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BENGALURU TRAILWALKER January 23 – 25, 2015. Agenda Event and Fund Raising Update Your Briefing Pack Event’s Rule Registration and start process Food.

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1 BENGALURU TRAILWALKER January 23 – 25, 2015

2 Agenda Event and Fund Raising Update Your Briefing Pack Event’s Rule Registration and start process Food during Trailwalker What to expect from the Trail Check Point facilities Some Medical Tips Information for Support Crew What to Carry on the day

3 Event and Fund Raising Update Total teams registered: 211 Total number of volunteers:600 Total fund raised till Jan 16, 2015: INR 84,46,382 lacs* Fund raising target:INR 3.0 crore Highest engaging team till date:Are we there yet?* No. of teams qualified till date for fund raising awards: 04 *Data as on Jan 16, 2015

4 What is in your briefing pack?

5 Team Confirmation Sheet

6 Indemnity Form

7 Medical Form Each team is expected to have a self-attested medical form. Oxfam India does not ask for a medical certificate. For your own interest, please do get your medical tests done before participating in the event.


9 Your Bib and Emergency Number

10 Collection of Bibs Have you collected the bibs? If yes then, –On the event day, walk to the check-in area –Check-in for all four team members together is essential. –Check-in starts at 04.00 am –REMEMBER, IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COLLECTED YOUR BIBS, NO CHANGE IN TEAM MEMBERS IS ALLOWED. If you haven’t, –Visit the bib-collection counter in the registration area –Submit all four forms and check-in –Check-in counter closes at 6.45 am. No walkers will be allowed to participate if he/she reaches after 6.45 am.

11 Support Crews are the unsung heroes of all Trailwalker. Their tireless support and endless motivation, helps teams to complete the journey with ease. Do you have your Support Crew Member? If No, get organized today Prepare your crew members Involve and acknowledge them Please visit our website for more information Support Crew

12 Support Crew Vehicle Pass This is essential to get your vehicle parked at the check-point.


14 Important rules you should know before you start All team members must stay together between Check Points and must check in and check out together at each check points. Staff at checkpoints will not check in and out incomplete teams. Every team must have a support crew and must be self-sufficient. Please ensure your support crew is suitably briefed. Teams are requested to respect residential and local parking regulations. Participants must keep noise levels to a minimum when walking in residential areas during training and the event. Each team must carry at least one first aid kit containing at a minimum the items outlined in your Event Handbook. Prescription medication and painkillers are your team’s responsibility. Do not litter. Participants and support crews must respect the environment and local neighborhood by using the litter and recycling bins at the checkpoints.

15 Some key pointers Make a strategy for your team Do not deviate from the trail marked route Stay Together- Walk together. Even if you reach early to a checkpoint, we will not check you in without the complete team. You are passing through about 30 villages on the trail. While walking through villages at night, do not make noise. Head torch is a must for night walk

16 Flag off time 06.00 am

17 Where Do You Start?

18 Registrations No change of team member allowed after a team has collected the bibs At the registration, you will receive –BIBs –Trail Map –Support Crew Vehicle Pass –Food Coupons (for those who have booked) On the Event Day –Check In for those who have registered –BIB Collection for those who have not registered

19 Food 20 ltrs packaged drinking water jars available for walkers at all the checkpoints. Get your own water bottles to refill. Support crew needs to make their own arrangements. At the Start Point –Tea/ Coffee At all Check Points –Pre-booked meals for those who have booked their meals –Tea, Coffee, Hot Water at all check points –RRUN, Energy Drink

20 Food at the Trail The food is arranged by our logistics partner, Maximus Events The food includes pre booked packed limited meals One meal is available at only one location during specified time There is no provision for hot meals Cost per person: –Rs. 1000 for six meals (for 100 kms walk) Last date for booking: Jan 17, 2015 To book your meals, please send us an email at

21 Food Coupon

22 What’s in the Packed Meals?

23 ...And at the Start Point Parking will be available at a school near the start point at Sathanuru or on road near the start point - depending upon space available Two sections at the Start Point – –Check In –BIB Collection Arrive before time to ensure there is no delay in starting your walk.


25 It’s a Volunteer Run Event. Students from Colleges and Employees from various corporates are on the trail and at checkpoints. Maximus Events is managing the logistics of the Event. They will be present at all checkpoints. Oxfam Staff will also be on the trail and at checkpoints


27 ...On The Trail There will be distance markers at every kilometre of the trail There will be markings on the road to guide you Paths with trees/ bushes; look out for pink colour ribbons tied on the trees. Silver Colour Reflector ribbons during the night in addition to pink ribbons All Check Points will be marked by a welcome banner at entry and Thank You banner at exit All Left and Right turns will have arrow markings. For some reason if it’s misplaced; look out for arrow marked. Also, you are requested to carry and follow your Map guide book at all times.

28 Direction Signage Kilometre Marker

29 Facilities

30 Directions

31 Support Crew Directions

32 In Case of an Emergency Ambulances from Manipal Hospital will be on the move at all times Find your approximate location on the trail as per the recently crossed kilometer marker (there are km markers at every km), note the distance and call the emergency number printed on your BIB Ambulances are parked at the checkpoints. Team members should not leave an injured person alone If you are an Asthma patient, remember to carry your inhaler

33 Event Control Centre Event control center is at Hotel Elim Resorts, the finish point Will be operational 24x7 after the event start 06.00 am on Jan 23 till the last team’s arrival at the Finish Point Event Control Centre is managed by Oxfam India staff The Emergency Numbers given in your Bibs, are of the event control centre.

34 Safety Protocol All participants must have their BIBs at all times All participants are required to Check In and Check Out together as a team at each Check Point. Teams of 2 or less must walk with another team to ensure a safe walking group, especially at night. Retirement certificates will be issued for every retired participant and this must be shown at every subsequent checkpoint by the team. Do not leave the check point without checking-out If you plan to leave the checkpoint and go and sleep somewhere else, check with the Oxfam staff, the operational time of the checkpoint and take a letter and join the check point, before the closure time of checkpoint, next time for check out

35 Provisions at the Check Points All teams are expected to be self sufficient for food and hydration needs. All Check Points will have drinking water, available only for participants. All Check Points will have counters for refreshments. Packed meals are available for participants who have coupons; Meals are prepared as per number of coupons only. All Check Points will have a medical area for first aid and physiotherapy help. All Check Points will have restrooms (portal loos) for women and men. Check Points 5, 6 and 7 have Sleeping area. Changing Rooms for women and men at some checkpoints

36 Environmental Protocol This is a green event and we want to keep it that way. ERM, our Environment Partner for the event would conduct EIA of the event The event will generate non-recyclable and recyclable waste materials. Minimize environmental impact by using less plastic bottles and paper cups. Carry bottles with you which you can keep refilling at each Check Points. Oxfam will not provide package bottled water. Dustbins will be available at Check Points only. Participants are requested to discard all wastes including small confectionery wrappers at the Check Point dustbins only. Support Crew requested not to litter on the way and use reusable materials

37 What to Expect from the Trail It’s a greener and softer trail Trail passes through about 30 villages, some uphill and downhill (CP 2-3 and 9 to Finish Point), lot of tar road and through fields Lot of trail path is on the tar road; watch for vehicles on the road

38 Tips for Teams Stay together - watch out for each other and walk at the pace of the slowest member Give way to faster walkers - be considerate and take care when overtaking Carry mobile phones - on at least two different networks- all major networks work well except at CP 1, where you get Idea network Stay on the trail at all times Respect local culture and communities Wear appropriate clothing / footwear. No specific recommendations on clothing It is advisable to have a walking stick and head torch while walking at night. While passing through villages watch out for stray dogs

39 Medical Tips Follow walking plan as per your training plan In the meals, we have a heavy breakfast to give you sufficient food to carry on your walk The food is being provided after the recommendation of a dietician Hydration tips - do not over hydrate Carry sun screen Watch out for injuries- report at checkpoint Energy drink- 15-20 min before walking Do not lose sleep

40 Medical Tips Walk at your teams ideal pace Avoid oily and junk food Once at finish line; do not immediately stop- continue for further 500 metre before finally stopping- flush out lactic acid Most medicines provided are non-injectable Enjoy the walk Keep Smiling

41 Social Media Tips for Teams “Check in” to your Facebook account, wherever you get a mobile network. Share lots of photos and videos through FB and Twitter. Remember to tag our official Facebook and Twitter pages. Spread your finish point photos through the social media.

42 Support Crew Read the Support Crew Section in the Event Handbook, available at website –Download Support Crew Map from the website and carry with you Bring steel plate and spoon to eat food, that you can wash and keep; reusable cups to the checkpoint for electrolyte and hot drinks for crew and team Teams must be self-sufficient Be considerate of local residents and animals Do not arrive more than half an hour prior to team arrival Respect the instructions of volunteer parking marshals No trailers, caravans or pets allowed. Smoking is prohibited at Check Points Keep an eye out for fatigue & drive safely Support Crew cannot meet team members outside the Check Points; unless there is an emergency Ensure you are valued for your efforts by your team! You may walk some sections of the trail with your team and cheer them up!

43 Things to Carry - Individual 15-20 liter day pack Sunscreen and Sun glasses Cap or Head Cover 2 Liters Water bottles (re-usable) or hydra pouch Electrolyte or ORS Head Torch with ample batteries Plastic Bags for carrying garbage /wet clothes Walking poles if required Personal Identification and money for emergencies and food at Check Points Energy Food, snacks

44 Things to Carry – As A Team Mobiles phones: At least two per team of different networks, with chargers Spare torch batteries Map Brochure One First Aid Kit at all times which must include –Volini or any other painkiller spray –Crepe bandage –Regular bandages- square; triangular; etc –Sterile dressings –Selected Blister treatment/ bandages –Antiseptic ointment –Insect repellant –Other items like needle, scissors, rash powder, prescribed pain killers as per team requirement

45 Things to Carry – By Support Crew Spare Socks Spare Shoes Spare clothing Warm jackets Sleeping bags / tents/ thermal blankets Extra First Aid Kit Spare torch/ batteries/bulbs / safety pins/ shoe laces etc Teams food supply if required Electrolyte replacement


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