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TRUSTED, CUSTOMIZED EXPERTISE THAT RESULTS IN SMART INNOVATION AND SHARED GROWTH Aerobraze Engineered Technologies is a division of Wall Colmonoy that.

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2 TRUSTED, CUSTOMIZED EXPERTISE THAT RESULTS IN SMART INNOVATION AND SHARED GROWTH Aerobraze Engineered Technologies is a division of Wall Colmonoy that manufactures engineered components and provides technological solutions for aerospace, energy, defense and transportation industries. The division meets aerospace quality standards in applications using the process of brazing, surfacing, welding, thermal processing, fabricating, machining and overhauling. Quality standards include: ISO9100, AS9100 Revision C, EASA.145.6085, Nadcap approvals in brazing, heat treat, welding, coating, NDT and chemical processing, along with FAA-Repair License and a FAA-DER on staff allows the division to meet all our customer high standards. Known for our unique proven way of creating engine-ready components, we pride ourselves on long-term strategic customer collaboration that produces value-added ideas and creative solutions. Combining 70 years of engineering technology with a progressive, visionary outlook, Aerobraze Engineered Technologies offers customers the kind of trusted, customized expertise that results in smart innovation and shared growth.



5 Machine Ready Program-manage your complete machining requirements from barstock/castings/forgings to finished components for aerospace, power generation, and others. Internal capabilities include Machining, Brazing, Heat Treating, Coating, Welding, and NDT as well as program manage other key processes. Engineered Components Program manage shipping fully machined / engine ready components for aerospace, energy and defense industries Brazing, Heat Treat and Coating Vacuum, Hydrogen, Argon and Torch Brazing Plating, Honeycomb Thermal Spray, CODEP, CODEL, Vapor Coatings Prototype, Manufacturing & Repair Aerospace, Gas Turbine, Automotive, Nuclear and Industrial Components Heat Exchangers Fuel Cells and EGRs Aircraft Exhaust Systems, Fabrications and Heat Exchangers US Air Force Continental Motors Robinson Helicopter Cessna Beechcraft Sargent Piper Sikorsky

6 QUALITY ASSURANCE Wall Colmonoy’s AET Division works under Quality Management Systems. We are committed to working closely with our customers to identify ways we can improve our service and value. ISO9001:2008 with AS9100:2009 REV C FAA Repair License BG2R715K | GE5RM880M AWS D17.1:2001 (welding) FAA-DER - Exhaust Systems EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) NADCAP Brazing, Coating, Heat Treating, Welding, Chemical Processing, NDT CERTIFICATIONS & APPROVALS

7 STEADY INVESTMENT TO HELP CUSTOMERS MAINTAIN AN EDGE As collaborative partners with our customers, we know how important it is to cost efficiently develop products that last. To help our customers stay ahead of the game, we maintain a steady investment in research and development continually generating new products and technologies. Taking a proactive stance, we join forces with customers, major universities, metallurgical labs and local governments to conduct research. The resulting breakthrough products often set the stage for advancements in a range of industries.


9 SINGLE SOURCE FOR BRAZING AND HEAT TREATING Producing high quality brazed joints for aerospace, oil & gas, transportation and energy industries. The world’s largest top loading vacuum furnace (120” x 180”) down to 12” x 12” vacuum furnace. Brazing alloys Gold, Silver, Nickel and Copper Approved for aerospace use vacuum stress relieving, vacuum annealing, solution treatments, aging processes and high-temperature vacuum brazing Design of new parts for brazing Development of brazing procedures & processes Redesign of parts for optimum braze efficiency Furnace brazing services Support Services Surface preparation Assembly preparation Application of alloy Welding Tig and Discharge welding Design/construction Process control Full machining capabilities

10 HIGH-PERFORMANCE, HIGH-VALUE, HARDSURFACING, WEAR RESISTANT COATINGS Extending component service life and enhancing product performance. Our coatings engineers work with you to recommend optimal coatings for your application. Our thermal spray coatings can subsequently be furnace fused. We apply coatings using: Spraywelder™ [Flamespray] Plasma Transferred Arc [PTA] Rod Welding Cold Spray Fusewelder® Torch [Powder Welding] Air Plasma [non-transferred arc plasma] High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) Wire Spray

11 CNC Machine Shop Program-manage your complete machining requirements with internal Machining, Brazing, Heat Treating, Coating, Welding, and NDT and other key processes Capable of direct installation Customer complete or engine ready components upon receipt 4, 5 & 9-Axis CNC Machining Centers Milling: Horizontal and Vertical, CNC and Manual Turning: Horizontal and Vertical, CNC and Manual EDM-Wire & Multi Axis Plunge Grinding: Surface, Cylindrical and Centerless CNC Stud Welding CMM Inspection Water Jet Cutting Design & Programming Air Flow Measuring Equipment COMPLETE MACHINING REQUIREMENTS

12 Metallurgical Laboratory Coating: HVOF PTA Spray N Fuse Plasma Spray CODEP & CODEL (GE Approved) Vapor Coating ADDITIONAL CAPABILITIES

13 Specialty Alloy Steel Design, Fabrication and Repair: Heat Exchangers Power Industry Regenerators Aircraft Exhaust Systems Precision machining, tubular & complex sheet metal Heat transfer assemblies for aerospace and energy Hydrogen and argon furnace brazing Oxide Conversion Wet & Dry Hydrogen Atmosphere (304L SS) FROM DESIGN TO PROTOTYPE TO PRODUCTION


15 HEAT EXCHANGERS Aerobraze Engineered Technologies specializes in contract manufacturing fabrication of new design and overhaul of fin and plate and tube and shell type heat transfer equipment. Applications include but not limited too: Military shelters Micro turbine power generators Aircraft cabin environmental Aircraft mufflers/cabin heaters Automotive Fuel Cells EGR coolers Meet stringent U.S. military requirements Assemblies manufactured and overhauled to meet stringent U.S. military requirements including operation under environmentally extreme conditions from -65 to 1650°F (-54 to 900°C) and complex non-military applications. Corrosion durable assemblies resist cracking and failure over long-term use.

16 AIRCRAFT EXHAUST SYSTEMS Nicrocraft® Exhaust Systems OEM and overhaul Aircraft Exhaust Systems Both newly manufactured and overhauled with FAA - PMA / STC approved parts Used within Cessna, Beechcraft, Mooney and Piper and other aircrafts. Carefully designed To allow for longer service life To rigorously test for leaks since exhaust system failures can cause carbon monoxide poisoning, loss of engine power and even fire. To ensure proper alignment To reduce the risk of stress cracking and increase the overall corrosion resistance of the material


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