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Overview of ten years of participation of the Romanian Association to the EURATOM research in thermonuclear fusion.

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1 Overview of ten years of participation of the Romanian Association to the EURATOM research in thermonuclear fusion

2 The context: The scientific and political commitment imposed by fusion ”Europe’s fusion research has a solid foundation, with firmly established networks of excellence. We must give ourselves the best chance to build ITER in Europe...“ Philippe Busquin, press release of Council of Ministers, 13 May 2003 “The president has made achieving commercial fusion power the highest long-term energy priority for our Nation” USA DoE Office of Science Strategic Plan, February, 2004 “China wants to be the first nation to generate electricity from fusion” Chinese minister, when China joined ITER, January 2003

3 Faster than computers Source: Lopez Cardoso

4 Essentials of the history of ten years expansion 1999: Assessment of our expertise. What Romania can offer to the fusion community? 2005:42 researchers, 1,053 million Euro, 9 Associations 2009:28 Task Agreements (contracts with EFDA and EFDA-JET) Topical groups (transport, MHD, diagnostics, etc.) Plasma Wall Interaction Integrated Tokamak Modeling Materials


6 Baseline expenditure structure (Physics, JET Notifications, UnderliTechnology) Expenditure structure evolution (Baseline, Technology Tasks, Art. 5.1b, Art. 6.3


8 PUBLICATIONS 2002-2008: 194 articles (including 108 in ISI journals) 219 contributions at conferences ISI papers / year Papers / main journals ISI papers / activity type ISI papers / physics domain

9 Major research fields where MEdC Association has made contributions Basic physics of fusion plasma Transport, MHD, diagnostics, sheats Physics Integration (ceramics, optical fibers) Magnet structure and integration Tritium inventory control Tritium Breeding and Materials Materials Development IFMIF, Test Facilities IFMIF, Design Integration Fuel Cycle Atomic and Nuclear data bases Plasma Facing components (JET) ITER-like Wall Project (JET)

10 Physics of fusion plasmas Physics of instabilities, turbulence and transport in tokamak plasmas Statistical physics for anomalous transport in plasmas Mathematical modeling of transport processes Numerical simulations of transport in stochastic fields Results: 10 researchers, collaborations with CEA, ULB, ENEA, JET The Decorrelation Trajectory Method: diffusion in turbulent plasma Hamiltonian dynamics and stochastic processes

11 Physics of fusion plasmas Coherent flows in plasmas Rotation of plasma as cuasi-coherent flows (analytic and numeric) Magnetic configurations and Resistive Wall Modes Perturbed magnetic field and stream function U of the induced eddy currents given by an EKM.

12 Tritium technology Tritium permeation into various materials Water Detritiation System: endurance test catalyst - packing mixture Standard parts catalogues in CATIA V5 for tritium-containing systems Development of 2-D and 3-D symbols for WDS components Assesment of detritiation with Ar plasma torch Installation for studies on Water Detritiation

13 ASSESSMENT OF DETRITIATION WITH A SMALL Ar PLASMA TORCH Figure 7a. Image of the plasma torch during scanning procedure Figure 7b. Mass variation of a CFC sample with the treatment time Easy access to details of wall. Collaboration with CEA.

14 Technology for fusion applications Superconductors Fabrication of YBCO high temperature superconducting coated conductors NbAl multifilamentary strands for fabrication of Nb 3 Al superconducting conductors Deposition of thick YBCO films on metallic substrates (chemical) SEM image of YBCO film grown on CeO 2 /YSZ/CeO 2 /Pd buffered Ni-W substrate at 850 0 C at two different magnifications (left 20.00 K X and right 135.66 K X ).

15 Technology for fusion applications Irradiated ceramics and optical fibers Visible-UV response of optical fibres to gamma irradiation Effects on semiconductor optical detectors of gamma-ray and electron beam Radiation Ionizing and neutron-irradiation effects on optoelectronic components (semiconductor lasers and embedded detector) UV transmission for large diameter optical fibres

16 X-ray micro-tomography Non-destructives analysis of fusion materials samples by microtomography (2003) Implementation of suitable NDT inspection methods for the structural integrity assessment of instrumented capsules and rigs by micro-tomography (2004) X-ray microtomography for HFTM capsules and rigs Influence of the sample radioactivity on the tomographic reconstruction quality (2005) Cross-sections of the 3D tomographic reconstruction of the HFTM irradiation capsule obtained for optimum combination of the irradiation parameters (High Voltage= 220 kV, X-ray tube current ~ 300 mA) with full object scanning geometry IFMIF / EVEDA requests

17 Nuclear Data Comparison of calculated and experimental [11] neutron total cross sections (left), and the corresponding collective inelastic scattering cross sections obtained by DWBA method for 55 Mn nucleus First Romanian contribution to ITER

18 Enhancement of gamma-ray diagnostics at JET JET KN3 neutron/gamma diagnostics with neutron attenuators and their steering and control system (LUC: Local Unit Cubicle); HC-NA: Horizontal Camera Neutron Attenuator; VC-NA: Vertical Camera Neutron Attenuator Vertical Camera Neutron Attenuator prototype

19 Optimization and Manufacturing of 10  m W-coatings for the CFC tiles to be installed in JET W coated tiles during the HHF test CMSII coating equipment general view ITER-like Wall at JET Extension to JET divertor 2009

20 CMSII discharge with 6 magnetrons running Tungsten markers deposited on various substrates by CMSII technology To measure net errosion of W on divertor tiles

21 PRODUCTION OF BERYLLIUM COATINGS FOR INCONEL CLADDING AND BERYLLIUM TILE MARKERS FOR THE ITER-LIKE WALL PROJECT Thermionic vacuum arc (TVA) method Beryllium coatings on inconel: (a) “as produced”; (b) after HHF test of 20 MJ m -2. Interest expressed by Fusion for Energy, for ITER applications (2009)

22 Photograph of the equipment used for Beryllium tile Markers coatings

23 Conclusions Major achievements: physics: decorrelation trajectory method W- and Be – coating on JET Wall micro-tomography diagnostics Missed opportunities High Performance Computer for Fusion Physics Perspectives ITER participation with Tritium, Beryllium and Nuclear data Still to solve: Do-we have a strategy for ITER? Are-we at the periphery or on the main stream? How to conserve the physics expertise Suggested perspective: after ten years of challenging experience, we will certainly find the correct answer

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