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Communicating To Congress And Beyond Telling Our Story And Building Our Base.

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1 Communicating To Congress And Beyond Telling Our Story And Building Our Base

2 Our Industry Is At A Tipping Point 1

3 Where Is The Tipping Point? On The Negative Side… −Congressional gridlock −Lots of competition – 7(a) & conventional −Subsidy costs & legislative needs On The Plus Side… +There is a huge need for small business loans +The 504 program offers a low fixed interest rate and has some great success stories In the midst of this tension, how do we keep the 504 relevant? 2

4 We make 504 more significant by: Telling the 504 Story Building Our Base Doing Our Political Homework

5 NADCO Is Playing A Much Larger, And More Aggressive Role – And CDCs Should Too! 4 CDCs need to have a larger role too – and get involved! Strategic Partnerships International Franchise Association National Association of Woman Business Owners National Association of Realtors, SIOR New Loan Initiatives VetLoan Advantage Franchise Lending Expanded Public Relations Building NADCO’s profile, cultivating reporter relationships, holding media events Op-eds and press releases on news of the day in DC and nationwide Enhanced DC/Hill Outreach Grassroots events at regional level, tying back to contact on the Hill Renewed relationships with regulators (SBA), Congressional staff Such as…

6 Stakeholders are looking for the impacts of small business financing and jobs But they can’t find it— Unless you tell them about it!!

7 Who Are Your Stakeholders? 6 Your Board, membership and your network Your bankers and brokers Your political and Econ. Dev. community —Local, Regional, State and Federal Other financing professionals—CPAs, etc. The local & business media—Regional and Local! The SBA—at all levels Your Congressional Representatives

8 The Congressional Project Letter On NADCO website A simple 1 page letter Local and DC offices Send by email Local and DC staff It has to be a part of your lending process!

9 Project Press Releases We do them on every project You can use it for all of your stakeholders including the media All of the Info you need is in the CM It is so simple to do- an intern can do it. It has to be a part of your loan process!

10 What you get for it: Advertising and Advocacy

11 The Annual Congressional Letter The power of the big picture Each Congressional District where you work The election--new Members of Congress Redistricting--new Districts and the power of information Total preparation for GR Conference Options for your annual letter—Selling 504 Just your CDC’s project info since inception, or Multi-year data on all CDC 504 projects

12 The Annual Letter: A two page letter More fully explains total impacts of 504 Briefs Members and staff on pressing issues Includes a call to action or an “ask” An incredible basis to begin a relationship Two important attachments—the Project List and the Map

13 The Project List: You’re selling 504, not just your CDC Alternative sources of project data List all 504 projects and group by City Members of Congress love this—it connects them to their constituents!


15 DC Example Of Mapping Out 504 Projects 14 Partnering with two local CDCs, HPS collected 504 success stories in well- known area: 14 th and U Street NW corridors Created an infographic –Not only good for internal use –But used it to pitch media  The Washington Post Collecting Stories

16 Do an Annual Economic Development Report

17 Fine to Show:  Numbers of Companies Assisted  Dollars of Loan Funded

18 But Right Now, It’s All About Jobs

19 Other Community Impacts/Programs

20 High Impact Project Summaries

21 Pictures of people working on every page A call to action about small business needs

22 NADCO Launched The Small Business Lending Roadshow To Raise Awareness Of Local CDCs 21 ObjectiveTactical Plans To raise the profile of CDCs, 504 debt-refi and NADCO by integrating communications and advocacy nationwide Regional roundtable events that will achieve PR and grassroots goals simultaneously Strategy Media advisory to local, targeted press list Post-event release with pictures/quotes to same list Local elected officials invited to an event with constituent & businesses Local businesses who have benefited from CDCs or 504 debt-refi invited CDCs and the SBA’s 504 debt-refi have saved businesses and created good jobs in every Congressional district in the nation Message Connect Members of Congress with SBA and business borrowers Comms. Grassroots Advocacy 1)Elected officials 2)Media Targets To Date Cincinnati, OH Salt Lake City, UT Stillwater, MN

23 By Capitalizing On News Cycle, Stillwater Event Was The Most Successful Regional Event To Date 22 In addition to highlighting SBA 504 and debt-refi, event was billed as small businesses reacting to government shutdown Reached out to press in Minneapolis media market Re-framed Event 1 Co-hosted by two CDCs Hosted at a machine plant that benefited from debt-refi Multiple borrowers, lenders were present Representatives from local Members of Congress’ offices as well as SBA Strong Showing 2 Media Success 3 “Minnesota small businesses say the two sides in Washington need to stop bickering and focus on creating new jobs” “Officials tout SBA loan program – Manufacturer Haberman Machine is example of success” “Backers try to resurrect SBA ‘debt- refi’ program By tying together the underlying pitch (local job creators and smart public-private governance) with breaking news of the day (government shutdown), we were able to bring unprecedented visibility to NADCO and the 504, even getting Representative Betty McCollum to sign onto CREED Act as a result

24 Other Things To Do: Join all of the Nadco initiatives that could work for your CDC Nominate small businesses of the year in every SBA District Join and help the PAC Come to the GR Conference You’ll be more ready than ever!

25 We make 504 more significant by: Telling the 504 Story Building Our Base Doing Our Political Homework

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