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The War for Europe & North Africa

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1 The War for Europe & North Africa
Chapter 17 Section 2 The War for Europe & North Africa

2 Brainstorm You’ve been attacked by Japan, where do you concentrate your war efforts, in Europe or the Pacific? What is your plan?

3 Objectives 1. Summarize the Allies’ plan for winning the war
ID events in the war in Europe Describe the liberation of Europe

4 War Plans FDR & WC spent three weeks together coming up with a plan to defeat the bigger threat, Germany & Italy.

5 The Battle of the Atlantic
German subs along the U.S. Atlantic trying to cut British life line & starve them 1942--month 4/ 87 ships off the Atlantic Coast 1942--month 7/ 681 Allied ships sunk in Atlantic 1943 – Destroyers/convoys/radar/sonar have unbearable effect on U-boats

6 Battle of Stalingrad 1941 Winter bogs down Germans
August 1942 Germans move South toward Industrial city of Stalingrad Stalin orders to hold city at all cost 9/10 of city taken by house by house with hand to hand combat but winter set in again 1.1 Soviets Die/Germans surrender/West

7 North Africa / Operation Torch
Stalin wants a second Western front Eisenhower launches Operation Torch / N. Africa Allied troops land in Morocco & Algeria and push eastward against Rommel the Desert Fox Over in 1943

8 Italian Campaign Churchill unlike Americans wants attack to take place in Italy Allies victorious in 1943 Mussolini arrested by King Bloody Anzio for 4 months and future resistance from Germany until Germany falls—25k Allies & 30K Axis casualties Tuskegee Airmen & Buffalo Soldiers

9 D-day or Operation Overlord
June 6, 1944 Eisenhower led 3 million Allied troops to invade at Normandy in Northern France Fake army to attack at Calais Parachutes first behind German lines Largest land-sea air battle One month--1M troops, 567K tons of supplies & 170K vehicles

10 D-day or Operation Overlord
Bradley’s air & land bombardment at St. Lo allows Patton’s army to move south and liberate Paris which had been captive for 4 years 1944 France, Belgium & Luxembourg free

11 Battle of the Bulge 1944 last German offensive at the Battle of the Bulge (1 month) to retake German land and break Allies supply lines & morale 8 German tank divisions drive into Allied territory / no prisoners Germans lose 120K troops, 600 tanks, 1600 planes

12 Liberation of Majdanek
Soviets find and liberate death camp 1K starving German SS troops trying to hide evidence 800K pair of shoes found

13 Victory in Europe Day April 25, 1945 Soviets storm Berlin
German deserters shot & hanged Hitler marries Eva Braun Blames war on Jews & loss of war on German generals Shoots himself/poison/gas/buried May 8,1945 V-E day FDR dies in April / Truman

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