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September 9, 2009, 6-7:30 pm 4-231. Agenda NSBE Mission NSBE History Symbols Key Business Areas National Directives Strategic Plan Organizational Structure.

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1 September 9, 2009, 6-7:30 pm 4-231

2 Agenda NSBE Mission NSBE History Symbols Key Business Areas National Directives Strategic Plan Organizational Structure Regional Information Alumni Extension History NSBE 301

3 NSBE Mission “To INCREASE the number of CULTURALLY responsible black engineers who EXCEL academically, SUCCEED professionally, & POSITIVELY impact the community.”

4 NSBE Objectives The objective of the National Society shall be stimulate and develop student interest in engineering; strive to increase the number of students studying engineering at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; endeavor in the advancement of the ethnic minority engineer in professional industry.

5 The Chicago Six National Chairperson History

6 NSBE History 1971 “Chicago Six” founded Purdue Society of Black Engineers 1974 Society of Black Engineers became national body 1975 First National Conference was held at Purdue University; 1976 NSBE was incorporated as a non-profit organization in Austin, Texas

7 NSBE History 1975 – First National Conference Attended by 48 students from 32 schools National symbol chosen Drafted first National Constitution Organization divided into 6 regions Adopted name National Society of Black Engineers

8 The Chicago Six Ed Coleman Anthony Harris Brian Harris Stanley Kirtley (deceased) John Logan (deceased) George Smith

9 NSBE Chairperson History John Cason - First National Chairperson Virginia Booth - First Female and 2x National Chair Dr. Florence Morehead - First Executive Director Dr. Gary May - Only National Chair with a PhD Robert S. Bright - First Alumni Extension Chairperson

10 The Torch The Lightning Bolt

11 The Torch Everlasting burning desire to achieve and develop minority students’ interest and participation in engineering in our present society

12 The Lightning Bolt The striking impact that will be felt by society and industry as a result of contributions and achievements made by NSBE

13 7 Key Business Areas Academic Excellence Technical Excellence Leadership Communications Financial Vitality Cultural and Community Awareness Continued Education and Career Access

14 National Directives Retention Retention International Development International Development Scholastic Achievement Scholastic Achievement Economic Empowerment Economic Empowerment

15 National Strategic Plan Professional Excellence Professional Excellence Outreach Outreach World-Wide Impact World-Wide Impact Engineering Excellence Engineering Excellence Recruitment & Retention Recruitment & Retention


17 Currently 33,067 members 375 Collegiate, 75 Alumni Extension, 75 NSBE Jr. Chapters 40+ Conferences Annually 2 National Magazines, 1 Professional Magazine

18 The Chain of Command

19 Governing Documents National Constitution National By-Laws Regional By-Laws National Alumni Operating Guidelines Regional Operating Guidelines Regional Alumni Operating Guidelines

20 National Executive Board Regional Executive BoardAlumni Executive BoardWorld Headquarters Regional Alumni Executive Board Zone Executive Board Chapter Executive Board

21 Current Leadership Stacyann P. Russell- National Chairperson Carl Mack- Executive Director Jarad Pouncil- National Vice Chairperson Kari L.Brown- National Secretary Ayanna Berry- National Treasurer Jarrell D. Johnson- National Programs Chair Jeff Lamothe- Parliamentarian Ann T. Griffin- National Public Relations Chair Melanie Sutherland- National Publications Chair Akaninyene Udoeyop- National Communications Chair Michael Owens- Finance Chair Jessica Allen- National Assistant Treasurer Ainsley A. Stewart Jr.- 2010 International Convention Planning Committee Chair Edward James William II- National Academic Excellence Chair Vacant- National Pre-college Initiative Chair Adrianne Wheeler- National Membership Chair

22 Regional Breakdown Region 1 Facts

23 Regional Breakdown Region I… “One Fiyah, More Fiyah!” Northeastern: Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New Hampshire Affinity Regions: West Africa, East Canada Region II… “Two Hype” Southeastern: Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia Affinity Regions: Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East Region III… “Three Ready” Southern: Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida Affinity Regions: Caribbean and South America

24 Regional Breakdown Region IV… “Fo Solid, Fo Life, Fo Eva” Great Lakes: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Minnesota Affinity Regions: East Africa, Central Africa, and Central Canada Region V… “Five Deep” Midwest/South Central: North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana Affinity Regions: Eastern Mexico, Central America, and Southern Africa Region VI… “Six House” Pacific/Rocky Mountain: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico (Baja) Affinity Regions: Asia, Australia, and South Pacific

25 Current Structure of Region I Region I Executive Board Region I CommitteesRegion I ZEB’s Region I RAB Region I MEMBERSHIP!

26 Region 1 Facts 1977 The FIRST Regional Conference was held by Region One at MIT 1984 The FIRST Regional Leadership Conference was held by Region One at Boston University in 1984. 1988 Region I Chairperson John Polk initiated the National PCI Program. 2003 Region I hosted it’s first three day Summer Camping Conference at Adelphi University in Long Island, N.Y.

27 Alumni Extension History 1984 A proposal reflecting the origins of the current Alumni infrastructure was developed 1985 NSBE approved the formation of an Alumni Task Force. 1985-1988 NSBE students and Alumni from across the nation created the NSBE-AE Operating Guidelines. 1988 The Alumni Extension was approved as an operating entity of NSBE


29 Overview What makes NSBE so unique? The structure of Region I Secrets Revealed! WHQ The power of ONE! Conclusion

30 Why NSBE? What makes NSBE so unique? Largest student-run organization in the U.S. Real life business experience for college students! + networking with professionals who look like you NSBE focuses on it’s members and also the community like no other organization can…we are a all-in-one package deal

31 Secrets Revealed! All managed by students! The 2009-2010 NSBE operating budget is approximately $? ~ $7.2 Million! The 2009-2010 Region I operating budget is approximately $? ~ $97,000 Dollars!

32 Secrets Revealed! Where do conference registration fees go? Conference registration fees go back into the regional budget which is used to pay for conference accommodations, meals, A/V rental, Supplies, etc.

33 Secrets Revealed! Where do NSBE National Dues go? NSBE National dues are used to fund the operating expenses of the NEB & NAB! This includes NEB & NAB Travel/ Accommodations, supplies, conference calls, meals, etc.

34 World Headquarters (WHQ) Sign all contracts (for NSBE meetings and conferences) Scholarship Checks & Fee processing Corporate Relations NOL & National Membership Issues Put together and mail all NSBE magazines and publications Manage NSBE programs In summary, the NSBE employees @ WHQ manage the day to day business of the society and get PAID to do so.

35 The Power of One! Who elects the NSBE National Executive Board every year? The National Senate! Who elects the Regional Executive Boards every year? The 6 Regional Senates! Who is the only body that can change the National Constitution? The National Senate! Who is the only body that can vote against a Natl. or Regl. Executive board/committee? The Senate!

36 Additional Information Check out NSBE at The National site: The Regional site: NSBE Online: Don’t forget to register!

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