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MIDN 3/C Austyn Sutton, USNR

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1 MIDN 3/C Austyn Sutton, USNR
Ribbons and Awards MIDN 3/C Austyn Sutton, USNR


3 Overview Understand criteria for and recognizing ribbons
Identify appurtenances and understand process for earning them Understand order of precedence Understand manner of wear Identify Outside Agency Awards


5 Manner of Wear (Ribbons)
1) “worn on the service coat or jumper of dress blue and dress white, and on the shirt of service khaki, summer white, winter blue, NLCC summer and winter dress uniforms.” 1) “… Wear up to three ribbons in a single row.” 1) “Wear ribbons without spaces between ribbons or rows of ribbons.”

6 Manner of Wear (Ribbons) Cont.
4) “NSCC Officers, Midshipmen, and Instructors may wear all ribbons awarded and appurtenances earned as an NSCC Cadet with the exception of year ribbons.” 5) “NSCC Cadets may wear all ribbons earned as an NLCC Cadet with the exception of year ribbons.”

7 Manner of Wear (Medals)
1) “Wear both large medals and ribbons that do not have corresponding large medals on full dress uniforms.” 2) “Medals will be worn with the dress uniform WHEN PRESCRIBED FOR FORMAL OCCASIONS.”

8 Order of Precedence

9 Honor Ribbon Criteria “Is directly responsible for saving a human life at risk of his or her own life.”

10 NSCC/NLCC Distinguished Service Ribbon
“By extraordinary heroism, but not to the degree of justifying of the NSCC/NLCC Honor Ribbon.” Sustained extraordinary service to NSCC or NLCC Selection as NSCC/NLCC Cadet of the Year

11 Meritorious Recognition Ribbon
Humanitarian action or exceptional service to NSCC or NLCC Selection as Regional Cadet of the Year Establishing and overseeing programs which make a significant contribution to the NSCC program

12 Commendation Ribbon Superior service and completion of significant projects, tasks, or sustained service. Regional Cadet of the Year

13 Citation Ribbon Excels in advancement
Performs training in outstanding manner Is smart and neat in appearance May be awarded to Company Honor Cadet Honor Company for RT’s with 100+ recruits

14 NSCC Escort Officer Ribbon
Officer version of a staff cadet

15 Community Service Ribbon
30 Hours of community service I.e. Soup kitchens, community clean up, charity work, etc. Parades and public events don’t count

16 International Exchange Program Ribbon
Attendance and participation in International Exchange Program Selected for program based on Scholarship/Academics NSCC Record Citizenship Attributes

17 Academic Achievement Ribbon
Enrolled in Accreddited Public/Home School Make honor role for a semester No grades below a B (80) Provide CO with a letter from the school verifying status Provide copy of standardized test scores (Home School) Can earn two per year

18 Drug Reduction Ribbon Attendance at four substance abuse, anti-drug awareness lecture given by the following: Local/State Police Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Perform one, one hour or two, two thirty minute substance abuse, anti-drug lectures to school, civic, church, or youth group.

19 Office of Naval Research Ribbon
Participate in educationally sanctioned Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) competitions. Earn place of 1st through 5th in a science competition

20 Recruiting Incentive Ribbon
Recruit NSCC Officers, Midshipman, Instructors, or NSCC/NLCC Cadets into any unit One award for each enrolled Must remain in program for 3 months

21 Unit Commendation Ribbon
As a group of 15 or more; or 80% of the unit Participate in two community affairs, humanitarian actions, etc. Awarded to top ten NSCC and top five NLCC units for annul inspection Only members who participate in the two events

22 Physical Fitness Ribbon
Meet qualifying standards of the Presidential Physical Fitness Award Earn “E” appurtenance if meeting Presidential level Blue inboard, yellow outboard Test must be proctored by PE Teacher Regional Director Active Duty Military Active NSCC PRT Coordinator

23 Staff Cadet Ribbon Attend and complete NSCC training as a staff member
Must be noted on NSCTNG 005

24 Color Guard Ribbon Perform as a member of the team for six months
Perform a minimum of five team evolutions in a public event

25 NSCC/NLCC Service Ribbon
Served as an NLCC Cadet for a period of 12 months or more prior to enrollment in NSCC Served as an NSCC Cadet for a period of 12 months or more prior to appointment as NSCC Officer, Midshipman, or Instructor

26 Marksman Ribbon Qualify for marksman, sharpshooter, or expert in accordance with applicable standards for the range being used. “E” appurtenance awarded for expert “S” appurtenance awarded for sharpshooter May wear “E” and “S”, two “E”’s, or two “S”s provided each was earned with a different weapon.

27 NSCC 25th/50th Anniversary Ribbon
Enrolled in NSCC as of or on 10 September 2012 Large Gold Star worn by personnel who attended ceremony in D.C. on 29 September 2012 or 06 October 2012 in San Diego

28 25th Year Commissioned Ribbon
Awarded to all cadets enrolled in a unit qualifying for 25 year commissioning ribbon Silver star worn for units that are 50 years old

29 Year Ribbons 1st Year- Awarded after 90 days in the NSCC
2nd Year- Awarded after one year in NSCC 3rd Year- Awarded after two years in NSCC 4th Year- Awarded after three years in NSCC 5th Year- Awarded after four years in NSCC

30 Intermission

31 Outside Agency Awards

32 NLUS Youth Medal and Ribbon
Awarded annually to the units Sea and League Cadet of the Year NSCC CoY wears large silver star in center of ribbon NLCC CoY wears gold boot in center of ribbon NLCC Cadet does NOT earn medal A cadet can only earn this once during their career

33 Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Outstanding Cadet Award
Dinstinguished him/herself through outstanding leadership, honor, service, courage, and patriotism. Selected and nominated to local Daughters of the American Revolution chapter.

34 Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) Good Citizenship Award
Attain rate of Petty Officer 2nd Class or above (NSCC and NLCC) In good standing militarily and scholastically Demonstrate leadership qualities, military bearing, and excellence in performance of duties. Be recommend by the unit Commanding Officer

35 Veterans of Foreign Wars NSCC Medal
Selected and recommended by Commanding Officer Must attain the rate of PO3 and: Be in good academic standing Progress satisfactorily in Sea Cadet program Outstanding achievement in community service and NSCC education Demonstrate outstanding leadership Not have previously received award

36 Appurtenances

37 General Information Worn on year ribbon for the year device was awarded unless otherwise stated Alignment- One- Centered on ribbon Two or more- Equidistant between two devices and edge of ribbon

38 Gold Aircraft- Completion of advanced aviation training
Gold Anchor- Completion of seamanship training Bronze Boot- Completion of NLCC Basic Orientation or RT Gold Boot- Worn on NLUS medal if NLCC cadet Cauceus- Completion of Hospital Corpsman or medical training Compass Rose- Attend a career or professional training program or on color guard ribbon for completing honor guard training DEA Device- Afficed to center of Drug Reduction ribbon Hammer- Completion of construction based training Lyre- Completion of music related training

39 MAA Shield- Completion of justice oriented training (MAA/JAG/etc)
Maple Leaf- Completion of US/Canada Sea Cadet exchange Propeller- Completion of USCG boating safety program or other boating course Submarine- Satisfactory completion of submarine training Torch- Completion of leadership training (POLA/JPD/etc) Trident- Completion of underwater training (Scuba/EOD/etc) USCG Shield- Completion of training with US Coast Guard

40 “E” Gold- Awarded to all cadets in unit scoring >3
“E” Gold- Awarded to all cadets in unit scoring >3.5 in annual inspection “E” Silver- Worn on marksman ribbon for qualifying expert with pistol/rifle On physical fitness ribbon for Presidential level “R” Silver- Completion of AT in Navy or USCG recruiting station “S” Bronze- Completion of STEM related training (SeaPerch/CyberPatriot) “S” Silver- Qualify as sharpshooter with pistol or rifle

41 Insignia and Badges

42 NSCC Special Warfare Device
Completion Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Orientation Meet SEAL curriculum developed by UDT-SEAL Association

43 NSCC Special Warfare Combat Crewman (SWCC)
Successfully complete SWCC Orientation course Meet curriculum developed by UDT-SEAL Assoc.

44 NSCC Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
Complete NSCC EOD training

45 Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
Complete approved NSCC JSOC course

46 Order of Precedence


48 Questions?

49 Quiz

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