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+ Public Relations Campaign Erica Bier. + The Situation The Bergen Room Restaurant, operated by students in the hotel-restaurant management curriculum.

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1 + Public Relations Campaign Erica Bier

2 + The Situation The Bergen Room Restaurant, operated by students in the hotel-restaurant management curriculum at BCC, will expand by opening The Dog House in the new Student Center, scheduled for completion in spring of 2011. Restaurant is scheduled to open on March 8 th, 2011.

3 + Opportunities and Challenges OPPORTUNITIES - Students are looking for more dinning opportunities - Healthy alternative to other food places on campus - - Showcases the hospitality, nutrition, and culinary arts programs - providing a good chance to raise enrollment CHALLENGES -Considering that the Bergen Room is only open in the spring, there must be a way to have The Dog House running whenever school is in session - Having enough students to staff the restaurant

4 + Research Create survey with students wants and expectations of the restaurant Capacity of restaurant: 250 persons for dining What types of food will be served: Grilled meats, vegetables, stir fry, salads, sandwiches, breakfast, and international foods on certain holidays How much staff is needed at a time: 3 cashiers, 1 manager, 8 cooks, 3 dish cleaners / busboys 15 people How much are students willing to pay for food: $5.00 - $10.00 (survey 1)

5 + Goals Launch the restaurant (get it out to the public) Raise awareness for the hospitality management, nutrition, and culinary arts programs by 7% Increase traffic in the student center Donate money and / or food to Table to Table organization

6 + Objectives Taking a count of every person who comes into the restaurant by having cashiers use a hand-held counter after every bought meal. (Launch of restaurant success) Monitor how many seats are filled and what times they are most filled. (Increase traffic in student center) Take notice of how much food is left over (Table to Table) Take a count of how many people are coming to the restaurant looking for a job. (raise of student interest in hospitality, nutrition, and culinary arts) Also take note of food suggestions given by students who come into the restaurant.

7 + Target Audience: Students ages 21 and over Strategies: Create a connection between the age group and the restaurant by giving them a VIP night Tactics: Thirsty Thursdays from 10pm to midnight 3 drink maximum (for safety reasons) Timeline Restaurant scheduled to open around St. Patrick’s Day, which is a Thursday this year. Thirsty Thursday may be planned for the holiday (March, 17 th 2011)

8 + Target Audience: Undecided (major) Students Strategies: Introduce new and undecided majors to the restaurant and provide them with information on both the nutrition & hospitality management programs Tactics Have a VIP dinner showcasing the three majors that the restaurant hires. Give them a tour on how the restaurant is ran Introduce them to a healthy menu / calorie counting Give basic information on each programs 10% discount coupons with students who decide to enroll in one of the above majors Timeline Hold a dinner during the weekend of Spring break, when school isn’t open to the public This ensures that the students are back from Spring break and already getting ready to head back to class

9 + Target Audience: Community Service Club Strategies Create a greater connection between their services and the services of the restaurant Tactics Meet and greet with a speaker from Table to Table 10% discount coupon for every semester that they are in the club Timeline Meet and great during one of the club’s scheduled meetings at least two weeks before opening of restaurant

10 + Target Audience: Hospitality Management, Nutrition and Culinary Arts students Strategies: Have students want to work at the restaurant Have students get involved with and eat at the restaurant Tactics: 50% discount to all students employed at the restaurant 10% discount to all students in the hospitality management, nutrition, and culinary arts programs Timeline: Beginning of Spring semester

11 + Target Audience: All students and school employees Strategies: Create a comfortable, social, and affordable environment Tactics Wireless networking for the convenience of studying and lap top usage Meal card: every 10 meals you buy, the next meal is free. For first week, give out new give away each day Timeline As soon as restaurant launches

12 + Media List Advertisement in the Torch Customized e-mail blasts Potential students for curriculums General blast to all students and employees Rachel Ray Speak at opening ceremony Banners around school Twitter Blasts @speific clubs / organizations @BCC students Facebook Invites (to opening day) Statuses on upcoming news with the restaurant / special promos TV Club Run a short interview with head of hospitality management department

13 + Budget: $26,300 $500 for a full page ad in the Torch $500 for TV interview $9,000 for Rachel Ray’s travel expenses $800 for advertisement banners $100 for printed coupons (10 meal punch) $100 for printed discount IDs $100 for printed menus (with calories) $1,000 for decorations for opening events (table cloths, balloons, ect..) $4,000 for giveaways during opening week Bully the Bulldog mascot stuffed animal, bull dog Frisbees, beach balls, t shirts, and planners $200 for T-shirts for special VIP nights Thirst Thursday, Table to Table meeting, Undecided majors $10,000 for PR agency work

14 + Timetable Launch Dates: January SunMonTuesWedsThursFriSat 1 2345678 91011121314 Create facebook account 15 Create twitter account 1617 notify TV station & torch for advertise ment 1819 Call Rachel Ray’s manager book for opening 20 Send out first student survey (expectat ions) 2122 Contact T2T represen tative 23242526272829 3031

15 + Timetable Launch Dates: February SunMonTuesWedsThursFriSat 123 Order banners 4 Order giveaway s 5 6789 Order IDs 1011 Order promo t shirts 12 13141516 E-mail blasts sent 17 Order 1 st month menus 1819 2021 Commun ity Svc meeting w/ T2T 2223 Start twitter promos 24 Start Faceboo k promos 25 Torch advertise ment publish 26 Prepare Professor for interview 2728 TV interview

16 + Timetable Launch Dates: March SunMonTuesWedsThursFriSat 1 re-send email blasts 2 Set up Wireless 34 Make sure all banners are hung 5 678 Launch Restaura nt!!! 9101112 13 Undeclar ed Major Students night 14151617 Thirsty Thursday 1819 20212223242526 2728293031

17 + Timetable Launch Dates: April SunMonTuesWedsThursFriSat 1 Make sure all payment s are in 2 345 Send out student satisfacti on survey 67 Calculat e T2T profit 89 101112 Send out student interest survey 131415 Total Results from surveys 16 17181920212223 24252627282930

18 + Performance Measures & Evaluation Tactics 10% of every meal goes towards Table to Table. All left over food goes towards the hungry. Rachel Ray comes to cut the ribbon on opening day Story is written in the torch alongside an advertisement Student Activity Board helps promote Student Satisfaction Survey Student Interest Survey (hospitality management, nutrition, and culinary arts)

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