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“and God stood in heaven and proclaimed in a deep and awe inspiring voice, let their be…”

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2 “and God stood in heaven and proclaimed in a deep and awe inspiring voice, let their be…”

3 “…and everything to do with monkeys”

4 God was walking thru heaven,.,.,. Nah wait a minute God was rolling thru heaven in his Toyota supra (that’s better)

5 As he was cruising he glanced out of his window down on to the world he had recently created and thought that it lacked something. MONKEYS MONKEYS MONKEYS

6 So God took it to the board of directors (being God urd of thought he wouldn’t have to) “We need monkeys” “don’t be daft g- man” “we don’t need monkeys there stupid and fick creatures” “We wish you a merry xmas” This didn’t impress god

7 “Damn u all to satins HELLLLLLLLLLLLL” Saying this god whips out his MP5-SD5 and wages war on the directors

8 Ha ha die weird Chinese man

9 “U cannot kill me god I shall set trinity and the evil staring eyes on u” “she can not kill me”

10 “Damn that hurt.., but she is no good against my SAM launcher”

11 Trinity noo U killed my pussy u bas Shut up crazy white virgin

12 Now what Father, Trinity could be a great help, and I for one welcome monkeys.lord I can resurrect her Go on then. hurry this coming of Christ would be nice

13 Hermes give me speed, Zeus give me power, Hercules give me strength, Springer give me Steve Steve (God)

14 Lo Steve By the power I stole from Springer I little choir boy command you trinity to rise from the ashes Ouch!

15 End of part one Well that was fun

16 Part 2 And Create Monkeys © ™ ®

17 Lets create those monkeys Miawooooooo Yes…well…I will anyway.

18 Ohh yea hold me down look out Its Da g-man coming thru

19 Hello there I just created u Oh yea im a monkey wit a gun, im an stone cold killer

20 Hi there monkey I see god finally created you then “grunt”

21 End of part 2

22 Part 3

23 Show me wot your got dumb monkey F*** “grunt”

24 -7HP Final fantasy style

25 My turn

26 Go laser eyes

27 Crazy bitch cat I aint finished yet

28 Crazy lightning bolt

29 End of part 4

30 Damn life force fading eye sight going. Blah blah blah blah.ugghhhghgh

31 What you going to do know I am gonna tear you limb from limb

32 Part 5

33 You wont dare Wanna bet monkey boy?!?! Come my followers!

34 Now what you going to do?

35 I will… Before you answerer…

36 My friends attack

37 Meanwhile… Where is she? What's this?

38 Its trinity wit a gun


40 You hear ‘bout bill Yeah bullet went straight through the brain

41 Die, you dumb dicks.


43 Now its your turn?


45 You cant escape me



48 Just you and me now!! Bring it on!!

49 End of part 5

50 Part 6

51 Trinity Monkey

52 Fight Missed me!


54 Gimme more

55 Deploy singing hamster

56 Wail wail wail wail my name is gail wail wail wail my name is gail Nooooooooo I canne take any more capn’ shes gonna blow


58 Looks like I won, but the price was unbearable remember kids don’t play wit guns, lasers or SAM launcher, ask sam first.


60 Trinity Staring Monkey McGuire Joe Juilani Weird Chinese man Written, produced and directed by Cavell

61 Virgin Mary LIL’ choir boy Steve Extras extras

62 …And now a word from our sponsor's






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