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DIVISION OF TRANSPORTATION IRTBA General Membership Meeting October 27, 2011.

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1 DIVISION OF TRANSPORTATION IRTBA General Membership Meeting October 27, 2011

2  Proposed FY2012 Program  Proposed Five-Year Highway Improvement Program  Recovery Zone Bonds

3  Cash Reserves  Revenue  O & M Costs  Capital Expenditures

4  Local Gas Tax  $.04 per gallon  Motor Fuel Tax  portion of state tax per gallon  Impact Fees  Grants and Reimbursements  RTA Tax  State Capital Bill  RZ Bonds


6 CMAQ$1,377,000STP$6,829,435 HPP$320,000 Safety$989,100 HBP$2,612,000 Total Total$12,127,535




10  Engineering  Feasibility studies  Planning/environmental reports  Design/contract documents  Construction oversight  Land Acquisition  Construction Projects  Participation Agreements

11 55 th, Williams to Holmes Construction 55 th Street, Dunham-Clarendon Hills Road Planning 75 th over EBDR Construction 75 th, I-355 to Lyman Construction 75 th, Adams to Plainfield Design/LA Curtiss Construction Fabyan Parkway at IL 38 Design Gary, North to Army Trail Design/LA Walnut Construction 2012 Pavement Maintenance Construction Several Bike Trails Planning/ Design

12 Pavement Maintenance Contract(s) $2.9M Traffic Signal/Lighting Maintenance $1.0M Pavement Marking $400K Landscape Maintenance $250K Guardrail and Fence $200K Wetland Maintenance $150K Mowing$265K

13 63 IL 83 $650K Curtiss $2.2M Glen Ellyn Road under CCPRR $1.5M Midwest Lower Mayslake $250K Sidewalk Repair/Installation $300K

14 55 th Street, Williams to Holmes $4.41M 75 th Street, I-355 to Lyman $13.1M 75 th Street over East Branch DuPage River $2.5M Geneva/Glen Ellyn Road $975K Countdown Pedestrian Signals $300K Thorndale Avenue at I-290 $4.7M 75 th Street at Washington (Naperville) $1.86M Munger Road Extension (Cook County) $700K Stearns Road (Kane County) $995K



17  Repair campus infrastructure  Update technology infrastructure  Stormwater improvements  Transportation improvements

18  Total Authorization$ 69.9M  Campus Infrastructure$ 26.7M  IT$ 7.1M  Stormwater$ 17.2M  Transportation$ 15.3M

19 55 th Street Cass to Holmes $1.2M 75 th Street Woodward to Lyman $5.0M Curtiss Street $3.0M Gary Avenue North Avenue to Army Trail Road $5.4M 31 st Street Highland to Meyers (Bike Trail) $300K Warrenville Road Naperville to East Branch DuPage River (Bike Trail) $400K

20  Brewster Creek Watershed$ 5.0M  Church Hill Woods Dam Modification$ 1.7M  Klein Creek/West Branch Flood Modification$ 5.0M  Warrenville/Winfield Flood Mitigation$ 5.2M  Convalescent Center Kitchen$ 6.0M  Campus Standby Generators$11.7M



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