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Oxyfuel Welding Equipment

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1 Oxyfuel Welding Equipment
Chapter 12

2 Objectives Identify the various components of an oxyfuel gas welding outfit. Describe the function of each component of an gas welding out fit. Cite the maximum safe working pressure used for acetylene. List all the safety equipment that should be worn and used when oxyfuel gas welding in various positions.

3 Complete Oxyfuel Outfit
Gas Supply Regulators Hoses Welding Torch Eye Protection Striker


5 Oxygen Supply Stored in high pressure cylinders Obtained By
PSI Obtained By Atmosphere Electrolysis Oxygen-bearing pellet

6 Oxygen Cylinders Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)
Forged in one piece Must be at least ¼ inch thick High carbon steel

7 Cylinder Valves Made of brass “Back-seating valve”
Never use in the partly opened position Integrated pressure safety device Cylinder safety cap


9 Acetylene Cylinders Acetylene is not safe above 15 PSI
Cylinders are filled with monolithic filler 85% porosity Charged with acetone Absorbs acetylene Fuse plugs

10 Pressure Regulators Reduce high cylinder pressure to working pressure
Maintain a constant working pressure


12 Pressure Gauges Usually two on each regulator
One indicates bottle pressure One indicates hose pressure

13 Hoses Hose colors Green and Black Red Red, green, and black Oxygen

14 Torch Types Positive pressure type Injector type

15 Positive Pressure Type
Mixing chamber is located inside the valve body Requires high pressure to mix gases

16 Injector Type Acetylene is injected into the oxygen stream using venturi action Mixing chamber creates turbulence to further mix gases

17 Welding Tips Solid copper Two different types of tips Do not drop tips
One piece Two piece Do not drop tips Do not try to remove hot tips

18 Tip Cleaners Orifice size and shape must be maintained
Splatter from base metal may contaminate tip Tip cleaners use a round file type cleaner Only correct size cleaners should be used Tips should be filed off perpendicular to orifice

19 Welding Eye Protection
The shade used should be dark enough to protect the eyes from annoying glare; yet light enough to permit the welder to see his work .

20 Manual Metal Arc: 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32 inch electrodes 10 3/16, 7/32, 1/4 inch electrodes 12 5/16, 3/8 inch electrodes 14 MIG Welding (nonferrous) 11 MIG Welding (ferrous) 12 Atomic Hydrogen Welding TIG Welding Plasma Cutting Carbon Arc Torch Brazing or 4 Light Cutting, up to 1 inch 3 or 4 Medium Cutting, up to 1 inch 4 or 5 Heavy Cutting, 6 inches and over 5 or 6 Gas Welding (Light) up to 1/8 inch 4 or 5 Gas Welding (Medium) 1/8 to 1/2 inch 5 or 6 Gas Welding (Heavy) 1/2 inch and over 6 or 8

21 Other Fuel Gases Hydrogen LP gas Natural gas
Methylacetylene propadiene (MAPP)

22 Check Valves Only allows gas to flow in one direction
Can be at torch inlet regulator outlet or both

23 Flashback Arrestors Check valve Pressure-sensitive cut off valve
Stainless steel filter Heat-sensitive check valve


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