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For New Chapter Officers and Directors. Welcome to your new leadership position in your chapter and ICPI! This presentation is designed to guide you in.

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1 For New Chapter Officers and Directors

2 Welcome to your new leadership position in your chapter and ICPI! This presentation is designed to guide you in your new role as a volunteer leader. This presentation will provide an overview of:  ICPI Mission, Goals and Membership  Chapter Leadership Roles and Responsibilities  Chapter Leader Resources

3 ICPI is the leading technical organization providing resources on emerging trends, technology and information in the segmental concrete pavement industry Founded in 1993, ICPI has more than 1,000 members across North America

4 Vision: ICPI supports members in assuring segmental pavement systems are the preferred choice for sustainable and environmentally friendly pavements in North America. “Pavers in every project” Mission: to increase the application of segmental concrete pavement systems in North American commercial, institutional, governmental, industrial and residential markets. Who are ICPI members? Our members are the heart of the organization. The unique membership consists of strong, passionate leaders committed to the future growth and success of our industry.


6 Goal 1. Develop and implement a sustainability marketing plan for the institutional, commercial, and industrial markets. Goal 2. Increase awareness and acceptance of segmental pavement systems by design professionals and specifiers. Goal 3. Increase awareness and acceptance of segmental pavement systems by government at all levels. Goal 4. Achieve adoption of segmental paving technologies in university curricula. Goal 5. Improve paver installation through education Goal 6. Grow and retain membership to achieve positive annual growth

7 8 Staff Members Headquartered in Herndon, VA Board of Directors, 7 Standing Committees, 2 Subcommittees


9 8 ICPI Chapters:  Arizona  Central Florida  Northern California  North Georgia  Old Dominion  Ontario  Southwest Florida  Western New York

10 Membership in an ICPI Chapter is separate from membership in the national organization Required to be a national member in order to obtain chapter membership Chapter membership dues:  $200 for first chapter  $50 each additional chapter

11 (from Model Chapter Bylaws): to increase the application of segmental concrete pavement systems in commercial, institutional, governmental, industrial and residential markets within a specific region. to inform, educate and work with contractors, architects, landscape architects, engineers, construction trades and others in the segmental pavement construction industry on matters of interest to the industry and of benefit to the Chapter membership.

12 Serves the principal governing body of the Chapter with full supervision and control over all Chapter business affairs and activities. Consists of President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Immediate Past President, and no less than two (2) and no more than five (5) at-large Directors Directors fill one or more specific roles in the following functional areas:  Membership  Education  Marketing  Communications  Fundraising/social events

13 Term: 2 years Must meet at least four times per year Each member of the Chapter Board has one vote on any matter lawfully and properly brought before the Board of Directors. The Chapter’s Board of Directors determines the programs and policies of the Chapter.

14 Provides the vision, structure, culture and environment to enable the Chapter to meet the mission and goals Leads the Board in governance of the Chapter Develops agenda and proceeds over Board and Chapter meetings Works with Board to develop the future goals and annual objectives for the Chapter Formulates the annual budget for the Chapter

15 Responsible for day-to-day activity of the Chapter, including delegation of responsibilities and follow- up on tasks assigned to others Establishes and maintains effective processes and communications to enable the Board to serve members effectively Responsible to keep the Chapter financially sound Maintains current policies and procedures and ensure that the successor knows how and where to access them Mentors and prepares the president-elect

16 Performs the duties of the President in his/her absence Assists the President in the establishment of chapter goals and objectives Assists the President in the executive direction of chapter affairs Assists in the execution of programs and activities Consults with the President throughout term of office to provide for continuity and smooth transition of chapter leadership Assists committee chairpersons and members to make plans, and to supervise and coordinate committee work

17 Notifies all board members and chapter members of meetings Maintains all chapter records Distributes board, chapter, or committee meeting minutes Maintains chapter membership roster Performs all accounting for the chapter, including managing cash receivables and expenses

18 Supervises the financial transactions of the chapter Records chapter activities for inclusion in the annual report Assists in preparing the chapter’s annual budget Keeps accurate financial records and prepares accurate and informative financial statements Ensures that the Chapter complies with federal, state and local reporting requirements

19 Serves as an advisor to the President Serves as the chair of the Nominating Committee Serves as a member of the Finance Committee

20 Promotes the value of membership to prospective and current members Identifies and recruits new members of the chapter Evaluates current member services of the chapter Publishes and distributes an annual chapter membership directory Welcomes new members

21 Maintains regular communication with chapter members to ensure awareness of chapter activities, are active in programs, and that membership retention is achieved Tracks membership statistics (new members, renewals, changes/deletions, dues, etc.) Maintains updated membership supplies and is familiar with membership tools on the ICPI website Encourages volunteerism among the membership

22 Plans and coordinates 4 education programs per year Solicits program topics and evaluates relevance and interest to members Promotes educational events Administers program events within a budget Secures speakers and locations for events Collects and reports on participant feedback of programs Provides education program/events details for chapter website and/or newsletter Files for continuing education credits

23 Develops and implements a marketing campaign that promotes and advocates on behalf of the segmental concrete pavement industry, the chapter and its members Defines the scope of the chapters market and indentifies target segments and key stakeholder groups Advises Board of market trends Markets special projects/events

24 Develops goals for maintaining and improving chapter communications Supports chapter activities through the internal chapter communications such as the newsletter, updates, email blasts, etc. Provides expertise and support for other communication and publication efforts such as meeting announcements, chapter brochures, etc. Maintains the chapter website Prepares and publishes a chapter newsletter Produces press releases as needed Ensures chapter information is communicated on a regular basis to all chapter members

25 Plans and implements at least one fundraising and one social chapter event per year Develops and implements a plan to generate non-dues revenue Solicits and secures sponsorships and other non-dues revenue Collects and reports on participant feedback of programs, and issues feedback to plan future events

26 Attend 4 meetings a year Plan to stay for the whole meeting Prepare for the meeting and read agenda materials Attend as many chapter meetings as possible Get feedback from members on important issues and ask them how the chapter can provide more value Participate at meetings, share your views Board decisions made need to be supported by all Comply with Anti-trust Laws for Association Meetings

27 Planning  Participate in setting goals and carrying specific plans for the chapter  Develop a strategic plan for the year Budgeting  Develop a chapter budget for the year  Operate responsibly within the budget Succession planning and training  Arrange for your successor and provide training

28 Chapter Bylaws Chapter Charter Past Meeting minutes Membership records Copies of Annual Reports submitted to ICPI Financial Statements and Reports Strategic Plan

29 Chapter Leader Resource Center – Online at  Governance and Administration - Access resources and tools to effectively manage your chapter as a volunteer leader.  Financial Management - Managing a chapter is like running a business. It requires fiscal responsibility. The board is accountable to the membership for being good stewards of the chapter’s financial resources.  Leadership - Tap into information that will help you develop your leadership skills and prepare future leaders.  Membership Development - Use sample templates and ideas to grow your membership, retain members and engage members in new ways.  Education & Chapter Programs - Tips, tools and templates for successful chapter education programs and events.  Marketing & Communications - Promotion, marketing and communication of the chapter, its members and programs are key to a successful chapter.  Chapters Document Repository - Documents, tools and samples from ICPI chapters

30 Learn from other chapter leaders, share experiences, best practices and lessons learned with the following resources:  Chapter Leader Workshops & Teleconferences - ICPI holds bi- monthly chapter leader teleconferences and an annual chapter leader workshop in conjunction with the HNA tradeshow. Announcements are sent to all chapter leaders regularly.  Chapter Leader LinkedIn Group - A forum for ICPI Chapter Leaders to discuss and network with each other online. g_grppro g_grppro  Chapter Subcommittee - Responsible for assisting in the development and maintenance of ICPI Chapters and all items pertaining to the development of new chapters and support of existing chapters. r_1-12-11.doc r_1-12-11.doc  Chapter Contacts - A list of current chapter locations and their contact information.

31 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) - ASAE is the only organization representing the entire association profession and serving the needs of association professionals. The Nonprofit Center – Find resources to help with effectively managing your chapter. http://www.nonprofitcenter.com Chapter Leaders Playground - Provides education and training for chapter leaders. Board Source - Information on Board Governance.

32 ICPI Chapters would not be successful without the hard work from our volunteer leaders. We hope your experience will be rewarding!

33 For questions, call Jessica Chase, Manager of Membership and Administration at (703) 657-6898 or email:

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