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Sant Vicenç dels Horts The legend of Saint Vicenç The Deacon San Vicente is the most famous martyr of Spain. The details of his martyrdom were inspired.

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2 Sant Vicenç dels Horts

3 The legend of Saint Vicenç The Deacon San Vicente is the most famous martyr of Spain. The details of his martyrdom were inspired by documents and traditions based on historical realities. The historical news says that Vicente, native of Huesca, during Diocleciano's pursuit was taken from Saragossa to Valencia to be tried and then he suffered the martyrdom. Daciano wasn’t convinced of the saint’s innocence, but he understood that it was necessary to destroy the adversary,Vicente. First he ordered that they should torture him. Later they put him in a dark cell, where the pavement was totally full of cutting gravels to prolong the tortures. But Vicente, with still strong voice, sang anthems of gratefulness to God. Then, the governor considered it as a motive of glory from him and ordered that they should place him in a very comfortable bed, but in that moment the Deacon died. They took the body to the field so it could be devoured by the beasts, but then a raven appeared and defended the corpse from the voracity of other animals. Daciano ordered that they should put it in a costal together with a great stone and throw it into the river; but the body did not sink, it floated on and appeared in a shore. The Christians considered it as a miracle and made a church for his tomb. The emblem of our village symbolizes the palm of the Saint and the great stone used to sink him into the water.

4 Sant Vicenç dels Horts located in the region of the Baix Llobregat, has an extension of 91,14 km2. It has 27.687 inhabitants. OUR TOWN HALL

5 Saint Vicenç dels Horts, a small town 20 Km away from Barcelona, has 27.687 inhabitants. Its name omes from the beginning of the 60s, when many people from Barcelona bought a piece of land and grew vegetables in the orchards. So the town was called “Saint Vicenç( because of its Patron Saint) and dels Horts(orchards).

6 CULTURAL ASSOCIATION. Building opened in 1923 to accommodate the headquarters of the Cultural Association, association that was born for the split of some members of the Vicentina. The legend explains that the split was caused by the scandal of a performance made by a group of youngsters and the dismissal of the piano player, all of them created the new entity. The main aim of the Cultural Association, in accordance with the regulations that were approved of on the 10th November of 1923,was the promotion of the culture among its members through the education, lectures, hiking, reading... and like most of this kind of entities,an aid of illness or death.


8 CATHOLIC CENTER : Social headquarters of the centennial entity of the same name, its construction began in 1919 and ended on 30 July of 1923, of unknown architect, in the modernism style. It highlights the verticality of the building and the brick columns in the façade. Many activities are held now: sport activities (fronton), musical (3 choirs and a school of music), dances, theater groups, café.


10 The Cultural Company La Vicentina of Sant Vicenç dels Horts, Baix Llobregat, an entity without spirit of profit that since 1871 has promoted the popular and traditional Catalan culture in an associative and recreational spirit.


12 In 1717 the ancient church was burned and the current one of baroque style, It is said that it was constructed with help of the local people, including the children and girls go who carried the wood and the stone for its construction. It is very simple, with materials- stone, water lime and sand- features of the local environment itself. It was opened in 1728

13 This January, when the new library building was being built, some archaeological remains dated from the Roman times were found under the ground of the library and they are being studied by a group of archaeologists.

14 There are alot of parks in Sant Vicenç, but the most beautiful park is this one called “Pino Gordo”. A lot of school competitions have been held here.

15 This is the health centre. It is a bit small but the staff is very good and there are many doctors. Now a new one is being built. It will be bigger and with better facilities than this one.

16 Our ambulance. Dial 061 if you need this service

17 This one is one of the places where we spend our free time. It is very new. There are bars and restaurants, a shopping centre, some boutiques, a supermarket, jeweler's shops, shoe stores etc. We usually go to the cinema and to the bowling centre at the weekends. There is also a musical bar but it is for people over eighteen. We went to have lunch at the Chinese restaurant at the end of the school year with our tutors (we had two tutors last year). We enjoyed a lot.

18 This is an old cottage called “Can Pujador”, built in 1679

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