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Senses. What can you …. SeeHearSmellFeelTaste.

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1 Senses



4 What can you …. SeeHearSmellFeelTaste

5 Using Similes and Metaphors A simile compares two things as being similar or like each other Similes use the words, “like” or “as” when comparing two things.

6 Similes The kitten’s fur is as soft as silk. Kitten fur + silk Effective? Both are soft. The ghost’s eyes shone like a torch. ghost’s eyes + torch Effective? Both are bright

7 More similes … The wind howled like …. The leaves danced like …. The moon shone like …..

8 More Similes The damp rooms smelt like … I crept as ……….. as a …………..

9 Metaphors A metaphor is when one thing BECOMES something else… The moon is a torch in the sky The girls is an angel.

10 More Metaphors He is a giant of a man. The ball-headed boy could not find a hat to fit him!

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