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Harnessing the Wind An Even More Picture-Perfect Science Lesson.

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1 Harnessing the Wind An Even More Picture-Perfect Science Lesson

2 Engage persevere

3 Malawi Madagascar



6 Pre-Assessment What’s in William’s Windmill? Draw and describe what you might find inside of William’s Windmill and how those parts could create electricity to light a light bulb.

7 Explore Assembled torch and how it works Challenge teams to keep light bulb lit for the longest time Connect to William’s Windmill What else could be used to turn the crank?

8 Explore

9 Explore A generator converts energy of motion to electrical current Keep the Dynamo Torch unassembled for the Explain segment

10 Explain Finding similarities between the Dynamo Torch and William’s Windmill Dynamo TorchWilliam’s Windmill CrankBlades GearsBicycle parts WiresCopper wire Toy motor (toy generator)Bicycle dynamo (small generator)

11 Explain Close reading of Energy Gets Things Done! article Student pages (pp 119-120) Teacher guidance (pp 122-123) Purpose, re-reading, text-dependent questions

12 Explain We can enter the text at any point and read only the information we need.

13 Post-Assessment What’s in William’s Windmill? A revision based on experiences and new learning. Words to use: energy of motion, electrical energy, transform, and transfer

14 Elaborate Advantages and disadvantages of wind energy Renewable vs. nonrenewable sources of energy

15 Elaborate Energy Fact Sheets can be downloaded for research Educators  Curriculum Resources  Energy sources in left margin

16 Evaluate Team energy posters or individual energy pamphlets Scoring rubric available (p 121)

17 Curricular Connections STEM Science Social Studies Character Education

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