 Motivating pupils in Science at Primary School


3 What steps have we taken at DESS? Developed an evolving curriculum, based on the English National Curriculum but adapted to suit our pupils Teachers include Science studies as part of Thematic Enquiry where possible – no text books Designated Science Lab for Key Stage 2 Emphasis on developing enquiry skills through practical activities, experimentation and investigations Implemented Assessment for Learning policy throughout the school

4 Thematic Enquiry Planning - The Brainstorm Key Question (Linked to Theme) Literacy Lines of Enquiry Numeracy Lines of Enquiry ICT Lines of Enquiry DT Lines of Enquiry Humanities Lines of Enquiry Art Lines of Enquiry Science Lines of Enquiry

5 Understanding the World – Making sense of the world. Science integrated with history, geography and technology. Active kinesthetic learning Animals, people, plants in their natural environment Practical experiments Real – life situations Use a range of tools safely Early Years Foundation Stage

6 Key Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2 Beginning of investigative activities. Children ask questions Group experiments Finding things out for themselves Investigation through Thematic Enquiry Why? When I do this, what happens …? How can I change this? What if..? L.O. To find out about the properties of a variety of materials and how they are chosen for use on the basis of these

7 Lower Key Stage 2 – Years 3 and 4 Development of Thematic Enquiry - putting science into context. Making it relevant to everyday experiences. Year 3; Hello H 2 0 Theme L.O. To understand the basic conditions for living things to survive. To know why water and a healthy diet are important. Linked to World Water Day 2012. Fund-raising for safe, clean drinking water for African villages. Understanding of the importance of water and its conservation. ‘

8 H 2 O Activities

9 Going Green – Year 4 Habitats and Adaptation Food chains Classification Caring for our environment Visit to EMEG Guest speakers Parental involvement

10 Year 4 – Electric Circuits Contextualising Science; making our own torches. L.O. To construct electrical circuits to make devices work. To learn how circuits may be changed to affect the brightness or speed of components. Asking questions - ‘What happens when..?’ Applying learning to a task. Purpose to science and technology skills.

11 Subject specialist system Investigative science in Science Lab every week Active ‘Wow!’ lesson starters Use of costume – teacher/pupils Visits to local factories, facilities, exhibitions and DESC Independent experiments Guest ‘expert’ speakers Upper Key Stage 2 – Years 5 and 6

12 Children ask their own questions and plan investigations to answer them Why is the swimming pool closed? How far does a sneeze travel? Can we make a switch to light our tower?

13 Scientific Studies at Dibba

14 Motivation through Assessment for Learning Are exciting activities alone enough to motivate learners? Children need to know where they are in their learning journey Understand ways to improve Two-way dialogue encourages reflection How am I doing? Do I really understand this? Can I explain my learning, using the new vocabulary I have encountered? What do I need to do to improve? How can I move forward with this? What are the next steps in my learning?

15 Assessment for Learning Reflection on performance Pupils motivated to improve and further develop Recognise that mistakes are helpful; we learn from our mistakes! Never make the same mistake twice. There are so many new ones to make – Try a new one each day! Mistakes are the stepping stones to success

16 Motivation – the bigger picture Enriching the curriculum Environmental studies trip, Cyprus Green Club EEG campaigns, pupil conferences Competitions Axum Africa

17 Science is all about asking questions Now it is your turn!! Sue Le Boutillier Bede Higgins Tony Clarkson Dubai English Speaking School

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