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Boundary & Annexation Survey Program (BAS) Kevin Holmes, Geographer US Census Bureau: Philadelphia Regional Office.

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1 Boundary & Annexation Survey Program (BAS) Kevin Holmes, Geographer US Census Bureau: Philadelphia Regional Office

2 Boundary & Annexation Survey (BAS) Overview Geographic Primer BAS Schedule Update Types Participation Methods Response Methods Etc. 2010 Census: Total housing units by tract; Jefferson County, KY

3 The MAF/TIGER Database (MTDB) MAFMaster Address File (MAF) TIG ERTopologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER) Developed to support 1990 Census –Digitized from USGS quads

4 The “TI” in TIGER TITopological Integration amongst all linear feature classifications Efficient storage (national coverage) Helps prevent data gaps (open polygons) Poses “Rubbersheeting” challenges “Framework” for tabulation geographies, and govt. boundaries

5 Census Tabulation Blocks Smallest geographic unit for data tabulation Aggregated to larger geographies as needed Highlighted Block Geocode: 211110111144005

6 Census Tabulation Geographies (Summary Levels) Specific geographies may only tessellate at certain levels, but ALL are built upon Census Tabulation Blocks

7 Boundary & Annexation Survey (BAS) Yearly program, updating boundaries & names of legally functioning governmental units Used to tabulate data for: Decennial Census Economic Census Population Estimates Program American Community Survey (ACS) Census Participants: Census HQ National Processing Center (NPC) Regional Offices (ROs)

8 BAS Production Schedule* DATEACTIVITY December 2012/January 2013Annual response packages are mailed, faxed, or emailed to participants January 1, 2013Annexations must be effective by this date in order to be submitted during the 2013 BAS March 1, 2013Boundary annexation information received by this date included in Pop. Estimates Program & ACS April 15, 2013Census must be informed by this date to receive paper maps and/or MTPS materials May 31, 2013Boundary annexation information received will be included in 2014 BAS materials *2014 BAS cancelled. Expected to resurrect in 2015.

9 BAS Updates CHANGE TYPEDETAIL Boundary ChangesAnnexations/Deannexations. Supporting documentation required Boundary Corrections“Drafting” Corrections. “Large” changes not accepted Linear Feature UpdatesRoad, rail, water adds, deletes, spatial/attribute modifications Area Landmark/Hydro Area Updates Water areas, institutional areas Address Range UpdatesFor new road features, entity boundaries

10 BAS Participation Methods RESPONSE METHODDETAIL Standard BAS ParticipationFunctioning legal govts. report updates to their jurisdiction only County Consolidation Agreement Counties report report updates for some or all legal govts. within their county State Agreement (2 types)* Option 1 - State reports boundary changes for all incorporated places, minor civil divisions (if applicable), and counties Option 2 – State provides to Census list of local govts. That reported boundary changes to the state. Census then targets those govts. For BAS participation State Certification *BAS state agreements can only be established for states that require local govts. to report boundary changes to a state agency. To date, 6 BAS state agreements in place

11 BAS Response Methods TYPEDETAIL Paper BASParticipants hand annotation of paper BAS maps, via mail or.pdf download. Digital BASParticipants create “change polygons” through geoprocessing of Census.shps vs. local boundary files. BAS submission via prescribed standard format. MAF/TIGER Partnership Software (MTPS) Census “Home brew” GIS: PC-based software application for participants to digitally update boundaries No Change ResponseLetting the Census know that no changes are expected speeds up the close-out process. Respond on-line, email, phone, form, or postcard.

12 BAS ETC. Available via Respondent Guides & Materials Maps & Shapefiles BAS Forms/Agreements Tutorial Videos BAS Workshop Schedule FAQs Technical/Legal HQ Contacts Questions?

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