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Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership (LESP)

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1 Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership (LESP)
Presentation about: LESP Look at a system that works for Lincolnshire SAGs and their make up in Lincs Our interpretation of the guidance and legislation, not best practice but works for us in Lincolnshire and hope that you find it useful. Ian Reed & Vanessa Mawer

2 What is an event? “a publicised indoor or outdoor planned presentation consisting of public displays, exhibitions or entertainment, sporting or celebratory activities etc, involving spectators being invited or attending to gather either on public open space, public highways or in enclosed stadia, in numbers anticipated to require special arrangements for that venue being made by the Event Organiser, in collaboration with partner agencies, in order to ensure the safe conduct of that event.” One Event Organiser stated that it was and I quote “an event is something which causes intense pain and suffering to those who organise them and is enjoyed by thousands.” This is an EPS Crowd safety Group definition. Whilst somewhat long winded, it pretty much sums things up. However, not all events have an organiser such as New Year’s Eve gatherings etc. And not all organisers want to the level of responsibility that comes with this definition

3 Is event planning necessary?
We’ve always done it like that and nothing’s ever gone wrong before! Poor risk management. Inadequate crowd management. Unsafe structures. Poor evacuation procedures. Inadequate staff training. Poor housekeeping. Locked fire exits. Unsuitable materials. Heard the statement? - common reasons for event planning. Lack of event planning can lead to the below list, which causes work for all agencies. This was one of the driving forces behind Lincs wish to support organisers and work with them for safe events Bradford City 2 Lincoln City fans died, Bill Stacey & Jim West hence Stacey West Stand.

4 Largest Annual Events In Lincolnshire
Event Attendance Lincoln Christmas Market 250,000 RAF Waddington Air Show 130,000 Lincolnshire Show 65,000 Spalding Flower Parade 40,000 British Superbikes (Cadwell Park) 40,000 36 events attracting over 5000 people take place annually in the county, not counting the odd football match. Events are diverse with many new promoters and organisers interested in bringing their events to Lincolnshire. Edinburgh style military tattoo being discussed by City of Lincoln Council and if successful could go straight in at number 1.

5 A Brief History Discussions at Lincoln Christmas Market SAG.
Formation of county wide multi agency group to advise on Safety. First LESAG meeting in December 2004, preceded by press launch. A Guide for Event Organisers in Lincolnshire booklet produced in 2005. First Crowd Dynamics course held in Lincolnshire under LESAG banner. Group now meets twice a year and reports to the L.R.F. Sub groups used to continue refining / updating documents and information. Olympic Torch Relay sees LESP acting as a SAG in its own right Bring a minimum standard of health & safety to all events. Consistency of advice. Oversee all other SAGs within the county and provide a point of contact. Give background to Crowd Dynamics course. Meetings are held before and after the event season to plan, review and share any lessons learnt. If there’s an incident at an event, then the group will meet to discuss. As a result of the Olympic Torch Relay crossing the County over several days, first time LESP acting as an actual Safety Advisory Group

6 LESP Mission Statement
Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership exists to provide a strategic framework of consistent advice to local Events Safety Advisory Groups across Lincolnshire to enable them to provide proportionate, timely and accurate guidance to event organisers. Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership seeks to facilitate a thriving, safe and supportive environment through the local Safety Advisory Groups across Lincolnshire. All members of the Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership will play an involved and active role relating to their area of expertise and are committed to positively impact events in Lincolnshire, Avoids late notice notification of events, which have implications to agencies ability to carry on work as normal Avoid clashes and overstretching staff & resources.

7 LESP Objectives In particular the Group will:
Provide a forum of strategic advice to relevant bodies Gather intelligence and share best practice Provide consistent and proportionate advice and guidance to interested groups and agencies Support local Safety Advisory Groups and encourage a positive culture of event safety Provide training for event organisers, safety advisory group members and other bodies Positively engage with regulatory and enforcement bodies Consider and interpret relevant legislation and approved codes of practice applicable to the event industry Compile and maintain a database of events throughout Lincolnshire Maintain and develop links with public and private bodies associated with the event industry Historical conflict between event organisers and the local authorities and emergency services. Many new organisers face the same problems that established ones have already overcome. We all want the event to take place but for different reasons. Good and bad contractors operate at events throughout the county and region. Many organisers don’t understand the legislation or realise what they’re getting themselves into even personal risk. No win no fee solicitors, claims for trips and falls. Refer to Terms of Reference.

8 LESP Membership Lincolnshire Police Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue
East Midlands Ambulance Service Lincolnshire Emergency Planning Highways & Planning City of Lincoln Council North Kesteven District Council South Kesteven District Council West Lindsey District Council East Lindsey District Council Boston Borough Council South Holland District Council Local authority representatives include officers from licensing, health & safety, environmental health, food safety and event teams The group has communication links with Health and Safety Executive, Security Industry Authority, Trading Standards Explain membership. Others can be co-opted on for specific information or tasks.

9 How does LESP work? Website –
Suite of documents on website for organisers to refer to or download Single event and district SAGs with specific criteria Further training – courses / good practice


11 Attachments
The following files will open in their associated programs To view PDF files on our website Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or above is required. To upgrade for free visit For help with reading pdf files please visit the Adobe Acrobat Access site Event Risk Matrix Acrobat/PDF File (279k) Event Management Plan Guidance Acrobat/PDF File (364k) Event Management Plan Template Word Document (87k) Event Risk Assessment Template Acrobat/PDF File (354k) LESP Handbook PPS File (12Mb) Lost/found Children and Vulnerable Persons Procedure Acrobat/PDF File (660k) Event Safety Calculator Excel Spreadsheet (42k) Training, Exercising, Olympics Calendar Feb 2012 Excel Spreadsheet (120k)


13 What does it include? powerpoint format for ease of use
Timelines for different parts to the event, specifically legal matters such as licensing and traffic management. Useful information to be considered when planning an event. Impact of events taking place on the public highway including a checklist. Organising a public firework display. Event safety plan checklist. Event safety checklist. Where to go for more detailed information and a list of documents for further reading. What to do if things go wrong. References to further reading.

14 Up to one year before your event

15 Safety Advisory Groups
Established using the following criteria For events attracting over 5,000 people Events where there is a specific risk Where there has been previous incident(s) New organiser / venue who request help / support SAG can be called / requested by any of the agencies Events usually brought to the district SAGs Establish terms of reference Consistent dealings with all organisers / events No statutory powers, but unwise to ignore the advice Minutes will be disclosed in any future inquiry Explain the general rule. Cover terms of reference. SAG’s have no statutory powers, but unwise to ignore their collective advise. Remember that minutes from meetings are all in the public domain.

16 SAGs District SAGs have specific meeting dates Single event SAGs
North and South Kesteven – 1st Monday of month - am Boston and South Holland – 1st Tuesday of month - am East Lindsey – 2nd Tuesday of month - pm City of Lincoln – 3rd Tuesday of month - am Showground and West Lindsey – 2nd Thursday of month – pm Single event SAGs Waddington Air Show – 1st Mon of month – pm Lincoln Christmas Market – 3rd Tues of month after City SAG Lincs Show – 2nd Tues of month before Showground SAG Commercial sensitivities re event information – each organiser has a time slot and doesn’t hear the other events. Minutes are redacted to only cover the event in question

17 Protocol for calling SAG
The agency who is first notified of the event advises the organiser to view the website The agency then contacts the chair of the SAG for that area, for a date / time to be allocated OR Decision made that specific SAG is required and date arranged

18 Lincoln Christmas Market

19 Some fact and figures £10 million multi agency SAG 750 coaches
12,000 park and ride vehicles 250,000 visitors Over 4 days Street event – free to attend multi agency SAG year round planning multi agency control facility with CCTV Silver Commanders on site Crowded Places strategy

20 Coaching operation – points A to E, departure times booked in advance

21 Park and Ride operation at Showground, and arrival point at Burton Rd, then departure from Burton Rd in the dark, with residential access (10,000 properties) on a closed road

22 Castle Square, Castle grounds, Castle grounds exit ramp, Steep Hill

23 2010 Pictures of the snow and the amount of effort put in to keep the event AND THEN… Wednesday – meeting – white board to show options, information and decision process for organisers

24 Further Training Intro to Crowd & Public Safety Management.
Public Safety at Sports & Entertainment Venues. Public Safety at Festivals & Mass Gatherings. Public Safety in Complex & Built Environments. Temporary Demountable Structures. Crowd Dynamics. IOSH Managing Safely in the Exhibition and Events Industry. Safety Passport Alliance Working on SAGs Mention Easingwold. Advanced Crowd Dynamics. LESP courses.

25 The Future Continue to promote safety at events in Lincolnshire.
Encourage & work with new event organisers and promoters that want to stage events in the county. Annually revise the event safety booklet to reflect any changes in legislation or good practice. Stage IOSH and crowd dynamics courses in Lincolnshire. Stage training days for event organisers. Prepare a toolkit for new event organisers. Continue to support the many SAGs in the county. Produce an accurate diary of events. Explain toolkit and benefits.

26 LESP Contact Details or 01522 582263
or LESAG downloads include the guide, risk matrix and risk assessment documents. Events diary. One last thought; Events especially music events are a growth industry and its fashionable to attend them. Few make a profit in the first couple of years. There is now enough work on events to justify a full time emergency planning officer and several other organisations feel the same.

27 Questions?

28 Olympic Torch Relay spotter stakes place early!

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