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Choose your side! The game which leaves fate in your own hands! This edition features the notorious Russian civil war! Follow the rules, choose carefully.

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1 Choose your side! The game which leaves fate in your own hands! This edition features the notorious Russian civil war! Follow the rules, choose carefully and have fun! Recommended for 18years or over.

2 A long time ago, in a country reasonably far away! The was an immense revolution in November 1917 were the Bolsheviks lead by one Lenin, successfully stormed the winter palace were the cruel, lying provisional government plotted there schemes against the their own people. This Bolshevik uprising on the infamous `Red October` was a symbolic victory and the people of Russia looked forward to a world of `bread, peace and land` however this is not what they got! And Russia soon found its-self divided into two main denominations. It is now up to you what path you want to take. Good luck. White armyRed army

3 Hello! I am General Anton Denikin and I am one of the many other Generals that seem to make up our mess of a White army. You may be wondering why it is we seem to proceed in this civil war against the infamous Reds! Well it is simple! Lenin has messed everything up! What happened to his promise? Bread, peace, land! Ever since his coming to power I have seen the exact opposite of this. Come, walk with me. Mission 1: Walk with General Denikin

4 Congratulations you have joined the white army and are now ready to take back Russia from the Reds and get the country back to its former glory! Go speak to our local general to receive your first mission. Plus you can get more information about what we do and why we do this General

5 Take a look at this! In 1918 Lenin signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk in an attempt to make peace with Germany! However, this came with a price and Germany took 32% of our farm land. 54% of our industry.26% of our railways and 81% of our coal mines. Furthermore, 34% of our population! Lenins gamble is that the allies will soon defeat Germany and we will get our land back! Nevertheless, this is to high a risk and to stupid an action. We fight to restore our Land!

6 Also, the establishment of a dictatorship during the constituent assembly! This was were the Bolsheviks lost the vote but claimed it was rigged by the SRs and used force to make the opposition leave. We fight for fair votes

7 Moreover, in July 1918 Lenin set the decree of war communism enforced by his cheka!!! War communism consists of –Grain requisitioning (which has lead to cannibalism) -Bolshevik takeover of industry (which has lowed producing by 20%) -Labour conscriptions of 16-60 year olds ( which has lead to the green army bandits forming) -And the abolition of private trading ( which has stopped capitalism altogether ) We fight for freedom, food and peace.

8 Finally, because of the Red terror! Were the Bolsheviks tried to destroy the propertied classes by encouraging the newly desperate Russian people to loot their homes! Pamphlets saying `war to the death to the rich ` made this worse and the ransacked houses were turned into workers homes. Moreover, because of this outburst of violence and crime, Lenin set up a counter revolution called the cheka! They are in charge of censorship as well as discipline at work and during this civil war. They police his Red army and kill thousands for dissertation cruelly. We fight because this is morally wrong.

9 Now you understand why it is we fight! Now you must go and do likewise! We have already pushed back the Red influence so far they have now changed the capital to Moscow. Now go, choose how you want to help. Help the Czech legion Join the Green army Talk to the foreign intervention Delivery (Only start this mission when all others are completed )

10 Who are you? Oh, new guy I see! Guess you want to know what were doing then. Well in May, 1918, me and a group of soldiers in the Czech Legion were falsely accused of killing a man. The rest of the Czech unit marched into town and freed their comrades being held by local Red Guards. When Leon Trotsky heard the news he gave orders for the Czech Legion to be disarmed. The 100,000 strong Czech Legion responded by joining in the war against the Red Army. We are know currently heading up the Trans- Siberian railway and are goanna try retrieve our old Tsar to power and crush the Reds. If you would like you can came help us. Go find the Tsar

11 It would seem that we are to late. Lenin has murdered all figure heads we could use to unite the White army. Now I fear we will be forever un coordinated an un-united. Anyway, the Czech legion will continue the fight up the train line. You should go find General Denikin Go to General Denikin

12 Resurrect yourself and go to General Denikin

13 What!! Who are you??? Oh another white army recruit I see! What's that? What are the English doing in Russia. Well I hardly say its any of your business but since there's nothing better to do I might as well let you know. Basically we want your old Tsar back. Well not literally because he's dead but we want his ways back with the land owners and the aristocrats. Luckily your White army gives this so the English, French, American and Japanese are lending a hand. Anyway I have to be off! Some of us are busy. Good day. Go to General Denikin

14 Aahhh good there you are. I need you to go deliver some supplies to some British troops up near Moscow. Be careful though. Lenis cheka are trained interceptors so watch were you go. Good luck. Delivery

15 Back to start for other choice Finished

16 Congratulations! You have joined the Red army. I am Leon Trotsky and I am the commander of the Red army. Now don't you worry. We are goanna win this war. Do you know why. Its because we learn. Already Lenin has realised how poorly the whites treat peasants and so he has given up more land and food for them to win there support. Already he has seen the foreign support they are receiving, so to win the people he is playing the patriot card. Further still, I have started the war train to quickly and efficiently move supplies up and down or territory. And last of all we have amazing inter-communication so we can intercept most supplies. Anyway, you have a job to do. You must go kill the old Tsar and his family before the rouge Czech legion find them first and make them into an icon. Now go quickly Kill the Tsar

17 Go back to Trotsky

18 Well done, that should keep them a mess! From now on, you will just be doing interception work. Plan is we pick of these divided rebels one by one. Speaking of which, our sources tell us there are supplies being delved to some British troops near Moscow. Go quickly and kill them before they reach there destination. Intercept

19 Back to start for other choice Finished

20 Thank you for playing by Harvey Edwards Lewis Kennedy and Harry Fryer

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