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John Seovic was a pioneer in all forms of concrete slipform paving for 40 years.

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2 John Seovic was a pioneer in all forms of concrete slipform paving for 40 years.

3 In the beginning …….. he started doing kerb and gutter and footpaths ( Dept Housing Macquarie Fields Concrete footpaths 1974/5 )

4 1978 First slipformed road – Foreshore Rd Port Botany. Early 1982 – no slipform pavers in Australia Mid 1982 John Holland M4 Mays Hill CMI F250 August 1982 John Seovic Old Windsor Rd - Miller M9000

5 Telescopic frame – quick mould width change Quick to pack up and transport overnight Quick site setup – lean concrete in composite pavement Miller added “S” to M9000 in recognition of improvements

6 Queensland early 1983 Paved 1km (single lane) – 815 m 3 - in one day Readymix supply

7 Major highway/motorway paving 35 counts per km achieved Hume Highway Bowning 1995/96

8 Airport paving : first use of slipform paver Brisbane International Terminal (also Changi Airport Singapore – no forms)

9 External hardstandings – long strip paving

10 Internal shed/factory floors

11 Cycleways, pathways, golf courses

12 John Seovic played a prominent role in getting slip-formed concrete roadside and median barrier walls established as a recognised construction technique in Australia in the early 1970s using various mould profiles attached to a tracked paving machine. Bought some pavers from DMR. The first barrier wall was constructed for Campbelltown City Council and later New Jersey median barrier (before Type F) was constructed for the NSW Department of Main Roads (now RMS) on the Parramatta Bypass (James Ruse Drive) in 1976. Median/roadside barriers

13 Seovic has successfully constructed concrete barrier walls in a range of heights and variable profiles up to 2.25 metres high.

14 Median barriers Lighting conduits through barriers with light stanchion blockouts

15 Parapet walls

16 Motor racing crash barriers Mt Panorama Bathurst

17 Drainage canals

18 Beef export feedlot farms – feed troughs

19 As far back as 1995/96 John Seovic began looking into feasibility of introducing diamond grinding and finally did so in 2009/10

20 A personal anecdote : Newell Highway – Marsden,40km from West Wyalong - 1995

21 As he will be remembered Always on a machine tinkering with something Battered baseball cap Ragged clothes even the most desperate charity would not accept Scruffy dark beard Cheesy grin

22 John Seovic Innovator - “give it a go” Self made Intensely loyal Determined Pioneer – stalwart Supporter of ACPAVE/ASCP All out of his own bank account We are unlikely to see his kind again A concrete paving legend

23 Valé John Seovic “Done too soon” (Neil Diamond) January 1946 – April 2014

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