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NSBE-UDEL 1 st General Body Meeting Membership Drive.

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1 NSBE-UDEL 1 st General Body Meeting Membership Drive


3  Founded in 1975 at Purdue University.  Chicago Six  Stanley Kirtley, Edward Coleman, John Logan, George Smith; Brian & Anthony Harris  First National Convention in 1975  48 students from 32 schools, rough draft of 1 st national constitution, national symbol, six geographical regions,  Incorporated in 1976 as non-profit organization

4 Composed of the torch and lightening bolts

5  Torch symbolizes our everlasting burning desire to achieve success in this competitive society and to affect a positive change on the quality of life for all people.

6  Lightening bolts represent the striking impact that will be felt by the society and industry due to the contributions and accomplishments made by the dedicated members of the society.

7  NSBE Jr. (PCI ) Member  Pre-college individuals who see exposure to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields  Collegiate Member  Undergraduate and graduate students majoring in at a collegiate institution or graduate level students who majored in STEM as undergraduates  Alumni Extension/Technical Professional Member  Working professionals and graduate students who majored in STEM.  Seek to fulfill NSBE's mission via avenues for networking and professional development while giving back to the community.  *NSBE Graduating Seniors - Your first year of AE membership is free!

8  Largest student run organization in US  450 collegiate, alumni, and pre-college initiative chapters  6 geographical regions with international chapters  27 conferences yearly  2 National magazines  1 Professional magazines

9  NSBE programming is centered around  Provide structure for NSBE 1. Academic Excellence 2. Technical Excellence 3. Leadership 4. Communications 5. Financial Vitality 6. Cultural and Community Awareness 7. Continuous Education and Career Access

10  Academic Excellence  Academic improvement on all levels of membership.  Improve members academic reporting, performance, and recognition  Pipeline Development  More concrete method to impact our community  Positively affect every level of membership from PCI to alumni

11  One of the six geographical regions of NSBE  States include: PA, DE, DC, MD, VA, WV, NC, SC  Approximately 4400 members  Zones: End, 0, Terror, Comfort, and DANGER  Best Region Because:  Home 2 Nation’s top universities  Close proximity to top engineering firms

12  Our way to reach back to students in elementary and secondary schools  Currently partnered with local high schools in the area  Mentor, tutor, educate students about engineering and science fields  Prepare students for transition to college Contact Kwame Warrick for more info

13  Team the competes on campus and at conferences  Atmosphere for members to show additional talents  Contact Tiffany Jones at



16  FREE NSBE T-SHIRT  VIP SEATING AT NSBE EVENTS  Subscription to NSBE Magazine  DISCOUNTS at various companies  FREE attendance to Zone Summits  Discount to Conferences including National Convention, Fall Regional Conference  FREE PARTICIPATION IN FLAG FOOTBALL  And MUCH MORE

17  College Admissions Preparation – Materials that prepare for the PSAT, SAT, & ACT.  Participate in technical competitions such as the Tri-Math-a-lon, Science Fair, and US First Robotics competition.  Receive college application information including how to get into college, financial aid information, etc. (valued at up to $500)  Discounted Kaplan Test Prep services and materials.  Scholarships and Awards  Subscription to The Bridge – NSBE magazine catering to PCI students ($15 value)  Discount Registrations for conferences and events exposing youth to STEM fields. Ex: Annual Convention & PCI Mini Conference  Leadership Development – Develop your leadership skills by serving in many chapter and some regional leadership roles  Opportunity to meet other NSBE Jr. Collegiate and Alumni members from around the world who have walked in the footsteps that you intend to.  Mentoring and/or tutoring by College Students or Technical Professionals currently working in a STEM field

18  Access to 20+ companies at regional conferences and over 300 at the National Convention career fair.  Academic support is provided via tutoring and academic achievement programs.  KAPLAN test preparation workshops available at conferences. Discounted Kaplan Test Prep services and materials.  Leadership Development – Exceptional training at regional conferences, the National Convention, and local chapter. Opportunity to serve on Regional and/or National Executive Board.  Post your resume free of charge to top engineering companies in NSBE’s Job Placement Center (JPC). Search for internships, co-ops, and full-time job opportunities.  Scholarships and Grants. Scholarships are awarded every year to deserving undergraduate students. Many of our scholarships do not require a GPA.  Network with thousands of other students and technical professionals in your field of study.  Preparation for graduate school and future career.  Community Service through NSBE’s T.O.R.C.H. and Pre-College Initiative programs.  Discounts Registrations to conferences and events including the Annual Convention, the largest student planned conferences in the world. Technical training and unparalleled networking opportunities are available at these conferences as you meet people from all over the world.

19  Leadership Development and Training including Panel Discussions with Top Leadership from Fortune 500 Companies  Professional Development via a multitude of workshops, seminars, and networking opportunities at Conferences and local Chapter Functions  KAPLAN test preparation workshops available at conferences. Discounted Kaplan Test Prep services and materials.  Post your resume free of charge to top engineering companies in NSBE’s Job Placement Center (JPC). Search for full-time job opportunities.  Access to Fortune 500 Companies during the Career Fair and Networking Suites annually at the Annual Convention/Technical Professional Conference  First year Alumni membership dues are waived for NSBE Collegiate members upon Graduation with an Undergraduate degree within the first year of degree completion. (a $50 value)  Access to scholarships/fellowships  Mentoring and Community Outreach opportunities  Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which address specific areas of Engineer, i.e. Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineer, etc…

20  Chapter Dues payment to CEB member  National Dues payment online at ChapterNationalTotal PCI$10$5$15 Collegiate$15 $30 Alumni?$50?


22  Region 2 comes together  Alumni, Collegiate, PCI  Career Fair  Workshops  Parties  Networking,  Step Team & other competitions

23  When: March 23 rd – 27 th  Where: St. Louis Why: All of NSBE comes together (nationally and worldwide) 2 Day Career Fair, Graduate School Fair, workshops, parties, ultimate networking, competitions, quest speakers

24  NSBE’s letter-writing campaign to invite President Barack Obama to be the keynote speaker at the 2011 Annual Convention in St. Louis, Mo.  NSBE’s mission is directly in tune with the President’s “Educate to Innovate” STEM Initiative campaign.

25 1. Fill out the letter template with your information 2. Go to and fill in the form to submit an e-mail to the White House. Paste your letter in the “Message” field 3. Sign a copy of your letter and NSBE-UDEL send to White House and NSBE WHQ 4. Go to NSBEWorld and register at the 2011 Presidential Campaign Forum to let us know that you sent your letter by following these stepsNSBEWorld

26  When: October 9 th  Where: Temple University  Who: Danger Zone  Cost: FREE  Why:  Chapters from DANGER Zone come together  PCI, Alumni, collegiate  Workshops for every membership type  Guest speaker from industry  Networking with other chapters

27  Game Nights  Study Nights  Academic Excellence Month Programs (November)  Mentoring  Events with Alumni, PCI & Collegiate  Workshop with W.L. Gore  Guest Speakers  Community Service Programs  Personal Website Development


29  Benefits:  University Connection  Resume Booster  Develop Leadership, Management, networking, & team working skills  Become part of community and much more  Vacant Positions include:  Finance Chair, Fundraising Chair, Membership Chair, Publicity Chair, Senators (2)  Requirements:  Upperclassman status, paid national & chapter dues  See Ariel Roach,

30  Unsure about being on CEB or a Freshman?  Join a committee that can still be used on resume  Committees:  Finance  Communications  Programs  PCI  Community Service

31  Why not pay your dues now?  No Credit Card?  CEB will help with registering nationally  Make checks out to NSBE-UDEL

32  Check us out at:  Facebook  Website:  NSBE Office: Room 307 in Perkins

33  Executive board inquiries, community service programming  Ariel Roach:  Membership issues:  Joanna Adadevoh:  Website, email, other forms of communication  Lindsay Rennie:  Step Team  Tiffany Jones:  PCI  Kwame Warrick:  Programming:  Kristopher Redding:  Dues, Fundraising, Finances  Brian Traylor,

34 If no, breakout into interested committees for brainstorming

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