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Unit 5 Bench Testing, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting.

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1 Unit 5 Bench Testing, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

2 Objectives u Trainee to be proficient with –Helitorch bench testing –Helitorch/Mixing System maintenance and troubleshooting


4 Helitorch Bench Testing Prior to helitorch operation, a bench test will be conducted

5 Helitorch Bench Testing  Helitorch should be empty  Have a 40-B:C fire extinguisher available  Make sure switches are off and propane bottle is installed  Connect 24 volt power source to helitorch with the 9 pin test adapter  With the pump switch off, turn on the igniter switch, check for spark and if applicable, propane ignition

6 Helitorch Bench Test cont.  Check the propane pressure and adjust if needed  After testing (if needed) let the tip and ignition parts cool  Remove clay bailey 2” cam lock from the drum  With the ignition switch off turn on the pump switch  You should feel air being sucked into the drum

7 Helitorch Bench Test cont.  Do not run pump dry for more than a few seconds  Turn Switches off and unhook power source  Reinstall vent hose cap  Remove 9 pin adapter  Check suspension cables, wire ties, bolts, nuts, connectors, and drum tie down straps for tightness and serviceability

8 General Helitorch Maintenance  Properly service and store the helitorch to maintain dependability  Flush system with diesel or Jet A and pump dry prior to storage  Do not store Helitorch with gel or fuel remaining in plumbing  Remove propane bottle and install empty cylinder  Keep internal components free of dirt and debris  Replace hoses when no longer flexible/cracked


10 Helitorch Maintenance cont.  Disassemble torch tip and clean  Check electrical cable  Service & repair dry break coupler  Check motor brushes periodically (simplex)  Keep components clean & free of moisture  Reference helitorch inspection checklist (IAIG APP B)  Store in a sheltered, clean, dry area  Apply service tag after maintenance performed with name, date, repairs needed if any


12 General Mixing System Maintenance  Batchmixers that meet MC306 or DOT 406 design specs must comply with DOT regs  Annual visual inspection by DOT certified Inspector  Hydrostatic pressure test every 5 years by a DOT certified inspector  Maintain trailer brakes, wheel bearings, electrical system, engine oil, air filter, spark arrestor, and general integrity of the unit

13 Mixing System Maintenance cont.  Pump tank empty of gelled fuel, use non- ferrous paddle/scraper if necessary  Clean with diesel or Jet A and flush all hoses  Prevent rust/paint as needed  Purge entire system  Keep mixing system clean and store in dry place  Maintain a log of all maintenance performed

14 Drum & Associated Hardware Maintenance  Keep drum purged of gel/fuel  Paint as need to prevent rust  Store in clean, dry environment  Keep dry break valve clean of dirt & debris  Clay & Bailey, Site Glasses, Cam-Locks free of gel residue- CLEAN WITH SOLVENT



17 Vapor Hose Maintenance  Store hoses in dry location away from sunlight  Keep cam-lock caps on during storage  Perform continuity test prior to use  Replace brittle/cracked hoses


19 Helitorch Troubleshooting (Handout)  Circuit breakers on helicopter stay tripped open – Check polarity of plug between helicopter and torch – Check for electrical shorts in wiring – Check motor for short


21 Helitorch Troubleshooting cont. – Check pump for drag or obstruction – Check gel thickness – Check motor bearings –Check polarity of plug to Helicopter or Helitorch (Do not hook suspension cable to cargo hook)



24  No spark from igniter – Check igniter switch – Check electrical connection from helicopter –Check vibrator – Check coil


26 Helitorch Troubleshooting cont. –Check coil wire –Check wire connection on igniter rod –Check igniter rod gap –Check polarity of plug to helicopter –Trace electrical wiring system and continuity

27  Propane does not light (if applicable) –Check propane quantity and gage pressure –Check that solenoid valve is opening –Check for plugged propane torch orifice –Replace propane bottle with another –Insure propane torch tip slit is in line with the arcing rod

28  No gel being pumped –Check pump switch –Make sure valves are open –Check pump for obstructions –Check hose for obstructions –Check thickness of gel –Check motor and drive belt

29  Pump turns backwards (clockwise) –Helicopter or 9 pin plug on the helitorch are wired backwards, polarity is wrong. Check the helitorch first  Gel leaks out of discharge nozzle valve. –Spring is weak or O-rings are bad  Gel leaks from pump shaft (Simplex 5400) –Replace pump shaft seal or replace pump

30 Do it by the numbers!

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