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CPFT My Peer Worker Journey July 2011 Claudia Price.

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1 CPFT My Peer Worker Journey July 2011 Claudia Price

2 My journey Lived Experience How I got to the application stage PET – Peer Employment Training Interview and Post Offers The Role What now?

3 Lived Experience Depression in teen years Suicide attempts before 18 Post natal depression Abusive relationships Classic spiral out of control Loss of self belief and self worth Changed countries in order to “fix” the problem Loads of help from Secondary Care – the most amazing Psychologist Alternative Therapies rather than medication

4 How I got to the application stage Advertisement on NHS Jobs – couldn’t believe that what I had spent years hiding was actually required. Attend Information session – packed room Application Form & Whole Life Plan – can of worms Interview – almost talked myself out of it Offer on Peer Educator Training Finally getting to use my dark times as a torch to guide those searching for their Recovery Path

5 The Training Course More intense than you actually believe 72 learning hours, mid-term test, final exam From Day 1 a journey of re-self discovery Need to be quite far in your own Recovery Journey I have finally come to accept that I will always be in Recovery Definition of Recovery from PET is “remembering who you are and using your strengths to become all you were meant to be”

6 Interview and Post Offers Learning to use my challenges as a selling point in interview was extremely difficult Facing the Panel of interviewers Long wait to Friday evening Extremely fortunate position of 3 offers Poor Terrance

7 The Role Two Teams - Continuum as mentioned by Sharon earlier One totally Recovery focused – so effective One the other end of the spectrum – so challenging Tact – diplomacy – acceptance; clinical staff ITE – dignity – safe space; for Peers The job satisfaction

8 What Now? “I need to believe that something extra ordinary is possible” A Beautiful Mind

9 Further Questions ? Please contact Claudia Price Mob: 07958 48 5553

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