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Daniel Driffin, BS International AIDS Conference - Melbourne Thursday, July 24, 2014.

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1 Daniel Driffin, BS International AIDS Conference - Melbourne Thursday, July 24, 2014

2  Introduction  NBGMAC's Focus on YBGM and the Formation of YBGLI  YBGLI Accomplishments  Future Direction of YBGLI

3 (Prejean et al., 2011) MSM MSM majority (62%-69%) of new infections among youth (13-29) from 2006 and 2009 48% increase among young black MSM


5 Stall, AIDS Behav, 2007 Black MSM MSM overall MSM overall IR 1.9%;AA MSM IR 4.0% Projected Infections among MSM by Age Cohort (Stall, 2009)

6  YBGLI is a collaborative national collection of committed young black gay, bi, SGL and other men who have sex with men (MSM) that work towards addressing the HIV epidemic in the United States.  These individuals represent a wide cross section of people engaging with young black gay, bi, SGL and MSM at the local, regional and national level.  An initiative of the National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition.

7  Fostering young leaders and divergent voices is essential to creating a sustainable and dynamic movement to achieve an end to the HIV epidemic and building healthier community.  Ending stigma and discrimination by creating an environment where young leaders are nurtured and supported to address community challenges.

8  In August 2011 the National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition brought together 5 young Black gay leaders to address the need for increased community mobilization and activist among their peers.  In October 2011, The National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition (NBGMAC), in collaboration with HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN), supported those young leaders to host a webinar addressing the HIV epidemic among young Black gay men (YBGM) under the age of 30.  As a result of the webinar and additional coordinating effort, the young men mobilized to form the Young Black Gay Men’s Leadership Initiative.

9 NationalRegionalSelected RegionalLocal

10 YBGLI OC Capacity Building & Leadership Community Mobilization ResearchPolicy Executive Committee

11  To increase participation of young Black MSM in YBGLI efforts.  To increase young Black MSM participation in national policy and advocacy initiatives.  To develop partnerships with national young MSM efforts.

12  To encourage and promote a varied and high quality program of research activities directed to and for young Black MSM.  To review annually proposed changes in national research policy and active research studies and make recommendations that directly affect young Black MSM.  To provide ongoing information dissemination in concert with the OC regarding data analysis and results impacting the lives of Black MSM.  To establish and develop research priorities and a national research agenda based on the identified needs of young Black MSM.

13  To review policy initiatives that have direct effect on young Black MSM;  To make recommendations and/or support particular policy initiatives;  To provide ongoing updates for the community about current policy initiatives impacting young Black MSM.  To establish and develop policy priorities based on the identified needs of young Black MSM.  To coordinate with other policy focused parties that have an interest in young Black MSM to maximize impact.

14  Visibility within Black communities, with efforts to mobilize other young Black MSM towards reducing negative impact of the HIV epidemic.  Disseminate information to other young Black MSM in the community at large, increasing their capacity to act as effective leaders and beacons of knowledge.

15  New Media Approaches  National Webinars  YBGLI Hangouts  Participation in various community stakeholder meetings  YBGLI Policy and Advocacy Summit  Twitter Town Hall  YBGLI After Dark

16  Sept 2011 – Young Black Gay Leaders Organizing Committee formed and began planning for first national webinar.  Nov 2011 – “Young Black Gay Men’s Leadership Initiative” (YBGLI) formed.  Dec 2011 – YBGLI held national face-to-face meeting with 15 young Black gay leaders.  Sep 2012 – Hosted Policy & Advocacy Summit with 53 young Black gay leaders from across the United States.  Oct 2013 – “How to Make ACA T’Werk for You” interactive meme to asssit YBGM around Open Enrollment to ACA  Feb 2014 – petition to appoint cultural representative in White House Office of National AIDS Policy  Apr 2014 – Hosted 2 nd Policy & Advocacy Summit in Atlanta with 65 young Black gay leaders  May 2014 – First public meeting with ONAP Director Brooks  June 2014 – Provided recommendations to My Brother’s Keeper Initiative

17 The purpose of the PAS is developing methods to improve community mobilization efforts of young Black gay men in order to more effectively disseminate and improve HIV prevention, care and treatment efforts to this community.  108 participants  30 subject matter expert faculty ▪ Federal Listening Session

18  Continue to work with identified supporters garnering additional collaborators when needed  Deepen influence in policy, research, and community mobilization best practices for young Black MSM  Elevate national platform of YBGLI ensuring that new faces are consistently brought into the fold of public health  To develop a brotherhood of young professionals charged with saving the lives' of their peers  Create regional YBGLI factions to broaden breadth and depth of overall work

19 Acknowledgements

20 Contact Us Young Black Gay Men’s Leadership Initiative E-mail – FB: Young Black Gay Men’s Leadership Initiative TW: @YBGLI

21 Thank you Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world, indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has - Unknown

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