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Leadership Development Formula for Success 2.

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1 Leadership Development Formula for Success 2



4 Welcoming League Including all voices Coming from a place of strength Let’s Practice with “the Flip”

5 Passing the Torch

6 What are the Pitfalls of Passing the Torch?

7 Sharing the Torch Long-time and new members alike are leading Long-time members are respecting new ideas and welcoming change New members are respecting the knowledge and assets of long-time members

8 What does sharing the torch look like?

9 “Key to unlocking the positive power of inclusion is the capacity to make it safe for people to speak up.” ~Diana Whitney, Appreciative Leadership

10 Being Inclusive... Actions match words People talk and listen regularly All are welcome

11 Conversational Progression Include more people earlier in the process Start with one-on-one discussions/ small groups before large presentations

12 Conversational Progression Ask for insights and opinions Use open-ended questions Really listen What does this look like in League?

13 Conversational Progression In League: Meet with new members one-on-one Committees which ask for outside voices and opinions Ask your members about what THEY want

14 “As an appreciative leader, it’s your job to set the expectation and make it safe for open and honest conversation.” ~Diana Whitney, Appreciative Leadership

15 Equality of Voice By virtue of status, resources, presence, style, gender, race or culture, some people are granted conversational privilege; become focus of attention We must level the playing field!

16 Create Equality of Voice Lead with questions Listen more than you talk Be aware of who has “conversational privilege”

17 Remember to Find Balance Balance power of position with positive power of inclusion Find creative ways to participate as equals

18 A Word on Innovation Inclusion means innovation New people in a conversation leads to new possibilities New members have a fresh perspective

19 A Word on Wisdom Long-time members – Bring perspective – Valued resources – Informational – Inspirational

20 Ways to Engage Long-Timers Advisory Council Participate in planning meetings Act as mentors Act as trainers

21 Appreciative leaders are skilled at turning negative issues into positive questions.

22 AI Positive Principle More positive the questions we ask... the more positive and enduring change!

23 Jim Clemmer, The Clemmer Group

24 3 P’s of Pessimism Permanent Pervasive Personal

25 The Flip A simple technique to use in times of negativity. Move from complaining to brainstorming solutions

26 The Flip 1.Listen Carefully and repeat back what you hear. 2.Ask “What is it that you really want?” 3.Reflect what you heard by describing what the person wants in a 2-3 word phrase- AFFIRMATIVE!

27 Let’s Role-play!

28 What the Individual Will Learn What it is they stand for as a leader What they expect of others How to communicate what they want, rather than frustration

29 Special Thanks to: Diana Whitney, Appreciative Leadership: Focus on What Works to Drive Winning Performance and Build a Thriving Organization

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