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Compass and Torch.

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1 Compass and Torch

2 Compass and Torch: Investigating the story
Success criteria: Listen in class and complete all tasks. Work co-operatively to investigate language and meaning. Explain the theme – write in full sentences!

3 What do you think the story is about?

4 Theme: Watch the trailer – What is the film about?
Who are the main characters? What could the story be about?

5 Dadness? What makes a good Dad?
What makes a good Dad? Now share your ideas with your shoulder partner. Definition? Dadness?

6 Dadness: Childishness = a childish quality. To behave in a child like way E.g. After loosing the computer game, she threw the control at the T.V. Dadness =

7 Task: Read the story: Who is telling the story? More than one person?
What is the story about? Write a brief summary in exactly 40 words!

8 Learning Objective To explore the structure used in the stories so far.

9 Dictionary race: Dappled Robust Redundant Affirmation Carcasses
Intently Seared Dismay Jovial Hummocky Gratified

10 Plotting the story: Exposition Inciting incident Rising action Climax

11 Plotting the story: Climax Rising action Denouement Exposition
Inciting incident

12 My Polish Teacher’s Tie Plot the structure of the story below.

13 Plotting the Story Think about the structure of the story ‘Compass and Torch’ – what do you notice?

14 Symbolism A compass is used to…
In the story it is used as a symbol of… A torch is used to… In the story the torch is a symbol of…

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