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Idaho Transportation Department Karen A. Strauss, P.E. Pavement Management Engineer.

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1 Idaho Transportation Department Karen A. Strauss, P.E. Pavement Management Engineer

2  What is “Asset Management”?  ITD’s previous pavement & maintenance management systems  ITD’s goals for the new asset management system  How TAMS meets those goals

3 Definition: “The practice of managing the whole life cycle (design, construction, commissioning, operating, maintaining, repairing, modifying, replacing and decommissioning/disposal) of physical and infrastructure assets.”

4 TAMS includes: Pavement Management System Maintenance Management System Future Additions: Fleet Management Network Manager

5  A planning tool that models Pavement surface deterioration: ▪ Cracking ▪ Roughness ▪ Rutting  Worst-First and Best-First Philosophy ▪ Worst-First: Fix the worst roads first ▪ Best-First: Preserve the most cost effective roads first

6  The question: “How deficient (bad) are my roads?”  Recommends fixing the worst first, even if the worst road has little traffic and low speed

7  The question should be: “What is the maximum benefit I can get from our money in the next 5 years?”  Concentrates on preserving the best of our impact roads first, considering:  Speed  Volume  Expectation

8 Complex Centrally operated, no statewide access Worst-First No connection to maintenance activities

9 Labor-intensive Data stored in several different places Difficult to replicate consistent model results

10 Goals for TAMS Our new system needed: A relationship between pavement and maintenance Data available to everyone Repeatable, reliable analysis results Maximization of cost-to- benefit ratio Fast analysis of alternatives Network, District, & Project level functionality


12 The new TAMS system has: Best-first philosophy Asset Management Database Pavement Performance Analysis Connection to a Maintenance Management System Graphing, Reporting, and GIS Maps

13  We now house data accessible to all statewide TAMS users: ▪ Construction history ▪ Traffic and Safety ▪ Boring Log and Skid Data ▪ Visual Survey Data ▪ Profiler Van Data ▪ Signs and Supports ▪ Etc…

14  The new system can answer commonly asked questions such as: If $20 million is added to my budget, how much better will the pavement deficiency be? How much should we spend to get to a deficiency of 15%? ▪ How much should be spent in each program category?

15 Pavement data can be graphed Reports automatically generated New reports can be user designed TAMS is linked to GIS

16  ITD’s new asset management system (TAMS):  Best-First philosophy  Accessible data  Robust analysis and mapping features  Reliable and optimized planning for keeping our roads safe and in good condition


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