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2 Q.1 Which of the following is not an application of surveying? a) preparing maps b) drawing plans and maps c) obtaining distance between stations d) Investigation of soils

3 Q.2 Type of soil or rock and its bearing capacity are studied within the area of civil engineering known as.. a)Structural engineering b)Surveying c)Soil mechanics d)Town planning

4 Q.3 Efficient completion of a building as per specifications falls under.. a) irrigation engineering b) construction engineering c) structural engineering d) town planning

5 Q.4 In the construction of a dam, civil has a engineer role for.. a)Design of spillways and canals b)Design of turbines and pumps c)Design of hydraulic instrumentation d)Agricultural products

6 Q.5 Design of.. Of an expressway is a role of civil engineer. a)Toll plazas b)Toll plaza sheds c)Speed-breakers d)alignment

7 Q.6 Role of civil engineer for an expressway project is mainly for.. a)Pavement design b)Basement design c)Speed-breaker design d)B.O.T.

8 Q.7 Cost of a proposed building can be found out by using.. a)Surveying b)Quantity surveying c)Geotechnical engineering d)Structural engineering

9 Q.9 Which of the following is not relevant for construction of a bridge? a)Surveying b)Foundation engineering c)Irrigation engineering d)Structural engineering

10 Q.10 For a dam project,.. Is not required as basic civil engineering area. a)Surveying b)Town planning c)Geotechnical engineering d)Earthquake engineering

11 Q.11 If roads connect the state capital cities, they are abbreviated as.. a) O.D.R. b) V.R. c) W.BM.R. d) N.H.

12 Q.12 Tools such as.. Are used for project management. a)C.P.M. and P.E.R.T. b)C.R.M. and P.E.R.S. c)C.P.M. and C.E.R.T. d)P.P.M. and C.E.R.T.

13 Q.13 Design of superelevation, curves, tunnels, etc are covered in.. a)Structural engineering b)Construction technology c)Transportation engineering d)surveying

14 Q.14 Quantity surveying includes two major areas as.. a)Testing and measurements b)Estimation and valuation c)Evaluation and execution d)Contracts and designs

15 Q.15.. Is not required for a dam project. a)Environmental impact assessment b)Catchment area study c)Town planning d)Geotechnical investigation

16 Q.16.. ( Of the following) is not a part of infrastructure development. a)S.E.Z. b)Expressway c)Power plant d)Multiplex theatre

17 Q.17 The terms B.O.T. and S.E.Z. are relevant for.. a) town planning b)Structural engineering c)Irrigation engineering d)Project management

18 Q.18 In the 21 st century infrastructure projects;.. Approach is a must and essential. a)Interdisciplinary b)Extraordinary c)Soft d)B.O.T.

19 Q.19 Which of the following is not an adverse situation for civil engineers in india? a)Remote and deserted location b)Desert or heavy rains. c)Hills and undulating terrain d)Sub-zero temperature with deciduous forest

20 Q.20 lakes or rivers can be exactly located on map using.. a)Town planning b)Irrigation engineering c)Surveying d)Infrastructure development

21 Q.21 Presence of ground-water, deformations in rock formations, etc. are studied under subject.. a)Surveying b)Irrigation engineering c)Geotechnical engineering d)Quantity surveying

22 Q.22 Selection of type of superstructure and completion of work are covered in.. a)Surveying b)Construction engineering c)Town planning d)Project management

23 Q.23 Gentle slope from center of road towards sides is called as.. a)Camber b)Super-elevation c)Sub-grade d)Cross-gradient

24 Q.24 Top surface of a bituminous road is called.. a)Bearing course b)Base course c)Sub-base course d)Wearing course

25 Q.25 Men,materials and money are optimally utilized in.. a)Town planning b)Project management c)Quantity surveying d)Construction technology

26 Q.26 Main aim of transportation engineering is.. a)Design of expressway b)Proper maintenance of roads and railways c)Traffic management within and outside towns d)Safe, economical and rapid transportation

27 Q.27 Minimum accidents and delays definitely indicate that.. Has been successfully and properly implemented. a)Transportation engineering b)Town planning c)Surveying d)Project mamagement

28 Q.28 Mumbai to agra road is of the category.. a)International highway b)Freeway c)National highway d)State highway

29 Q.29.. Pavements have comparatively short life. a)Rigid b)Hybrid c)Temporary d)flexible

30 Q.32 Study of pipe flows channel flows are covered in.. a)Irrigation engineering b)Dams c)Fluid mechanics d)Transportation engineering

31 Q.33 Proper utilization of water for cropping and agricultural use is possible due to.. a)Town planning b)Irrigation engineering c)Surveying d)Fluid mechanics

32 Q.34 Flood control and run-off studies are the aspects of.. a)Town planning b)Surveying c)Project management d)Irrigation engineering

33 Q.35 Factor of safety and cross section of members are the important terms in.. a)Town planning b)Project management c)Structural engineering d)Fluid mechanics

34 Q.36 Repairs and rehabilitation of buildings or building components are covered in.. a)Town planning b)Structural engineering c)Construction technology d)Quantity surveying

35 Q.37 Soil testing is the most important aspect of.. a)Irrigation engineering b)Project management c)Geotechnical engineering d)Structural engineering

36 Q.38 Reservoir operations for water supply for crops are managed by.. a)Fluid mechanics b)Irrigation engineering c)Geotechnical engineering d)Town planning

37 Q.39 Failure of a building component is analysed using the knowledge of.. a)Construction engineering b)Project management c)Quantity surveying d)Structural engineering

38 Q.40 Generally.. Is used for transportation in rural/remote areas. a)O.D.R. b)W.B.M.R. c)Bituminous road d)M.D.R.

39 Q.41 Provision of industrial areas falls under.. a)Infrastructure development b)Town planning c)Surveying d)Project management

40 Q.44 A flexible pavement may curve up or down according to the settlement of.. a)Foundation b)Base course c)Sub-base d)Sub-grade

41 Q.45 In the road section, side-drains are generally provided.. a)Below G.L. b)In the sub-base c)In the pavement d)Above base course

42 Q.46 Gauge of railway track means.. a)Center to center distance between rails b)Distance between outer faces of rails c)Distance between inner faces of rails d)Width of sleeper

43 Q.47 Branch of fluid mechanics that deals with fluids at rest is known as.. a)Fluid statics b)Fluid statistics c)Fluid dynamics d)Fluid kinetics

44 Q.49 Fluid kinetics includes study of.. a)Fluids at rest b)Fluids in motion along with the forces c)Fluids in motion along without forces d)Accleration and velocity of fluids

45 Q.50 Fluid mechanics is defined as.. a)Study of fluid properties b)Study of fluids at rest c)Study of fluids at rest and in motion under the action of various forces d)Study of flows of fluids in pipelines

46 Q.51 Identify the term which is not fit in the group of four. a)Sleeper b)Berth c)Ballast d)rail

47 Q.53 W.B.M. and concrete pavement are examples of.. a)Flexible and rigid pavement respectively b)Flexible pavement c)Rigid pavement d)Rigid and flexible pavements respectively

48 Q.54 Surveys done for lakes and rivers are known as.. a)Hydrophobic surveys b)Fluid mechanics c)Drainage surveys d)Hydrographic surveys

49 Q.55 Data collection or measurements without direct physical contact with that objects is known as.. a)Quantity survey b)Remote sensing c)Surveying d)Contour survey

50 Q.56 Length and angle measurements are the main aims of.. a)Surveying b)Levelling c)Contouring d)Remote sensing

51 Q.57 Main purpose of.. Is to ensure good quality constructions adhering to the specifications and standards. a)Surveying b)Town planning c)Construction engineering d)Project management

52 Q.58 If a ground makes an angle of 45 0 with horizontal, the gradient or slope will be exposed as.. a)1 in 45 b)45 in 1 c)1 in 1 d)1 in 0.707

53 Q.59 Various types of pumps, turbines and pipe flows are studied in.. a)Irrigation engineering b)Fluid mechanics c)Environmental engineering d)Infrastructure engineering

54 Q.60 Determination of value of a property is a part of.. a)Quantity survey b)Project management c)Town planning d)Construction engineering

55 Q.61 Probable cost of construction can be found out by using basic area of civil engineering knowns as.. a)Surveying b)Quantity surveying c)Town planning d)Construction technology

56 Q.62 For major repairs of a building, we require knowledge of.. a)Construction engineering b)Geotechnical engineering c)Town planning d)surveying

57 Q.63 If you want to know number of cement bags required for a construction works, you must use.. a)Construction engineering b)Quantity surveying c)Town planning d)Project management

58 Q.64 The most important application of environmental engineering is.. a)Forest maps b)Saving water c)Renewable energy d)Protection of the environment

59 Q.65 Design of channels for agricutural use comes under.. a)Fluid statics b)Irrigation engineering c)Geotechnical engineering d)Environmental engineering

60 Q.66 For determining the effective price of items at a particular construction site,.. Is done. a)Surveying b)Town planning c)Rate analysis d)Project analysis

61 Q.67 Thickness of different soil layers is determined using.. a)Surveying b)Trial pit c)Sounding technique d)Soil resistsnce

62 Q.69 The lowermost component of a structure below ground level is called.. a)Plinth b)Superstructure c)Basement d)foundation

63 Q.70 Framed structures with proper connections between structural members are designed using.. a)Surveying b)Geotechnical engineering c)Earthquake engineering d)Construction engineering

64 Q.71 Zoning and land reservations fall under.. a)Town planning b)Surveying c)Geotechnical engineering d)Environmental engineering

65 Q.72.. Are an important applications of town planning. a)Regional plans b)Maps and plans c)Building plans d)Economic plans

66 Q.73.. Are an essential of town planning for preventing illegal constructions. a)Town planning rules b)Development control rules c)Building rules d)Thumb rules

67 Q.74 For efficient and effective project management with respect to completion of works as per schedule;.. Is used. a)Fast track construction b)Rapid processing c)Valuation d)Bar chart technique

68 Q.77 A matter or substance capable of flowing is called.. a)Solid b)Fluid c)Water d)mud

69 Q.78 Degradation of the environment can be reduced efficiently by.. a)Closing down industries b)Reducing water consumption c)Cutting down the biodiversity d)Recycling the wastes

70 Q.79 Quantification (measurements) of pollutants will be possible using.. a)Quantity surveying b)Fluid mechanics c)Environmental engineering d)surveying

71 Q.80 Determination of approximate cost of a proposed building is known as.. a)Valuation b)Estimation c)Rate analysis d)tendering

72 Q.81 The term epicenter is relevant for.. a)Surveying b)Quantity surveying c)Fluid mechanics d)Earthquake engineering

73 Q.82 For rapid and balanced growth of an area,.. Are provided under infrastructure development. a)Basic facilities and amenities b)Proper land uses c)Various zones d)Financial supports

74 Q.83 Town planning considers.. Through regional plans, town plans, etc. a)Proper land uses, traffic management and D.C. rules. b)Making towns beautiful c)Efficient economic development d)Education and social justice

75 Q.84 Power, water supply, transportation are considered in.. a)Town planning b)Geotechnical engineering c)Infrastructure development d)Construction engineering

76 Q.85.. Approach is of ulmost importance in engineering for 21 st century. a)Interdisciplinary b)Environmental c)Economic d)local

77 Q.86 Application and use of many branches of engineering means.. Approch. a)Multiple b)Economical c)Inter disciplianary d)global

78 Q.88 Role of civil engineering in building construction is for.. a)Fixing location of building and roads b)Measuring areas of building c)Design of piers and deck d)Design, construction and repairs

79 Q.89 Alignment fixing, design of piers and maintenance are relevant points for role of civil engineer in the construction of a.. a)Fly over b)Building c)Dam d)expressway

80 Q.90 For design of a flyover,.. Is not required a)Surveying b)Construction engineering c)Town planning d)Structural engineering

81 Q.91 Hydroelectric power generation may be a part of.. Project. a)Expressway b)Building c)Infrastructure d)dam

82 Q.92 Working together by different persons, agencies from different fields for a project is known as.. a)Interdisciplinary approach b)Comprehensive project c)Megaproject d)Multi- tasking

83 Q.95.. Of the following is not civil engineer’s role. a)Manager b)Designer c)Surveyor d)valuer

84 Q.96 A civil engineer does not play any role for.. a)Testing of materials b)Designing building components c)Sale or purchase of land d)Supervision of construction

85 Q.97.. Of the following is not a use of map. a)Selecting a plot for bungalow b)Finding location of a station. c)Fiding distance between stations d)Fixing alignment of new road

86 Q.98 The.. Department prepares and publishes map showing earthquake zones of india. a)Irrigation b)Town planning c)Survey of india d)P.W.D.

87 Q.99.. Is not type of road based on material. a)Bituminous road b)W.B.M. road c)Concrete road d)State highway

88 Q.100.. is not included in geotechnical and foundation engineering. a)Design of beams and columns b)Design of building foundations c)Selection of suitable type of foundation d)Determining ground water level

89 Q.101 Identify the basic area not required for construction of a new tunnel on railway line. a)Town planning b)Surveying. c)Geotechnical. d)Construction.
















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