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December 3, 2012 Laurel Woodworth Center for Watershed Protection.

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1 December 3, 2012 Laurel Woodworth Center for Watershed Protection

2  Non-profit 501(c)3, non-advocacy organization founded in 1992  Work with watershed groups, local, state and federal governments  Provide tools to communities to protect lakes, rivers, streams, and estuaries  20 staff in Ellicott City, MD; Field Offices in Charlottesville, VA & Ithaca, NY

3 Trib of Blackwater Creek - Lynchburg

4 New IC Existing IC

5  Green Roof  Impervious Disconnection  Raintanks & Cisterns  Permeable Pavement  Grass Channels  Bioretention  Water Quality Swale  Stormwater Wetland  Extended Detention Pond  Infiltration  Soil Amendments  Filtering Devices  Wet Pond  Riparian Buffer Graphic from Oxford, NC “Keeping it Clean Downstream”

6 What is it? What does it do? How does it perform?  Reducing runoff quantity  Cost effectiveness  Removing phosphorus  Providing multiple benefits

7 Collect water from rooftops (and other surfaces) Reuse for outdoor & indoor uses Reduce RunoffCostMultiple Benefits Charlottesville – 6 th Street Urban Farm Water Quality


9 Use paver blocks or special concrete or asphalt that allow water to pass through. Can infiltrate or filter runoff, and also treat runoff from other parking areas. Reduce RunoffCostMultiple Benefits Albemarle County Office Building Charlottesville – Belmont BBQ Parking Area Water Quality

10 Make sure rooftop & driveway water does not go directly to storm drains or streams Direct flow to areas where it can be collected, absorbed, infiltrated Reduce RunoffCostMultiple Benefits Guildford Farm, Greene County Water Quality

11 Also known as “rain garden” Water filters through special soil mix, organic matter, and vegetation Can be used in parking lot islands, as part of open space, or on lots Reduce RunoffCostMultiple Benefits Monticello High School Water Quality

12 Albemarle County Office Building

13 Engineered trench where water collects and percolates into the ground Often limited by poor soils or shallow bedrock Reduce RunoffCostMultiple Benefits Sanitation District #1 of Northern KY Water Quality


15 Engineered structure where water filters through sand or another media Sometimes used at gas stations or other pollution “hotspots” Often in an underground vault Reduce RunoffCostMultiple Benefits Gas station in Crozet Water Quality

16 Target - Charlottesville

17 Modified stormwater basin that allows some water to pond temporarily so that pollutants can settle out Also used to control downstream flooding Most common stormwater practice in our area (and across the country) Reduce RunoffCostMultiple Benefits Neighborhood basin in Albemarle Water Quality

18 Basin with areas of marsh and open water designed to remove pollutants Reduce RunoffCostMultiple Benefits Ivy Creek School, Albemarle County Water Quality


20 Classification of Retrofits Runoff Reduction Practices (RR) Stormwater Treatment Practices (ST) BioretentionConstructed Wetlands Dry SwaleFiltering Practices InfiltrationProprietary Practices Permeable Pavement Wet Swale Green Roof Wet Ponds Achieve at least 25% reduction of annual runoff volume Traditional Practices

21 EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program: Recommendations of the Expert Panel to Define Removal Rates for Urban Stormwater Retrofit Projects Also: Total Nitrogen & Sediment

22 Compacted Soils

23 Jeremy Balousek, P.E. Dane County Land and Water Resources Department Madison, Wisconsin

24 Source: Jeremy Balousek, Dane Co., WI

25 1. Control – plot only seeded and mulched. 2. Deep till – plot deep tilled 3 feet deep, 5 foot spacing. 3. Chisel plow – plot deep tilled and chisel plowed 12 inches deep. 4. Compost – plot deep tilled, chisel plowed, and 3 inches of compost amended to topsoil.

26 upslope diversion 8 x 12 foot plots on uniform 10% slope dumping bucket runoff gauge

27 Source: Jeremy Balousek, Dane Co., WI



30 No TreatmentDeep Tilled Chisel PlowedCompost 8 days after seeding Source: Jeremy Balousek, Dane Co., WI

31 No TreatmentDeep Tilled Chisel PlowedCompost 32 days after seeding Source: Jeremy Balousek, Dane Co., WI

32 No TreatmentDeep Tilled Chisel PlowedCompost 53 days after seeding Source: Jeremy Balousek, Dane Co., WI

33 90 days after seeding Source: Jeremy Balousek, Dane Co., WI

34 -39% -88% +19%


36 36 Chesapeake Bay Stormwater Training Partnership Created to deliver targeted training on new tools and practices to improve the quality of stormwater runoff. Visit:

37 Laurel Woodworth (434) 293-5793 Charlottesville, VA

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