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Dr. S. S. Babar Website: H No: 8-2-413/B, Road No 4, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034, A.P.

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1 Dr. S. S. Babar Email: Website: H No: 8-2-413/B, Road No 4, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad 500034, A.P. Phone:-+91 40 23356692 Mobile:- +91 9848037070


3 Pregnancy is the ideal time for constitutional treatment of woman under stress, when her underlying predisposition of Psoric /Sycotic /syphilitic miasms springs up due to stress upon her immune system. Right from conception tremendous hormonal changes takes place and body favorable progesterone is on the rise, despite which diseases predisposed to her surface up, differently in the 1 st trimester / 2 nd trimester/ 3 rd trimester and even syphilitic / Psoric miasm appears in the form of psychosis in the post partum period. I have time and again prescribed in thousands of pregnant women over the past 30 years and also compared those to their counterparts with only allopathic management, and concludingly homeopathically managed patients had excellent and safe outcome at the end of pregnancy and their newborns were comparatively healthier until they get vaccinated and their health goes down after that. Conditions encountered in trimester order FIRST TRIMESTER SECOND TRIMESTER THIRD TRIMESTER

4 Prescribing Homoeopathy is from the beginning to the end is an art of individualization. We have to individualize remedies and patients. No one should make a homoeopathic prescription from diagnostic or pathognomonic symptoms. The whole aim of the physician is to secure the language of nature. It is necessary to know sickness not from pathology, not from physical diagnosis, no matter how important these branches are, but by symptoms, the language of nature. In studying homoeopathic philosophy as given in the Organon, the Chronic Diseases and Kent's Lectures we are struck by the fact that many of the main points are emphasized by arrangement of the ideas in groups of three, and it may not be out of place to review them briefly. And so in many ways we need to resist temptation and use sound sense and judgment free from bias.

5 1st TRIMESTER Nausea and vomiting. Repeated miscarriages = blighted ovum Positive TORCH Threatened abortion

6 2nd & 3rd TRIMESTER UTI complicating including pyelonephritis Umbilical hernia pain. Disc syndromes Gangrene – Reynaud's ischemia during pregnancy Red degeneration of fibroid during pregnancy. Premature labor Premature rupture of membranes at 7th-8th month. Malaria and exanthematous fever during pregnancy Caulophylum regimen

7 OTHER COMMONLY ENCOUNTERED DISEASES DURING PREGNANCY SVT Tuberculosis is compl pregnancy. TB spine Thyrotoxicosis. Gall stones complicating pregnancy Migraine and Trigeminal Neuralgia. Chronic Nephritis compl Pregnancy Duodenal Ulcer complicating. Cholecystitis Ulcerative colitis Hemorrhoids Carpal tunnel syndrome Warts & Condylomatas Chronic Nephritis compl Pregnancy Hepatitis viruses A/B/C compl pregnancy. Disc syndrome complicating Tennis elbow Polyarthritis or osteoarthritis

8 Conditions which should NOT be treated during pregnancy with homeopathy 1. Hypertension and PIH.8.. Missed abortion 2. Diabetes Mel.9. Incomplete abortion. 3. Eclampsia10. Medical termination of pregnancy 4. Acute renal failure11. Septic abortions 5. Rh incompatibility12. Myxedema 6. APH including abruption placenta13. PPH etc. 7. Hemolytic diseases14. Hypofibrinogenemia

9 CASES 1.Primigravida in her 2nd month had severe distressful nausea and retching since past 2 weeks and could not even tolerate the smell of cooking food, was brought to me, and after ascertain normalcy of pregnancy. I gave her my very much tested regimen as Sulphur LM 0/6 alternating with Calcarea carb LM 0/6 and followed by LMs of Sepia/ Sulphur/Calc carb three times a day alternating for 30 days, which immediately the next day she responded and attained normalcy. Note- I have tested and tried this formula in about more than 1000 cases and it always works, safe and effective. May not need repetition.

10 A Multigravida with h/o repeated miscarriages and pregnancy losses Consulted me, with the following history 1st pregnancy3/12 miscarriage 2nd pregnancy 2/12 miscarriage 3rd pregnancy7/12stillbirth 4th pregnancy8/12stillbirth 5th pregnancy8/12still birth with congenital anomalies and upon investigation I found only TORCH IgG positive and IgM were negative. But the typical history was interesting, she said as the pregnancy progresses, she notices a change in her left toe nail, color and texture changes right from 3rd month onwards and at 5-7th month nail is completely discolored and becomes brownish black and distorts abnormally until 7th month when the fetal heart is lost. She must have consulted a dozen Gynecologists and no response. I Repertorised her fully and found to give PSORINUM CM As My first prescription which was in a non pregnant state and then treated her constitutionally with Arsenic Album repeated 0/6 doses and followed by Anti TORCH homeopathic remedies weekly. Asked her to conceive and since beginning treated her entirely by homeopathy with repetition of same above regimen and to her surprise this time at 5th month there was slight there was slight discoloration of that nail but with PSORINUM Cm. dose it resumed normal color. The pregnancy continued uneventful till term and she, Delivered a VERY MUCH NORMAL BABY GIRL AND SHE IS NOW 15 years age, subsequently she delivered normal 4 children, all alive and healthy.

11 1.A Primigravida reported to me in her 6th month with severe pain abdomen, excruciating type spread to almost all abdomen and whole uterus was tender and no vaginal bleeding, apyrexial, no signs of any infection. Ultrasonography revealed A HUGE FIBROID about 10cms on fundo-posterior aspect (Red Degeneration/ Necrobiosis ), pregnancy was normal about 23 weeks size and unaffected, and so I gave her CALC CARB LM 0/6 doses repeatedly every 15 minutely until pain subsided and then tid x 30 days, which not only cured of the pain same day but the pregnancy carried to term with normal outcome.

12 A gynecologist consulted me in her 4th pregnancy, she was on long leave in her 7th month of pregnancy, and upon enquiring said she has very IRRITABLE UTERUS RIGHT IN HER LAST TRIMESTER and has given birth to 3 premature babies in the past, and none of the uterine relaxants Ritrodrine/ Orciprenaline / Salbutamol etc or tocolytics helped her and out of desperation she was on bed rest, I examined her, everything was normal, it was 28th week and her constitutional remedy turned out to be CALC CARB and I gave her in CM potency once and to her surprise the hypertoncity of uterus became significantly lesser as the pregnancy advanced to term and this time she delivered on her expected dates, a normal full term baby.

13 A post partum female was brought to me in acute PSYCHOSIS, having delivered 40 days ago, the exact history is as below for your study. 9.3.2002Para 5 1 st baby boy died 9 months infant death, 2 nd baby died Neonatal death 22 days Now after the present delivery postpartum 43 days had an attack of psychosis and she had arching of spine and neck going backwards, attempted to Kill herself with knife, and her children. Fear of death/crying and weeping a lot. Hyosc nig 50M... every 15mins and sc x 10 days. Sc packs bid x 10 days 11.4.2002was alright for more than a month but again having problem, Hyosc nig LM potency 0/6 bid x 30 days Sc packs weekly twice x 4 weeks

14 Thanks For your Kind Attention

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